Activists do PM’s dirty work!

Following Gordon Brown’s announcement that ‘global action is needed to complete the unfinished business of cleaning up the banks’, we’re advising him that we’re more than happy to comply with his request but could he please keep the Met Police off the streets so that we can do it properly this time. Meanwhile, back at the vault….

This weekend is the International days of action for squats and autonomous spaces. rampART outreach balloon event happening all over the city. Get involved. Send us event flyers for Saturday happenings and anything you want to tell London about squatting, social centres, taking back the land etc. email: . Elsewhere (and at an as yet undisclosed location) on Saturday 19th September, workshops, discussions, tea and food + the always unpredictable Workshop of Nothing + a mega party to raise funds for a keycutter machine for the squatting movement. email:


<* EVENTS @ rampART *>




Five bands from all over including London, Belgium, and South Africa, all styles, all DIY all ages, five pound suggested donation, BYOB. A benefit for Croydon Rape Crisis Centre. for more info





52 Knatchbull road (entrance on Burton rd, behind Minet library) SE5 9QY.
Nearest tubes : Brixton, Oval, Kennington.
Nearest train : Loughborough junction.
Nearest buses : P5 or Brixton road (3/N3, 59, 133/N133, 159/N159, 415.
stop: loughborough road)

Check The Library House Website :
The Library House is a social center in Brixton Camberwell
Contact us if you want to be on our mailing list and be informed about the
events there :)

**THIS WEEK (14th-20th September) AT THE LIBRARY HOUSE**

*Tuesday, 15th, 7pm*
We are a group of people sharing and learning some capoeira. We want to have fun while finding our roots The space is rather small but it is great fun as you need to be really aware of your surroundings. We usually practice movements, make a rodinha and play live music
We have all we need: good mood, a lot of energy and wilingness to learn.
Sessions are free and you are more than welcome to join us!
Sessions on Tuesdays between 19h and 21h.
Check our blog, thats part of The Library House Website

*Tuesday, 15th, 8pm*
Library House Collective Meeting
We meet as an open collective every tuesday evening from 8pm to discuss use of the space, hear proposals, and if you’re lucky have some hot food and a cuppa! :)

*Wednesday, 16th, 8pm*
September Cinema
The War and Democracy
John Pilger’s first major film for the cinema.

*Thursday, 17th, 8pm-midnight*
a big event is coming on thursday the 17th. it is already the birthday of the library house!!!

to celebrate our one year existence (and hopefully many years may follow) we have the great band the calliope of the future playing at our house.
check them out on myspace. it is a four person acoustic storytelling steampunk band from Colorado, US. they are currently riding bicycles around the UK and playing music.
they are comprised of an accordionographer, a glockenspieler and saw-player, a tap-dancing mandolinist and a double bass player, along with a few other instruments. also other bands will play. so come by and let yourselt surprise. celebrate the birthday with us, interesting music and booze.

there is also a nice event going on on the saturday the 19th of september.
it is about promoting squats and autonomous spaces.
present on the day will be film screenings, free vegan food, talk, fun and information points all relating to squatting and Social Centers in London.
also, if you’re lucky there may even be some workshops and discussions.

bring advice, enthusiasm, tools, films, food, empties list and anything else you feel relevant!

The location is yet to be announced but will be in London so keep checking the website for updates or email

on the 20th sep you might see us at the urban green fair in brockwell park doing a free shop.. its about health and healing, sustainable transport, social justice, building and technology, climate change and energy transition. go to for more information

**<<== Belgrade Road social centre ==>>**

2a Belgrade Road, Dalston.

Belgrade road is a newly opened social space in dalston/stoke newington.
It is collectively run and open to the public.

*Tuesdays 7.30pm // life drawing*
naked narcisistic anarchists require people to draw us…
*Thursdays 1-5pm // bike workshop*
Tools and skills available to help you fix/build/pimp your bike
*Mondays 11am-2pm // Free English classes for beginners*
everyone is welcome, tea and coffee will be provided. contact: 07928102817
*Sundays from 5pm onwards // Cafe*
Veggie and vegan food on donation, films, nice peeps…


7PM, Tuesday, 15th September and every Tuesday
165 Commercial Street, E1

Come along every Tuesday from 7pm to get involved in the space, propose a discussion / skillshare / workshop or whatever you fancy!

Non Commercial House is a recently opened space in East London, located at 165 Commercial Street. It aims to offer an alternative to mass consumption and  capitalism based upon cooperation, mutual respect and sustainable living. The main space is used as a free shop where people bring items they no longer require and take what they need. It is not only about objects but about sharing! Other activities include free bicycle repair, workshop / skillsharing and cinema space.

Children are very welcome within Non Commercial House. The ground floor is wheelchair accessible. However, the only toilet in the building is on the top floor.
Items can be dropped off anytime; knock on the door or leave them out front.

**Thursday, 17th September, 7pm**
Film screening and discussion
Come along to watch the documentary ‘Gendernauts’ about how members of the transgender community of San Fransisco are challenging gender norms.
Participate in the discussion after the film on our experiences of gender oppressions and resistances.
An evening for all genders.

**Monday 21st September 7pm**
Ever wanted to learn Spanish? Come along to weekly lessons for beginners at Non Commercial House… If you are planning on attending please email beforehand – noncommercialhouse…at… (replace the ….at… with the @ sign)

Coming up…

**Thursday, 24th September, 7pm**
Polyamory, often abbreviated to poly, is sometimes described as consensual, ethical, or responsible non-monogamy. The word is occasionally used more broadly to refer to any sexual or romantic relationships that are not sexually exclusive, though there is disagreement on how broadly it applies; an emphasis on ethics, honesty, and transparency all around is widely regarded as the crucial defining characteristic.
for more info see

discussion will/may include topics like…

– freedom, responsibility and commitment
– safety (hiv etc.)
– pregnancy, children and family (also related to responsibility)
– response from the society “outside”
– publicity, transparency vs. secrecy, privacy
– publicitiy: love as representation of property (showing how “rich” we are, showing up the belonging to each other or to someone)
– secrecy: love as personal – separated from other spheres of life, secret, hidden, taboo to talk about or make it visible
– hetero- and homosexuality, LGBTQ
– conflict management – reflections, friendship and love, non violent communication, communicating expectations and conditions, desires without giving orders or setting up “requirements”
– separation between sexualized love and non-sexualized love, sexuality and intimacy




///World Music Festival – Anti-fascist Benefit Night///

Wednesday 16 Sept, 7pm till 3am
Charlie Wright’s Bar, 45 Pitfield Street, London N1 6DA (Old Street tube)

live bands include:
LONDON AFROBEAT COLLECTIVE – a 12 piece afrobeat/funk/reggae orchestra, taking the hot horn sounds and drum patterns of Nigeria to new levels
THE VAMP – Balkan, gypsy jazz and Jamaican dance hall
BABAR LUCK – ex-King Prawn bassist playing london style world musik sci-fi sufi
THE MOOMBAS – return us to the gospel blues roots

PIGSNOOTS – djs on the decks playing the best of 50’s and 60’s jazz, rhythm and blues, rock’n’roll, reggae, ska, latin, afrobeat, boogaloo and the wildest funk jams.

Please forward to your group, friends, intrested parties.
All money raised goes to anti-bnp, anti-racist and autonomous anti-fascist activities



Friday, 18th September, 9pm

Let’s be honest here. We islanders rarely know what the heck is gonna be on the show until it actually airs. This is because we are committed to getting the absolute latest word on the street. (That and because we are a little bit disorganised sometimes.) But we can guarantee the show is gonna kick ass. Cos it always does. So go to to find out what’s happening on the show…or you can forget all that jazz and just tune in at 9pm, every first and third Friday, by clicking the player on the front page of IMC London (top right corner) or the player on the dissident island homepage…



Saturday, 19th September, 10pm

the venue will be announced on the day. call: 07534523430
Benefit gig to buy a keycutter machine for the squatting movement!
It is a de-privatization of a service – getting things out of the market, by building alternative, autonomous infrastructure that anyone can use to copy their own keys.
[this is a response for the callout for 2 days of direct action on the 18th & 19th of September 2009 around housing and the creation of more autonomous spaces at this time of crisis.]



Tuesday, 22nd September, 7pm

Colombia Solidarity Campaign – London branch meeting

Hear a report by our delegation just returned from Colombia!

at the Apple Tree pub,
45 Mount Pleasant, London, WC1X 0AE
Buses: 19, 38, 341, 63, 17, 45, 46, 55, 243, Tube: Kings Cross, Farringdon, Angel

Find out more about the recent news from Colombia:

-the murder of Gustavo Gómez, Nestlé union official, at his home, the 12th Sinaltrainal worker to be killed in Colombia
-12 indigenous Awa, including 5 children, killed by masked gunmen
-community of African descent threatened with eviction by Anglo-Gold Ashanti.

Update news from social movements, after massive Minga march 2008/2009.

In mid-August, national indigenous organisation ONIC announced that 67 members of indigenous communities had already been murdered this year. The dire human rights situation in Colombia is one of the key campaigning issues of the Social and Communitarian Minga, an ever-growing, broad-based social movement led by indigenous communities. One of the inspirational leaders behind the Social and Communitarian Minga, ex-leader of the Cauca Regional Indigenous Council Aida Quilcue, will be visiting Britain in September at the invitation of Unison Northern, the Northern TUC, and the Colombia Solidarity Campaign. Aida’s husband Edwin was murdered by Colombian army forces in December last year in an ambush seemingly meant for Aida.

Come and discuss Britain’s role, and how we can support these important and growing struggles in Colombia.

Translation into Spanish will be available in the meeting
Traducción de la reunión a español será disponible.


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