Following reports that news of Michael Jackson’s death caused serious ‘performance problems’ for Google, CNN, AOL, CBS and Yahoo, rampART celebrity snoopers can exclusively reveal an alarming drop in the number of Elvis sightings, coinciding with speculation that Timothy Leary really is dead and the news that Madonna and Bob Dylan ‘are expected to die in the future’. Meanwhile, back at the morgue….

We’re marking the 40th anniversary of Stonewall with a Behind Bars fundraising extravaganza on Saturday night, coupled with the equally extravagant Punx Picnic afterparty. No rampART cafe this week but regular cafes will resume in the near future with (we’ve been promised) scones and home-made jam!

We’ve been getting reports that some of you have not been getting this newsletter until most of the events are out of date. We send it out early on Tuesday so, if you don’t get it by Tuesday pm, we’ve worked out that it might be because your ISP is scanning it to see if it’s junk. To solve the problem, you need to make sure that the address that it’s sent from
( is in your address book. If this doesn’t work, please let us know.

And, in other news:
The freeschool weekender on housing, squatting and gentrification has been and gone. It was a great success and it has left a beautiful building just waiting for another project to begin. So we call on all those interested in starting up a space to come and get involved…

On Sunday 21st June, as an ending to the freeschool event a discussion was had on what should happen to the building. People expressed an interest incontinuing occupying in order to create a space that complemented the pre-existing projects in East London. With LARC, rampART, freedom, ASS and Belgrade Road all within close proximity we felt a giant free shop would be a nice idea. The building suits it with huge shop windows. Within such close proximity to the centre of finance a daytime space that promotes community without consumerism seems like a pleasant idea. A strong focus could be on attracting a crowd that wouldn’t generally go into squats and social centres by possibly making a space drug free (including alcohol and smoke) and having more family friendly activities. A free bicycle workshop will bring in peddlers by off the street and into the space (or the yard at least….) Regular workshops, infonights, cafes and a food coop were amongst other things discussed.

None of this is set in stone. You can be a part of shaping this project. Come lend a hand, help us occupy and attend the next meeting on TUESDAY 30TH JUNE AT 7PM to discuss what will happen..

love from
the occupiers of 161 commercial street

<* EVENTS @ rampART *>

***Tuesday, 30th June, Cinema Libre***
***Friday, 3rd July, Radical Theory Reading Group ***
***Saturday, 4th July, BEHIND BARS XV “Tranny-Punk-Ho-Down meets Punx Picnic Afterhours”***
***Monday, 6th July, Rampart Social***



Cinema Libre is a chance for people to meet up and discuss their perspectives and share and learn from others in an informal environment. Discussion is open, and we always look forward to all contributions. Each week we bring you a selection of shorts and feature documentaries in an attempt to flesh out the issues and explore the solutions and action needed.

Remember its still all free so your support is the only currency worth anything and our in-action the only deficit worth worrying about.



Reading will be from Frederick Engels’ On the Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State, Chapter 2, ‘The Family’. Read part 4, ‘The Monogamous Family’ or the whole chapter if you have time. Full text here and here



Benefit Supporting Kaos GL and Pembe Hayat. Kaos GL was first established in 1994. Most of its members were and still are queer political activists with backgrounds in the Turkish anarchist, feminist and anti-military movements. Kaos GL as a collective started publishing a zine by the same name, which became Turkeys first LGBT magazine. Over the years they graduated from a photocopied zine to a more glossy professional looking periodical, partly thanks to their first ever computer which was purchased with money raised in London by the old Queeruption / La-Di-Dah network. Pembe Hayat, which means “Pink Life in English, was formed later, in response to attacks on the transgender sexworker community in the Ankara suburb of Eryaman in 2006. At that time there were a series of well organised attacks, involving gangs of up to fifty people on transwomen sexworkers both in the streets and on the house where they lived. It was suspected that these gangs were connected with the developers who were trying to make the area more respectable.



/*/ MONDAY 6TH JULY 8pm – 11pm /*/*/


After the Rampart meeting we’re having a social evening to be able to relax and spend time with our visitors. Come along and catch up with the collective, tell us what you have been up to…

/*/SATURDAY 11TH JULY 7pm – 2am/*/*/


Live Painting! Live Music! Live Performance!
Featuring> Sculpture/Graffiti/Cartoons/Tripped-out Colours/Far-out Sounds/Balloons & Clowns!!



52 Knatchbull road (entrance on Burton rd, behind Minet library) SE5 9QY. Nearest tubes : Brixton, Oval, Kennington.
Nearest train : Loughborough junction.
Nearest buses : P5 or Brixton road (3/N3, 59, 133/N133, 159/N159, 415. stop: loughborough road)

Check The Library House Website : The Library House is a social center in Brixton Camberwell
Contact us if you want to be on our mailing list and be informed about the events there :)


==Tuesday 30th 8pm==
*Weekly Collective meeting*
This is a good chance to talk to the collective if you want to have an event in the space or to find out more about getting involved there.

==Wednesday 1st of July 8pm onwards==
*Summer Cinema Libre*
From now on the cafes on wednesdays in the Library House will be a little bit different. Its getting summery and so its light outside till late. We will serve snacks (cakes, salads or whatever) but no complete meals anymore. So come at 8pm for snacks and films to the Library House! PLEASE CHECK THE WEBSITE, THERE MIGHT BE SLIGHT CHANCE WE HAVE TO CANCEL THE MOVIES, THERE WILL BE SNACKS, TEA AND TALKS ANYWAY SO FEEL WELCOME!!

==Thursday 2nd 7-9pm==
We are a group of people sharing and learning some capoeira. We want to have fun while finding our roots. If the weather is nice, we should go in the park. We usually practice movements, make a rodinha and play live music. We have all we need: good mood, a lot of energy and willingness to learn. Sessions are free, and you are more than welcome to join us!

*Film-making-lessons Coming Soon*
A great filmmaker who is working on a film about activism around the olympics is offering filmmaking-lessons. Itll will be 3-week course starting in about 3 weeks. He will teach in sessions of aprox. 2 hours and the classes will be about script writing, film ananlysis, directing, production and more. The only thing we need is at least 4 people to follow the 3-week course. So mail us back to devote your life to filmmaking :) and well let you know very soon if the course will go on. Subscribe now!! Love and spread it!

**<<== Belgrade Road social centre ==>>**

2a Belgrade Road, Dalston.
Belgrade road is a newly opened social space in dalston/stoke newington. It is collectively run and open to the public.

*Tuesdays 7.30pm // life drawing*
naked narcisistic anarchists require people to draw us
*Thursdays 1-5pm // bike workshop*
Tools and skills available to help you fix/build/pimp your bike *Mondays 11am-2pm // Free English classes for beginners*
everyone is welcome, tea and coffee will be provided. contact: 07928102817
*Sundays from 5pm onwards // Cafe*
Veggie and vegan food on donation, films, nice peeps



Tuesday 30th June, 7pm – 9pm at Pogo Cafe
76a Clarence Rd
E5 8HB Hackney



5pm Tuesday June 30 Honduran Embassy
115 Gloucester Place, London W1U 6JT (nearest Tube: Baker Street or Paddington)

4h30pm Friday 3 July USA Embassy
24 Grosvenor Square, London W1A 1AE (Tube: Bond Street/Marble Arch)

In the early hours of Sunday June 28, a group of soldiers seized the democratically elected president of Honduras Manuel Zelaya at gun-point and took him by plane to Costa Rica. A new president was sworn in, while the army decreed a curfew, tanks patrolled the streets, the government TV channel was taken off the air and a list was issued of social movement leaders to be arrested.

The trigger for the coup was an attempt by Zelaya to call a Constituent Assembly in order to reform the country’s constitution. Zelaya’s government had carried out a whole series of progressive reforms in the fields of education and health care, breaking the monopoly of the multinationals in the pharmaceutical and oil sector and boosting the minimum wage by 60% and had the support of the majority of workers, peasants and the poor. His government brought Honduras into the ALBA regional bloc, aligning itself with the progressive governments of Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Cuba, Nicaragua and others, whose leaders are holding an emergency summit in Managua to reverse the coup.

The masses have come out on the streets and are striking to reject this coup. We give them our full support and demand that the British government backs Zelaya as the only legitimate president of Honduras and acts to bring about the immediate restoration of constitutional order.

Down with the reactionary coup!
Bring back Zelaya!
Solidarity with the people of Honduras!

Called by the Co-ordinadora Latinoamericana (Hands Off Venezuela, Bolivia Solidarity Campaign, Colombia Solidarity Campaign, Ecuadorian Movement in the UK, Latin American Workers Association and Polo Democratico UK) and supported by Colectivo Acuerdo Humanitario, Venezuela Solidarity Campaign and Unite London and Eastern region.



On Tuesday 30th June
Paying a visit to Harriet Harman, Southwark Townhall (5pm), followed by film showing (6.30pm) at Studio 96, The Galleria, Pennack Road, SE16 6PW

An evening of making trouble, sharing ideas and planning ways for women to fight back against the crisis, hosted by Feminist Fightback. All genders welcome!
This is a fundraiser for Lambeth Womens Project

Harriet Harman, Minister for Women, thinks that a feminist response to the recession would be to place more women in top city jobs, putting them in charge of the banks. Meanwhile Harman supports the Welfare Reform Bill, which proposes to introduce US-style workfare practices, forcing mothers of young children into minimum wage jobs or risk losing their benefits. Harriet Harman likes to talk up her feminist credentials, but what kind of feminist only looks out for the interests of rich women during times of economic crisis? In fact, Harman has a long track record of selling out the majority of women she claims to represent most recently playing a key role in blocking a Bill to legalise abortion in Northern Ireland. If this is how the Minister for Women is going to act on our behalf, then we can do without her!

Fortunately, Harriet Harmans feminism isnt the only kind on offer. Many women in London are organising to resist the iniquities of capitalism from the parents occupying Lewisham Bridge Primary School to protest against its privatisation; to hostel residents demanding decent housing in Hackney; to the Visteon workers who occupied their factory and finally won their redundancy. Feminist Fightback has also been organising grass roots resistance to some of Harmans biggest sell-outs during her time as Minister for Women occupying the Department for Work and Pensions in protest against the Welfare Reform Bill, and taking direct action in solidarity with Northern Irish women who continue to be denied the right to control their own bodies.

Feminist Fightback invites you to join us outside Southwark Town Hall to show Harriet Harman that women have been fighting back in ways very different to those she proposes. Well be decorating the Town Hall, sending message to Harman in a variety of ‘creative’ ways, and inviting our Minister for Women to come out and take a look!

This will be followed by a film showing introducing a number of women-led struggles taking place at the moment. We want this to be an opportunity to find out whats going on in London; to make links with other womens groups; and to find inspiration for how we can act collectively to take control of our workplaces, our communities and our lives. To find out more email, call 07976 274516 or come along to our next planning meeting, Wednesday 10 June, 6.30pm at the Highbury Roundhouse, 71 Ronald’s Road, N5 (nearest tube: Highbury and Islington). Contact email: feminist.fightback@gmail,com



* UNISON members vote 71% in favour of strike action
* UCU members to take further strike action in coordination with UNISON * 2nd July set for combined union day of action
* Pickets all morning set to close down London Met Uni for a day * Rally at Lunchtime (with this space for details)

One of the main strengths of our campaign to save jobs and defend education at London Met is that we have been united from the start. When UCU took strike action in May UNISON stood shoulder-to-shoulder with them and provided the maximum amount of solidarity we legally could pending our own industrial action ballot. And when students occupied their department bulding over course closures, both UCU and UNISON supported their legitimate protest. UNISON members have now overwhelmingly (over 71%) voted for industrial action and have announced to members that they will be taking strike action on Thursday July 2nd.
As a result of that decision, and in line with UCU’s ballot mandate, and the position unanimously passed at recent UCU members meetings, UCU notified management that their members will join UNISON colleagues. They we will also be taking strike action on Thursday 2nd July (see UCU press relesae). UNISON and UCU have chosen this date to avoid hitting student assessment in order to enable our students to join us. Please urge your students to support our strike, to join us in collecting signatures outside the main doors of most buildings and to participate in our rally at lunchtime on Thursday (details to follow).
Please also bear in mind that to be effective, we need to make as much noise as possible. We need members outside each entrance all morning and at the rally at lunchtime.
Please pass this on to your union contacts, to your friends and family and urge them to join us and show solidarity with our strike. Our fight is your fight. Contacts us via UCU or UNISON, and come to our pickets and rally on Thursday to show your support. See further updates and reports here:



COLOMBIA SOLIDARITY CAMPAIGN 10am 5.30pm 4th July 2009
Free entry
School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), Brunei Building, Thornhaugh St, London WC1

Current situation in Colombia and Britain
The Minga of Indigenous and Popular Resistance

My very wise father used to say when we have to cry we will do it together, together we will feel the pain, we dont cry like cowards, we resist Aida Quilcue, Interview April 2009

Aida Quilcue, former Councillor of the CRI (Consejo Regional Indígena de Cauca) and spokeswomen of The Minga of Indigenous and Popular resistance has been victim of the Colombian State more than once. On 16th December 2008 her husband, Edwin Legarda, was assassinated by the Colombian armed forces – a crime that remains unpunished, as do many other human rights violations in a country in which impunity reigns. On 12th May 2009 Aidas 12 year old daughter narrowly escaped an attack by four armed gunmen who lay in wait outside their home.

This has not prevented Aida from going on with the fight and resistance of the indigenous people, participating actively in the Minga and fighting against impunity and power abuses. Today she is being persecuted again, at the beginning of June the public prosecutor’s office issued an arrest warrant against her and other indigenous leaders. The charges: having carried out a process within the Especial Indigenous Jurisdiction against a member of the armed forces that has infiltrated in The Minga illegally. This jurisdiction is recognised by the Colombian constitution and the process has been carried out legally and publicly. The arrest warrant prevents her leaving the country and therefore she was not able to come to the UK to bring her message in a visit that was already scheduled.

We want to transmit Aidas message – the authorities can stop persons, but they cannot stop our voices!

PROGRAMME Saturday 4th July, SOAS

9.30am Registration

10am – 1pm Introduction
Colombian social movements vs Uribes ever more reactionary project Speakers: Carlos Cruz (Polo Democrático UK)
Andy Higginbottom (Colombia Solidarity Campaign)
Javier Sánchez (CaisMaloka)

Battles facing the Colombian and Latin American community
Speakers: Einstein Durango (sacked union activist)

Family member of John Freddy Suarez Santander (campaign against deportation).

1pm – 2pm Lunch Break

2pm 5pm The Minga, Indigenous and Popular Resistance
Film clips of Minga and video message from Aida Quilcue

Indigenous Resistance in the Andes and Amazon – Themes
Speakers: G. Saavedra: on the indigenous movement in Colombia; Bolivia Solidarity Campaign; Movement of Ecuadoreans in the UK; Sofia Buchuk Peruvian cultural activist



As peope are aware Antony died tragically while on a climbing expedition in the Alps August of last year. He was a friend to many, anti-fascist, comrade and an active part of london’s political scene. There will be an unveiling on a plaque on frontage of Freedom Bookshop in Antony’s memory followed by celebratory BBQ and drink refeshments. Everyone welcome. Please forward to any who may have known him, or would wish to attend.

Antony’s Memorial Plaque Unveiling
Saturday 4th July
2-7pm (unveiling at 2.30pm)
Freedom Bookshop
Angel Alley
84b Whitchapel High Street
London E1 7QX
(Alley right by KFC next to Whitechapel Art Gallery)
map: Nearest Tube: Algate East
(There is also a page tribute to Antony in the latest copy of Freedom newspaper)


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