This week, we’re celebrating the success of our campaign to destabilise the government following the revelation that Gordon Brown screamed ‘They’re out to get me!’ when news broke that disks containing the confidential details of 20 million people had disappeared. We’d like to assure the 20 million people that we only borrowed the disks and will return them as soon as the bailiffs that evicted rampART give us our stuff back. Meanwhile, back at the data mart…

The rampART project has occupied a new building. We are now based at 29 Three Colts Lane, Bethnal Green, E2. No events planned until we’ve got the building sorted so come down and help out. We meet every Monday at 7pm. Anyone with expertise in plumbing and roofing especially welcome. Or just come down and join us in making the place cosy for the residents and sorting out the ground floor and basement so that we can open as a fully functional social centre as soon as possible. Wish list: toilet (we’ve got one but need more), fuses, cable, plugs etc.




~~ 56a InfoShop ~~


56a Infoshop, 56 Crampton Street, London, SE17 3AE

Full Unemployment Cinema – a bunch of no good commies and anarchists showing films about work and the struggles against it.


FEBRUARY: February 28th at 5pm

PART-TIME WORK OF A DOMESTIC SLAVE, Alexander Kluge, 1973 (91m)

Film Times: Doors open 5pm – All films begin at 5.30pm!!


*Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays 3-7pm (Saturdays, 2-6pm)*

Food Coop and Bike Workshop



52 Knatchbull road (entrance on Burton rd, behind Minet library) SE5 9QY.

Nearest tubes : Brixton, Oval, Kennington.

Nearest train : Loughborough junction.

Nearest buses : P5 or Brixton road (3/N3, 59, 133/N133, 159/N159, 415.

stop: loughborough road)

libraryhouse (at)


=TUESDAY 7-9pm= Capoeira

=TUESDAY 8pm= Meeting of the collective

= WEDNESDAY 4-5pm = Freeshop!

=WEDNESDAY 8pm= Summer Cinema snacks and videos

=Varied time, check website= English-Spanish Language Exchange

All free or on donation of course


++ 195 Mare Street ++

195 Mare Street, Hackney, E8 3QE

The back bit of the building contains an amazing stage, where we already had the famous pantomime of “the three little squatter pigs” last month :) We thought this part of the building would get demolished soon but its still there. So we’re calling out artists to come and use the space, be it fortheatre, cabaret, music, rehearsals, gigs… anything that would benefit from being on a stage is welcome!! Other regular events happening in the building include:

– Bike kitchen (tuesdays 2-8pm)

– Gardening (saturdays 1pm)

– Food not bombs (twice a month on 2nd and 4th week end)

Do It Yourself Bike Workshop, Bike Repair, Meeting and Cooking Session

every TUESDAY from 2pm to 8pm


++ THURSDAY, 25th FEBRUARY, 8pm ++

*London Freeschool Meeting*

Meeting to organise a weekend of skillsharing 5th-7th March. Come get involved / propose a workshop

++ FRIDAY, 26th FEBRUARY, 6pm ++

*No Borders/Calais Migrant Solidarity Benefit*

6pm onwards: Food / Film / Info

8pm – 2am: Music


Captain of the Rant (A’capella / Punk / Lyrical)

52 Commercial Road (experimental / post-rock)

Rabies Babies (punk / rock / thrash)

Jakal (punk / reggae / ska)

Deferred Sucess (acoustic / folk / punk)

Plus more to be confirmed!

For more information on No Borders / Calais Migrant Solidarity check out;

++ SATURDAY, 27th FEBRAURY, 3pm ++

*Food Not Bombs*

Cook up vegan grub and hand it out on the streets for free.

++ FRIDAY, 5th – SUNDAY, 7th MARCH ++

*5th London FreeSchool Weekender*

It’s a school that’s free. Free of charge, free from teacher, free for any adult to come and learn. // Classes of all sorts will be held throughout each day on a wide variety of skills and subjects, ranging from practical stuff like welding and cooking to other useful things like languages,  philosophy, making your own radio show, do it yourself healthcare…

// All classes will be led by people who want to share whatever skills and knowledge they have with others. // The ideas behind the FreeSchool are based around respect and equality. All people who attend will be encouraged to challenge and discrimination they see or experience such as racism, sexism, homophobia, classism… This FreeSchool is also seeking to explore issues around gender in learning and in other parts of our lives.

// To join the infoline text ‘freeschool’ to 07905774037

// email:

// website:

Accessibility: The event will happen on the ground floor. There are few steps at the front door but there will be a ramp. Toilets are not very wheelchair friendly. People will be here to help as much as they can. Let us know if you have particular needs Creche: there will be a kids space. Let us know your needs


^^^ Pogo Cafe ^^^

76 Clarence Rd E5 8HB – 020 8533 1214,

Cafe open Thursday – Sunday, 12.30 – 9pm. Plus…

^^^ Tuesday, February ^^^

Sewing Workshop, 4-7pm

Practical Squatting Night, 7-8pm


||| System Xchange Social Centre |||

An old courthouse on Sheen Lane in Richmond has been squatted for use as a Social Centre! The centre is there to promote support in the community. They will be running workshops and food etc. All they need is your input to create this wonderful space… so come down and give a hand and a boost to this much needed project space.

Address: The Old Court House, 27 Sheen Lane, Mortlake, SW14 8HY

Nearest Public Transport: Mortlake (overground), Richmond (underground)

Postcode: SW14 8HY

Time: All Day Every Day

Price: Donations always Welcome

Phone: 07776356252







Tuesday, 23rd February

The creation of the biggest traffic jam ever in a street near you in rush hour



Wednesday, 24th February

Kick the arms trade off campus!



Wednesday, 24th February, 7.30pm

St John Vianney, Church Hall, 386 West Green Road, N15.



Wednesday, 24th February, 2pm

Room EB.G.14, East Building, University of East London, Docklands Campus, 4-6 University Way, London, E16 2RD.

a seminar with Laurie Essig (Middlebury College, Vermont, US), Alison Rooke (Goldsmiths, University of London) and Debra Benita Shaw (University of East London).

How does the concept of romantic love function as a political ideology? Why is our close relationship to animal species so often invoked to support the claim that pair-bonding is ‘natural’? And how do supposed ‘deviant’ sexual practices among heterosexual couples re-assert normative understandings of paired relationships? Come and discuss the oppressive state institution that David Cameron seems to think can fix ‘broken Britain’.



Wednesday, 24th February, 7pm

Housmans Bookshop, 5 Caledonian Road, King’s Cross, London N1 9DX ,

Tel: 020 7837 4473

Free entry. Nearest tube: King’s Cross

The Last Hours Collective alongside friends from FITWatch, and the LDMG, will introduce their graphic anthology ‘Excessive Force’, dealing with police brutality, and will be discussing the state of policing in the UK today.

The Last Hours publishing and politics collective present their latest offering, ‘Excessive Force’, a ‘comix’ anthology by eighteen different artists, – as well as articles by three authors – dealing with the issue of police brutality. Some of the short strips are drawn from imagined events, whilst others are based on real-life experience, including Edd Baldry’s account of the 2009 G20 protests, and the subsequent death of Ian Tomlinson.

The event will feature an extended discussion by members of Last Hours, FITWatch, and the LDMG (Legal Defence and Monitoring Group) on the current policing situation in the UK, how it has changed over the years, and how to best to respond to it. There will also be an opportunity to have books signed by contributing artists.



Thursday, 25th February, 12.30pm

28 Belgravia square, SW1X 8QB

Picket in solidarity with the Belgrade 6, anarchists being framed for an attack on the Greek embassy and facing serious charges. Come and keep the pressure on the Serbian state to drop charges.



Thursday, 25th February, 7pm

Venue TBC

Public meeting about the hunger strike in Yarl’s Wood, which has been happening since Friday 5th February. We will be infosharing about the hunger strike and discussing future solidarity demos and support for the hunger strikers.



Thursday, 25th February, 7pm

Housemans Bookshop, 5 Caledonian Road, London, N1 9DX

Public meeting to discuss the impact of the earthquake on the labour movement.



Thursday, 25th February, 7pm

Gay’s the Word, 66 Marchmont Street, London, WC1N 1AB

We are 2 minutes walk from Russell Square Tube Station and 10 minutes from either Euston or King’s Cross.

Demonised by the Church throughout the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, homosexuals became the scapegoats of society, constantly facing exile or a brutal death. In “Heroes to Exiles”, the human cost of this long exile is told through the lives of the most eminent homosexual men and women in history.

Some were artists like the wild living Benvenuto Cellini or the repressed Edward Lear. Others were poets such as Thomas Gray, W. H. Auden or novelists such as Henry James and A. J. Symonds. Their places of refuge changed through the centuries from Italy in the 18th, to Paris in the 19th and Berlin, California and Tangier in the 20th. Some experiences were tragic, like those of William Beckford, Lord Byron or Oscar Wilde, and some were triumphant, like the remarkable story of the Ladies of Llangollen who became the most famous lesbians in Europe. Often treated with outright suspicion, homosexuals were targets for the totalitarian dictatorships of the 20th century. As such they were consigned in their tens of thousands to exile in Siberia or to the Nazi death camps. Even when peace returned after World War II most democracies still proscribed homosexual behaviour, forcing the Americans Paul Bowles and James Baldwin to seek exile in Europe and North Africa. Today the tolerance of Ancient Greece has returned to most Western societies although homosexuals are still persecuted in some Islamic countries such as Iran.

No need to RSVP. This is a free event…with refreshment provided and

all are welcome



Friday, 26th February, 2.30pm


Over 50 women have been on hunger strike at Yarls Wood Immigration  Prison near Bedford since Friday 5th February, demanding their immediate release from indefinite detention. Serco, the company that runs Yarl’s Wood on behalf of the UK Border Agency, has tried to brutally repress the hunger strike, most notably on Monday 8th February when Serco guards locked the hunger strikers in a corridor for 8 hours without access to water or toilet facilities. London NoBorders calls for the immediate release of the hunger strikers and an end to immigration prisons and is calling for a demo in solidarity with the hungers strikers this Friday at 2.30pm outside Serco’s offices.



Friday, 26th February, 6pm

SOAS School of Oriental and African Studies, Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H

Screening of three films in the Native Spirit festival of Indigenous Films. One from New Zealand, One from Mexico, one from US, Alcatraz Island occupation.

18.00 Meet The Prick 26mins Tuhoe-Maori People, New Zealand, Dir. Ilya Ruppeldt

Certainly a unique documentary about a unique man, this film offers a look at the clash of cultures, where one man, very openly outspoken, who would prefer to remain one of the ‘children of the mist’, forces the question to be asked, what is wrong with not wanting to be part of today’s modern societies?

13 Pueblos, Defending Water, Air and Land. 62mins, Mexico,

Dir. Francesco Yaboada Yabone

This beautiful documentary explores the actions that 13 indigenous communities in Mexico are collectively taking to defend their environments from destruction and contamination by industrial and commercial projects that are threatening the water, air and land where they live.

19.45 Alcatraz Is Not An Island. 56mins, USA, dir. James Fortier

In November 1969 a small group of native american students and activists took te stand to occupy Alcatraz Island in San Fransisco bay. They were soon joined by thousands, reclaiming ‘Indian Land’. This remarkable film documents the ideals, intentions and struggles faced by these pioneers and the effects they had on the way Native Americans viewed themselves and their cultures from then on. Entry 6 pounds, 3 pounds students/unemployed. All funds raised go to indigenous educational projects in South America.



Friday, 26th February, 7.30pm

FREEDOM BOOKSHOP, Angel Alley – 84b Whitechapel High Street – London E1 7QX

Rafal is a lifelong anarchist, and has been a militant of the Polish Anarchist Federation for decades as well as a founding member of the Workers’ Initiative trade union. Rafal Gorski has been fighting cancer for years. Currently he is going through the chemotherapy once again. There is a need to fund costs of medical consultations, drugs and the specialized medical transport for Rafal, who is partialy paralysed.



and soundsystem downstairs!

Cheap decent food – CHEAP DRINKS – live music – 2 rooms

suggested donation 3 pounds



Saturday, 27th February, 11am

Faraday House, 48–51 Old Gloucester Street.

War on Wants Annual Conference



Saturday, 27th February, 12.30pm

Highbury Fields, Highbury Place, Islington



Saturday 27th February, 12-5pm.

London School of Economics, Columbia House, 2nd Floor/B212. Corner of Aldwych and Houghton Street, Holborn tube.

Mick Cox on The Decline of US Political Economic Dominance

Hillel Ticktin on The Nature of the Global Crisis- Cyclical, Strategic

and Systemic

Some articles from Critique, a Journal of Socialist Theory are available at

A video of the debate between Hillel Ticktin, William Dixon and Chris Knight on ‘The (Im)possibility of Revolution’ is available on youtube. There will be a further Critique Conference in London later in the year. See in a few weeks for more details.



Saturday, 27th February, 1-4pm

Navarino Mansions Community Hall, Dalston Lane.

Promote true understanding of how to combat the welfare system.

Wheelchair access & childcare



Saturday, 27th February, 5pm

Housmans Bookshop, 5 Caledonian Road, King’s Cross, London N1 9DX ,

Tel: 020 7837 4473

Free entry. Nearest tube: King’s Cross

Paul Trewhela discusses his new book which uncovers the brutality inflicted upon dissident members and enemy agents by the ANC and SWAPO whilst in exile during South Africa‘s era of apartheid.

During its period of outlaw and exile under South Africa’s apartheid regime, the African National Congress operated from Angola and Tanzania. Located north of Luanda in Angola, Quatro was one of the most feared of the secret camps of the ANC, and only a selected few in the ANC leadership seem to have had access.

Established in 1979, Quatro (officially known as Camp 32) was supposed to be the rehabilitation centre of the ANC, where enemy agents who had infiltrated the ANC would be “re-educated” and would be made to love the ANC through the opportunity to experience the humane character of its ideals.

Through a process that still demands explanation, however, Quatro became as horrific as any prison that the apartheid regime – itself a crime against humanity – had ever had. Inmates were brutally assaulted, starved, given humiliating nicknames, denied medical treatment and subjected to forced labour. Camp staff were often young, impressionable, and sworn to secrecy. Were ANC leaders aware of what was happening in their name?

Born in Johannesburg in 1941, Paul Trewhela worked in underground journalism with Ruth First and edited the underground journal of ‘MK, Freedom Fighter’ during the Rivonia Trial, in which ten ANC leaders were prosecuted by the apartheid regime for sedition. He was a political prisoner in Pretoria and the Johannesburg Fort as a member of the Communist Party in 1964–7, separating from the SACP while in prison. In exile in Britain he was co-editor with the late Baruch Hirson of Searchlight South Africa, banned in South Africa. Since 2006 he has published numerous articles on South African political subjects on the websites. Join him at Housmans for a discussion of this publication, with an opportunity for questions and answers.



Saturday, 27th February, 7-11pm

Lift ‘n’ Hoist, 1 Queen’s Row, SE17

You know the deal; a squatting community and an evening of Live Art exhibition

Invited Artists:

Fabiola Paz Rachel Parry Kimbal Bumstead

Benjamin Sebastian Nat Gillespie Lorrain Smith

For Further information or if you If you want to get involved,

please contact Benjamin at



Sunday, 28th February, 2pm

LARC, 62 Fieldgate Street, E1 1ES

On Karl Marx: Value Price and Profit Here Marx outlines his economic approach to wages and capital.



Sunday, 28th February, 8pm

The Grosvenor, 17 Sidney Rd, Stockwell, SW9 0TP

Next tube: Stockwell, Busses: 2, 345, 88, 169, P5, 133, 159, 59, 333

ENTRY: £5/£4 concessions – includes a delicious vegetarian meal.

Fabulous raffle prizes to be won

Featuring live performances from:

Robb Johnson

One of the most popular and prolific folk artists on the circuit at present.

Ed Ache

The frontman of Colchester band I.C.H. fast becoming a respected solo artist.

Captain of the Rant

Ranting political poetry by a great performer.

Commies Faggots

A hilarious mixture of comedy and doctored cover versions by the south London duo.

Plus compere Vic Lambrusco.

We will also be showing some slides by photojournalist Jess Hurd who

visited the Haiti disaster zone just afTer the earthquake.



Tuesday, 2nd March, 7pm

Shortwave Cinema, 10 Bermondsey Square, London SE1 3UN.

Dale Farm is a traveller site in Crays Hill, Essex which is home to over 1,000 people. It was established in the 1970s by Basildon District Council but is now due to be evicted after the same council awarded the notorious Constant & Co a multi-million pound eviction contract in December.

On Tuesday 2nd March at 7pm we will be showing a number of films about Dale Farm and the eviction of traveller sites, and will be discussing how we can support the struggle against the eviction. People from Dale Farm will be talking. Solidarity donation on the night: £3



Wednesday, 3rd March, 7.30pm

LARC, 62 Fieldgate Street, London E1 1ES

Tel: (020) 7377 9088,

This event is a regular meeting reminder for all the many people and groups out there that use LARC (or want to become involved in the space) to discuss and plan the running of the place we all know and love to depend on: the London Action Resource Center. For the past decade, LARC has been a useful resource in the growing struggle against capitalism, centralised power, environmental destruction and war… and a shared tool on the way to creating a truly free and ecological community… And so too will it be for the next decade – So come get involved and help LARC be all it can be, in aiding in the struggle! Bring your ideas and energy to the agenda… Meetings start promptly at 7:30pm and end by 9pm.



Friday, 5th March, 6pm

195 Mare Street, Hackney, E8 3QE

This month’s reading group is moving to Mare Street to become part of the 5th London FreeSchool Weekender. See under 195 Mare Street above for full details.

So… our discussion of Levinas last month brought us around to considering the concept of toleration and the function of language in mediating social relationships which led to the suggestion that ‘Postulates of Linguistics’ from Deleuze & Guattari’s A Thousand Plataus (Ch 4) should be our next reading. Download here



Tuesday, 9th March, 2pm

Contact us for location details londonprofeministmensgroup at Probably somewhere around stamford hill.

We’re a group of men meeting in London every 2 weeks. The aims of our meetings are:

* – to support each other in our personal struggles as men, including our efforts to rid ourselves of sexist behaviour

* – to discuss issues around gender politics generally

* – to plan what kind of action we can take as pro-feminists

If you have any comments or questions or if you are interested in attending one of our fortnightly meetings, please send us an email:

londonprofeministmensgroup at gmail dot com.



Thursday, 11th March, 6.30pm

LARC, 62 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel, E1 1ES

Come along for this special screening of the movie ‘Yes Men Fix the World’.

Doors at 6:30pm, film to start promptly at 7pm.

Donations/contributions to help cover the cost of the screening will be most welcome, so please be prepared to give a couple squids.

(Though if you really can’t afford it, that’s cool too.)

Nearest tube: Whitechapel / Aldgate East (<10 min walk from each)

This event is brought to you by your local DIY radio crew – Dissident Island and friends.


See for more info about rampART.

See for more info about Ex-Bowl Court.

Email or

— Stay Informed, Get In Touch

To join or leave this list see


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