Last Friday Dubai was unable to make payments on its 59 billion dollar debt, which raised the risk of the largest government default since the Argentine debt restructuring of 2001. This insane dystopia, already peppered with abandoned constructions and empty buildings, now faces masses of vacancies. Prospects of squatting, though unlikely, are certainly alluring, and include suburbs reclaimed from the sea in the shape of giant palms visible from space and listed as one of the

world’s new seven wonders, the world’s tallest building Burj Dubai, and the world’s second tallest and most expensive hotel, the Burj Al Arab, not to mention The World — a man-made suburban archipelago of 300 desert island homes replete with swimming pools and a heli-pad, constructed in the shape of the landmasses of the Earth. Most of these constructions were built with near slave-labour from south Asia and snapped up by celebrities. Property prices on The Palms and The World

have plummeted, and now David and Victoria Beckham, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Michael Schumacher, Hilary Swank and an already shaken Tiger Woods must come to terms with their losses.

And in real sad news…

Non Commercial House was evicted on 31st November. If you want to support the House, come to the meeting at 7p.m, Tuesday, 1st December, in front of Non Commercial House, 165 Commercial Street. Decide the next step in attacking capitalist economy with direct action.

Everything free for everybody!

And at another wonder of the world…

Calling all people that live in SE17. The wonderful new social space Lift ‘n’ Hoist is being threatened by plans to convert the building into a series of ‘affordable’ flats. We would ask anyone that the lives in the area and wishes to help keep this burgeoning centre active to contact us via the rampART email address (rampart@mutualaid.org) for more information on how to inform the

council of your view.




Lift ‘n’ Hoist is at 1 Queens Row, SE17, off Merrow Street (Walworth

Road). Nearest tube Elephant and Castle.


SouthEastLondonColitionAgainstPoverty meeting

/// SATURDAY, DECEMBER 5th, 10pm ///


benefit for Communities Of Resistance, against the construction of

titian prisons.



/// ?&*7^+=”£%, ?/[December 18th]&%$!”>?(^!, ?.??pm ///


A chance for activists who think they really are out to get us to slog it out with those of us that KNOW they are. Full details will be sent by encrypted carrier pigeon but it might be an idea to keep the evening of Friday, December 18th free…

/// SATURDAY, DECEMBER 19th, 9pm – 6am ///

Sound Foundation + Solidarity Not Charity

The rampART and Lift’n’Hoist collective present a night of dub + dubstep with the wonderful Sound Foundation (featuring Horsepower Productions) & Trebor soundsystem. Solidarity Not Charity is an organisation set up to support grass roots groups and communities in the Global South who fight for human rights and social justice and against poverty, war and the negative impact of globalisation. Donations from the night will go to aid refugees from Burma displaced

by Burmese Army military campaigns. Line up:

Hygrade soundsystem (Reggae), Onlyone dub band, Horsepower dub set,

HYLU + MCJAGO (Dubstep), Lysergide + COOPS MC (Dubstep), Horsepower

Dubstep (DJ KAI), DJ Unknown (DNB)




/// FRIDAY, DECEMBER 4th, 6pm///

Radical Theory Reading Group at LARC in the Library at LARC,

62 Fieldgate Street, E1.

We’ll be reading two chapters (6&7) from Michel Foucault’s ‘The Birth of Biopolitics’. Download here http://www.box.net/shared/gbg399n1xj. Last session a participant remarked that careerism has surpassed the state as an oppressive force–turns out they are pretty much the same

thing. So it’s Neoliberalism, career, and management of the self.



52 Knatchbull road (entrance on Burton rd, behind Minet library) SE5 9QY.

Nearest tubes : Brixton, Oval, Kennington.

Nearest train : Loughborough junction.

Nearest buses : P5 or Brixton road (3/N3, 59, 133/N133, 159/N159, 415.

stop: loughborough road)

libraryhouse (at) googlemail.com


Virtual Border

Talk and discussion by London NoBorders, at Library House, 52 Knatchbull

road (entrance on Burton rd, behind Minet library) SE5 9QY.

This talk and discussion will explore how the idea of “controlling a nation state’s” outer borders and inner control are connected. It will also introduce into the idea of the planned demonstrations on Saturday

23rd January 2010.


=TUESDAY 7-9pm= Capoeira

=TUESDAY 8pm= Meeting of the collective

=WEDNESDAY 8pm= Summer Cinema snacks and videos

=Varied time, check website= English-Spanish Language Exchange

All free or on donation of course




///TUESDAY, 1ST DECEMBER, 6PM – 7.15PM ///

Candlelit vigil to remember Ian Tomlinson

At: Royal Exchange by Threadneedle Street, London, EC3V 3LL

Nearest tube: Bank




Public Meeting to oppose Points Based Immigration

The Stretch (Goldsmiths Students’ Union), Lewisham Way, New Cross,

London SE14 6NW





Open public meeting, organised by Goldsmiths UCU and Goldsmiths Students’ Union

The Stretch (Students’ Union), Goldsmiths, 5PM, Wednesday 2 December


The new ‘points based’ immigration rules represent a serious threat to campus democracy and freedom of speech. They require non-EU students and staff to have biometric ID cards, involve demands on the financial background of applicants and mean that staff are obliged to report

students to the UK Border Agency when they have not attended regularly. Come and hear why these new immigration controls are unfair, unwarranted and undemocratic.



Dale Farm infonight

LARC, 62 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel E1 1ES

Dale Farm is a traveller site in Crays Hill, Essex which is home to over 1,000 people.

It was established in the 1970s when Basildon District Council gave planning permission to 40 families.Now the same council is threatening a violent eviction of the site. Activists from Dale Farm have been to the High Court to try and prevent the eviction, but in January 2009 the Court of Appeal overturned the High Court’s decision to quash the eviction. On 10th December, Basildon Council is meeting to tender the multi-million eviction contract, most likely to the notorious Constant & Co. There will be a protest outside the meeting. Please come to our infonight to learn more about Dale Farm and how you can help to stop the eviction.



Audio Intifada

2a Belgrade Road, just off stoke Newington road,

Entry 3£ for good causes (see below)

So it’s one year on since 2a Belgrade Road was re-squatted by our lot and to celebrate this (and all the previous years of good times and free living enjoyed by others in this wicked space) we are proud to present a big bad birfday blowout benefit!!

Over two floors dj’s and live acts take you on a musical journey straight through from folk to hardtek via punk, jungle, dubstep, straight up rompin tekno and a whole bunch more for your dancing pleasure.

All proceeds go to international solidarity movement london. the international solidarity movement london is currently working to stop the unjust occupation of Palestine in the uk by preventing the sale of unlawful settlement produce. Palestinian produce will be available as well as an Exhibition on ‘The History of Action against Companies that are involved in selling illegal settlement produce in the UK’.

LIVE ACTS: Not quite legendary Belgrade road house band THE SPEEDOS rock out their drunken trashpunkblues shambles. + All the way from Brighton DAVID PETER MURPHY AND THE VARNDEAN SCHOOL CHILDRENS CHOIR treats you to his unique brand of chamber folk tinged with a healthy dose of fruit induced insanity. + More tbc

DEEJAYS: DINGLEBERRY (gypsy junglist mashcore), JUDAS (fonky shplonky minimal tech), SHREDEXX (scrunchy dubstep wobblers), PHANTOM & DJ JOHN BOLLINGER (good old-fashioned d&b rinse out), JENNY (deep and dirty bassline tekno), ZAVATAZ (whomping hardtek/hardcore ala france) + vj’s, magic tricks, booze ‘n’ fags

^^^+++UPSTAIRS JAMORAMA!! Bring yer acoustic instruments, drums, washboard or just bang on the floor and howl at the moon for a big old open jamboree



Climate Emergency Bike Ride

Lincoln’s Inn Fields, Holborn, to Speakers’ Corner, Hyde Park.

Join hundreds of cyclists on the streets of central London to urge the government to make major emissions cuts at the UN climate talks in Copenhagen. Bring sirens, horns, bells and whistles, and decorate your bikes. Fully stewarded – families with children welcome. Starts at 10am in Lincoln’s Inn Fields and finishes at 12pm at Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park to join the Climate Emergency Rally which will then lead to the Stop Climate Chaos “The Wave” event starting from Grosvenor Square. Ride is approximately 6 miles long, stopping off at the headquarters of BP and E-On.


See http://rampart.co.nr for more info about rampART.


See http://bowlcourt.co.nr for more info about Ex-Bowl Court.

Email rampart@mutualaid.org or bowlcourt@riseup.net

Lift ‘n’ Hoist is at 1 Queens Row, SE17, off Merrow Street (Walworth

Road). Nearest tube Elephant and Castle.

— Stay Informed, Get In Touch

To join or leave this list see http://lists.riseup.net/www/info/rampart

See http://rampart.co.nr for more info about rampART.


Email: rampart@mutualaid.org

— Location

rampART, 15 Rampart Street, off Commercial Rd, Shadwell E1 2LA

Close to Whitechapel/Aldgate East, map http://tinyurl.com/3hfp2a


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