As we stagger towards another decade of love and rage we’re congratulating American professor Randolph Roth for publishing the results of his research which suggests that “the predisposition to murder is rooted in feelings and beliefs people have toward government and their fellow citizens.” We’re inviting people with sincere feelings and beliefs toward government and their fellow citizens to join us at Lift ‘n’ Hoist where we will provide them with encouragement (and the necessary technology) to exercise their predisposition. Meanwhile, back at the training camp…

Lift ‘n’ Hoist kicks off the new year with a mega fund-raising event for NoBorders London in collaboration with Siren Sound System. See below for full line-up.




Lift ‘n’ Hoist is at 1 Queens Row, SE17, off Merrow Street (Walworth Road). Nearest tube Elephant and Castle.

/// THURSDAY, DECEMBER 31st, 8pm ///

London No Borders/Siren Sound System Benefit. Full line up:

ROOM 1: The big room/Siren room

10pm: The Leano – hip-hop (guitar)

10.35pm: Captain of the Rant – acapella

10.55pm: Jake – acapella

11.15pm: The Leano/Murdoch – house etc. DJ set

midnight: DJ Alfie – house

1am:   Startx – d’n’b

2am: Repeat – breaks

3am: Theo – d’n’b

4am: Blinds – d’n’b

5am: Rowan – d’n’b/dubstep

ROOM 2: The small room/Rik room

10.15pm: Lewis Floyd Henry

10.45pm: 52 Commercial Road

11.45pm: Bear

12.30am: Nukeonroute

1.30am: Headjam

3am: Serifrat – breaks/dnb

4am: Little Minx – breaks

5am: Mark – ska and




~~ 56a InfoShop ~~


56a Infoshop, 56 Crampton Street, London, SE17 3AE

Full Unemployment Cinema – a bunch of no good commies and anarchists showing films about work and the struggles against it.


JANUARY: January 31st at 5pm

BANGLADESH LABOUR REVOLTS. Films form the recent Garment workers strikes and riots + Speaker

FEBRUARY: February 28th at 5pm

PART-TIME WORK OF A DOMESTIC SLAVE, Alexander Kluge, 1973 (91m)

Film Times: Doors open 5pm – All films begin at 5.30pm!!


*Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays 3-7pm (Saturdays, 2-6pm)*

Food Coop and Bike Workshop


Tuesday, 21st December


Meet people and get advice



52 Knatchbull road (entrance on Burton rd, behind Minet library) SE5 9QY.

Nearest tubes : Brixton, Oval, Kennington.

Nearest train : Loughborough junction.

Nearest buses : P5 or Brixton road (3/N3, 59, 133/N133, 159/N159, 415. stop: loughborough road)

libraryhouse (at)


=TUESDAY 7-9pm= Capoeira

=TUESDAY 8pm= Meeting of the collective

=WEDNESDAY 8pm= Summer Cinema snacks and videos

=Varied time, check website= English-Spanish Language Exchange

All free or on donation of course


After eviction Non-Commercial House abandons its old self, and flutters across London, to become something else in different spaces, landing at the Library House on THURSDAY, 7th JANUARY for the first NOMADIC QUEER CINEMA NIGHT. We will screen the first three episodes of Angels in America. For access codes see and see below for details of upcoming Nomadic Queer Film screenings.


++ 195 Mare Street ++

195 Mare Street, Hackney, E8 3QE

Do It Yourself Bike Workshop, Bike Repair, Meeting and Cooking Session every TUESDAY from 2pm to 8pm

+ Saturday, 9th January, 11am +

First FnB of 2010!

We’re just a bunch of people getting together, getting vegetables and other stuff from bins or donated, cooking it collectively and giving it for free to anyone in the streets!!

How simpler, better and more rewarding could it be? Using waste of capitalism and surplus production to feed people you’ve never seen before with delicious vegan food :)

come and join us!!

Cooking: 11 am at 195 Mare st, Hackney

Serving: 2/3pm in front of Hackney Town hall





First Thursday of every month, starting 7th January, 8pm

After eviction Non-Commercial House abandons its old self, and flutters across London, to become something else in different spaces.

Films are on the first Thursday of every month from 8 PM.

The next film night will be at Library House.  For access codes see

We will screen the first three episodes of ANGELS IN AMERICA.

ANGELS IN AMERICA (2003, 176 min), first 3 episodes: Playwright Tony Kushner adapts eir political epic about the AIDS crisis during the mid-eighties, around a group of separate but connected individuals.

Following movie nights:

4th February –

ANGELS IN AMERICA (176 min), last 3 episodes

4th March – FISH CHILD (2009, 96 min): As soon as Lala, a young teenager from the posh part of Buenos Aires, meets Guayi, the family servant, ey immediately falls in love. They decide to runaway together to Paraguay. The result is an Argentine Thelma and Louise, caught between dreams and the class struggle.

For more information about the venues check before each screening.



Wednesday, 13th January, 5pm

RHB 142, ground floor, main building, Goldsmiths, Lewisham Way, New Cross SE14 6NW


Following our public meeting at the beginning of December (entitled ‘Freedom of Thought, Freedom of Movement’), we are having an organising meeting to build the campaign against the Points-Based System for Immigration. Join us and bring your ideas for actions and events so we can build awareness and opposition to the new immigration rules. All welcome.

Why are we opposing the Points Based System for Immigration?

The new ‘points based’ immigration rules represent a serious threat to campus democracy and freedom of speech. They require non-EU students and staff to have biometric ID cards, involve demands on the financial background of applicants and mean that staff are obliged to report students to the UK Border Agency when they have not attended regularly.

We feel these rules are unwarranted, undemocratic and unfair. We feel they destroy the relationship of trust between staff and students, represent a threat to academic freedom, are discriminatory and shut down international dialogue and exchange.

We welcome the involvement of civil liberties, migration rights and anti-surveillance campaigners.

For more information, see

or email



Thursday 14th January, 7pm

Calthorpe Arms. 252 Grays Inn Road, WC1X 8JR, (upstairs room). Nearest tube King’s Cross.

Into the Dustbin of History? Maybe Not!

The Rise of Nationalism and Fascism. The War of Ideas. Discussion called by Anarchist Federation.

The fight against war cannot be waged without taking a stand against nationalism and fascist ideas. We look at why their growth is being aggravated by the economic crisis.

All welcome.



Friday, 15th January, 9pm

Let’s be honest here. We islanders rarely know what the heck is gonna be on the show until it actually airs. This is because we are committed to getting the absolute latest word on the street. (That and because we are a little bit disorganised sometimes.) But we can guarantee the show is gonna kick ass. Cos it always does. So check back here at IMC London for more on what will feature, or go to to find out what’s happening on the show…or you can forget all that jazz and just tune in at 9pm, every first and third Friday, by clicking the player on the front page of IMC London (top right corner) or the player on the dissident island homepage..



until 24th January, 2010 (closed over Xmas holiday)

Opening times: Wed-Sun 12-6pm or by appointment

Gasworks, 155 Vauxhall Street, London SE11 5RH

Underground: Oval / Vauxhall

Gasworks has full wheelchair access

Olive Morris was an important community figure in Lambeth’s local history. She worked with the Black Panther Movement; was co-founder of the Brixton Black Women’s Group and the Organisation of Women of Asian and African Descent (OWAAD), and was central to the squatter campaigns of the 1970s. She died tragically young in 1979 at age 27.

The exhibition is accompanied by an extensive programme of events organised by the Remembering Olive Collective and a programme of film screenings.

Events and film screenings

EVENTS     Entry fee: £1 donation with an Olive Morris badge


Self-Education: On Alternative Strategies of Education

In Olive Morris’ Brixton, self-education initiatives challenged the failings of standard comprehensive education for Black children. Members of ROC will be joined by a diverse group of educators to explore and exchange different approaches towards learning, across sectors and communities. This open, round table discussion will be initiated by a film screening.


The Heart of the Race: Oral Histories of the Black Women’s Movement

The Heart of the Race’s author Stella Dadzie, Kelly Foster and Mia Morris from the Black Cultural Archives introduce this year-long oral history project documenting the activism of Black women in the UK.


Financing the Revolution

How does one fund work of a radical nature? What happens to community initiatives when public and charitable funding dries up, or imposes their own agenda? With Onyekachi Wambu (AFFORD) on fundraising to support indigenous economic development in Africa, Sandra Hurst on financial literacy for Black liberation, and Carolyn on low-budget/zero-budget organising.


Closing event of the exhibition and launch of the publication Do you remember Olive Morris?



Sunday 22 November, 4PM

Pressure (1975), dir. Horace Ové, 120 min.

Sunday 29 November, 4PM

Babylon (1980), dir. Franco Rosso, 91 min.

Sunday 6 December, 4PM – Double Bill

Baldwin’s Nigger (1969), dir. Horace Ové, 48 min.

Dread, Beat an’ Blood (1979), dir. Franco Rosso, 45 min.

Sunday 13 December, 4PM

Born in Flames (1983), dir. Lizzie Borden, 90 min

Sunday 10 January, 4PM – Double Bill

From You Were Black, You Were Out (2008), dir. Colin Prescod, 38 min.

Blood Ah Goh Run (1980), dir. Imruh Caesar and Menelik Shabbazz, 20 min.

Sunday 17 January, 4PM

Pray the Devil Back to Hell (2008), dir. Gini Ritcker, 72 min.

Sunday 23 January, 4PM – Triple Bill

On Becoming An Activist (1999), Angela Davis, 3:36 min (audio)

David Gilbert: A Lifetime of Struggle (2002), dir. Claude Marks and Lisa Rudman, 30 min.

We Were Born to Survive (1995), dir. Paul Okojie, 29 min.


Saturday 5 December, 5PM (after the ‘Documenting Migration’ event from 2-5pm)

Signs of Empire (1984), dir. Black Audio Film Collective, 44 min.

Thursday 10 December, 4PM – Double Bill

Grove Roots (2009), dir. Rae Evelyn, Kaye-Ann Adjei, Dontony Gill-Nasady, Moktar Alatas, Zakiya Amlak, Clinton Plummer-Nelson, Bankole Adegbulugbe, Jodechi Cumberbatch, 45 min.

Sam the Wheels (2008) dir. Clovis Salmon, various durations

Thursday 7 January, 4PM – Repeat screening

Pray the Devil Back to Hell (2008), dir. Gini Ritcker, 72 min.


If you want to come in individually or as a group and watch films outside of screening times, you can organise your own screening at Gasworks with the view-on-demand film library. A member of staff will provide you with technical support and access to a list of films including Dread, Beat an’ Blood, From You Were Black, You Were Out and Grove Roots, as well a selection of YouTube clips.

For more information and to arrange a suitable time if you are coming with a group, please contact: Tel: 020 7582 6848


See for more info about rampART.

See for more info about Ex-Bowl Court.

Email or

Lift ‘n’ Hoist is at 1 Queens Row, SE17, off Merrow Street (Walworth Road). Nearest tube Elephant and Castle.


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