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      Inspired by the Board of Education in Texas which has been busy re-writing school history textbooks to insert the words ‘free enterprise system’ in place of ‘capitalism’ which has become ‘a dirty word’, we’re starting a campaign to replace the word ‘government’ with ‘corrupt bunch of bastards’. Meanwhile, back at the School Book Depository… ================= […]
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  • The rampART is one of a number of autonomous spaces around London providing a non commercial venue for a wide-range of groups and activities. As with all such spaces, this is a self organised project, with a strong emphasis on consensus decision making and DIY culture.
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( news from rampART, and related people and places )

So…. ’tis yet again the season of mawkish sentimentality enacted through consumerism and focused on the founding institutions of gender, race and class inequality, represented by a fat white man with execrable dress sense, exceptionally empowered to molest children in return for cheap gifts under the sign of a paternalistic authority endorsed by both the state and the Coca-Cola Corporation.
Nevertheless, we’re grateful for Lift ‘n Hoist’s army of disaffected elves who have been working to undermine the infrastructure of capital by grounding EasyJet flights and knobbling Eurostar trains. Meanwhile, back at the grotto…

If you’re hungry on December 25th get down to Pogo cafe (76 Clarence Road, E5, open from 12.30 – 9pm), find edifying reading material at Freedom Bookshop (Angel Alley, off Whitechapel High Street, open from 12noon – 6pm) or join the Critical Mass bike ride (meeting on the South Bank by the National Film Theatre at 6pm). Lift ‘N Hoist kicks off the new year with a mega No Borders benefit in collaboration with Siren Sound System. See below for line-up.


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