• RampART has a good library of donated books. It is also a BookCrossing zone.
  • events space with PA
  • office space
  • projector for cinema nights
  • meeting space
  • art room
  • Free shop

Please note that this list is subject to change. Remember its a squat.

Staying at the rampART

The rampART is a non residential project. This was decided from the very begining of the project in an attempt to avoid the conflict of interests that emerge between communal and private spaces. We want to ensure that the whole building is a shared project and no rooms end up as the private domain of any individual.

That said, we are happy to have guests staying at the rampART and have a room set aside to accomodate people who have come from outside London for an event etc. This is intended only for short term stays. As a rule, two weeks is the maximum period we’ll agree to accomdate anyone.

It is vital to email or phone first if you would like to stay as sometimes we have no space available or the room is being utilised for an event. We will and do turn away people that turn up unannounced expecting accomodation!

  • Our aim is to facilitate production cultural exchange with artists and activists on a tight budget who are coming to London for an event etc. We are not a homeless shelter or tourist hostel.

  • We won’t cook for you or provide cooking facilities. We will not tidy up after you or even ensure that there is toilet paper for you to use.

  • We don’t ask for any money. It would be great if you could make a financial donation to the rampART but what we would really like is active participation. In fact, lets make it clear, we don’t intend to provide free hostel space for freeloaders so if you don’t intend to get involve in some way during your stay then you should probably look elsewhere.

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