in and out of the whirlwind


hope you have been coping well with the winter, the crash of two nuclear submarines in the Atlantic Sea, the Hillary Clinton vs. Kim Jong-il nuclear war threat, and the discovery of the biggest (non-nuclear) snake ever to have slithered on earth. Not to forget…THE CRISIS!!!

While the whirlwind of depression starts hitting our neighbourhoods, closing down shops and kicking people out of their homes it also begins taking away our jobs, pushing many of us who were already struggling on uncertain part-time jobs on the verge of certain full-time unemployment and poverty.

One piece of good news is that the Cox18 social centre in Milan managed to re-occupy their space after being evicted for 22 days. See our solidarity letter at the end of this email and feel free to circulate.

This week’s thursday cafe looks back at the recent story of radical labour activism, and the fight against precarisation and insecurity and asks how we can organise our individual worries into collective struggles for the right to existence..or subsistence at the very least.

Apart from this event, this week the rampARTers will be busy with the FREE SCHOOL, a weekend of free workshops, skill-sharing and discussions, starting on friday at rampART before moving to the Culture Centre in Dalston and the Library House in Camberwell.

check the website for further information:

Weekly rampART organising meetings are held at Rampart every Monday from 7pm.
You are welcome to come by and get involved. We welcome proposals for our thursdays’ cafes.

<* EVENTS @ rampART *>

<*THURSDAY, 19 FEBRUARY: Cafe/Discussion: Fight Against Casusalisation*>
<*FRIDAY, 20 FEBRUARY: Free School and rampART fundraiser*>
<*THURSDAY, 26 FEBRUARY: Cafe/Discussion: Vampires and Racism*>



Many young people working in social and cultural jobs experience casualised or precarious labour conditions, where short-term flexible, part-time contracts are often accompanied by a sense of insecurity. Official trade unions have often disregarded this question and an array of new forms of activism has emerged to fill the void.

Among the experience of labour activism which have emerged in this sector, an important role has been played by the Euromayaday parade, which reclaims the 1st of May as a celebration of workers’ struggle rather than a tired ritual.

This informational event brings together activists which have worked on issues of precarious labour, to ask what comes next in the struggle against precarisation and insecurity.


— FREE SCHOOL + Benefit Party @ rampART


4-6pm Clothes Making
4-6pm Drumming Workshop
4:30-6pm Getting rid of ‘Education’
6pm Radical Theory Reading Group
7-9pm Dissident Island radio setup
9-10pm Dissident Island Broadcast
10pm-2am Benefit Party for rampART

In the following days @ Culture Centre – Dalston and Library House – Camberwell.

check the website for further information:



February 20 show:
<<Dissident Island Radio will be broadcasting live at 9pm featuring an ‘Economic Meltdown’ show, with a panel discussion and interviews de-mystifying the credit crunch, linking it to critiques of capitalism and looking at the practical, grassroots responses. Afterwards, as always, we’ll end with a live DJ set to see us into the weekend…so tune-in by clicking the ‘listen now’ button or download the show (and all our previous ones too!) at – Happy listening…>>



This talk gives an introduction into the historical context of the emerging racist theories in the second half of the 19th century and the development of the modern Dracula legend between the 1850s and 1920s.

The second part of the evening deals with the interesting changes F.W. Murnau made to the well-known books for the German film version “Nosferatu” in 1922.


==Wednesday 18th 6pm==
*Cafe Marie + Cinema Libre*

As usual, this wednesday 6pm, there will be some hot drinks and hot food on donation. Then at about 8pm, movies about recent political struggles by Cinema Libre.

==Thursday 19th 7-9pm==

We are a group of people sharing and learning some capoeira. We want to have fun while finding our roots The space is rather small but it is great fun as you need to be really aware of your surroundings. We usually practice movements, make a rodinha and play live music. We have all we need: good mood, a lot of energy and wilingness to learn. Sessions are free and you are more than welcome to join us!

==Friday 20th 11am-1pm==

Kundalini Yoga Sessions on donation. Bring your own yoga mat and blanket if you can.

==Sunday 22nd 1-5pm==
*London FreeSchool*

A weekend of free workshops and discussions to promote community organised skill-sharing. In 3 different autonomous spaces in London: Friday the 20th at rampART in Whitechapel, Saturday the 21th at the Culture Center in Dalston and Sunday the 22nd at The Library House.
Program for this Sunday:
1-3pm Basic Internet Security & Encryption for Beginners
1-3pm Pinhole Photography
3-5pm Flour and Water
3-5pm Knitting
3-5pm Spanish
Check the website or details of workshops and update:

==On your diaries!==
*Mini-Eco Fair (People’s Republic of Southwark). Saturday 28th Feb, 12-4pm* At the Library House on Saturday, Feb 28th. There will be:  a seed swap, a walking tour of the neighborhood, a Really Really Free Market (glorified, participatory free shop!), film screening, Bike power workshop, more to be announced…

*KASC – Knitting And Sewing Circle. Sunday 1st March, 4pm*
Our third KASC! Please join us to learn or share skills in
· Woolcrafts: Knitting and crochet
· Mending: darning, patching, sewing and reparative embroidery
Everyone over the age of 8 is welcome to drop in. It would be great if you could bring knitting needles, yarn, or a handknitted garment to recycle. These can often be found in charity shops for next to nothing. Likewise bits of fabric and sewing equipment to practice with. We have a sewing machine :) Books or photocopies with clear illustrations would also be useful.

*London Social Center Network meeting. Sunday 1st March, 4pm*
The next meeting of the London Social Center Network will be on the 1st of March 4pm, at the Library House. See

*Queer Group Meeting. Tuesday 3rd March, 7.30pm*
A brand new queer (activist) group has started. It meets twice a month, once in North London (at LARC), and once in South London (at the Library House). The group is very new, so discussion about what it should be and do are still ongoing, but there seems to be a lot of enthusiasm to work on race/anti-racism issues, creating a queer bloc/affinity group for demos and actions, and community education (within our own communities and reaching outwards).

*Gardening Team Meeting. Sunday 8th March, 12noon*
March is starting soon, and we have a big garden! There’s plenty of space to learn and have fun gardening all together! We will discuss our plans for the garden at 12 and then get our hands dirty!

*Open Day. Sunday 8th March, 5pm*
Come to our Tea party on Sunday the 8th of March at 5pm. Bring your own food/cakes and share with everyone! This will just be a social, so that we can meet, you can see the space, and maybe meet neighbours you haven’t met yet!

52 Knatchbull road (entrance on Burton rd, behind Minet library) SE5 9QY.
Nearest tubes : Brixton, Oval, Kennington.
Nearest train : Loughborough junction.
Nearest buses : P5 or Brixton road (3/N3, 59, 133/N133, 159/N159, 415.
stop: loughborough road)

Check The Library House Website : The Library House is a social center in Brixton Camberwell
Contact us if you want to be on our mailing list and be informed about the events there :) libraryhouse ‹ ‹ ‹at ‹ ‹ ‹




1971, DIR Helke Sander, Germany, 60 min

A BONUS FOR IRENE portrays the hardships of a single working mother with two children. Her encounters with men are more than disappointing, they are in control of the factory, their workplace, but weak, boring, and clueless when it comes to women. “Women workers unite”, seems to be the theme of this film, one of the earliest German feminist documents. This could also be Sander’s response to the very male orientated `Berlin worker’s film’ style of the times.

All films are shown at 56a Infoshop, 56a Crampton SE17, just off
Walworth Rd Nearest tube: Kennington and Elephant and Castle , Buses:
12, 171, 68, 168, 53.

Films start at 3pm,
Entrance is free

For more information on the films we show:



TrAIN Open Series: Artist talk

Do you remember Olive Morris? The art of collective remembrance

Date and time: Tuesday 24 February 2009, 5.15-7.00 pm
Venue: Lecture Theatre Chelsea College of Arts and Design, Millbank, London SW1P 4JU

Ana Laura Lopez de la Torre will discuss her practice in the context of ongoing project entitled ‘Do You Remember Olive Morris?’. At the forefront of political struggles in the 1970s, Olive Morris was a member of the Brixton Black Panthers Movement and a founding member of several Black women’s organisations. Initiated by Ana Laura Lopez in 2006, the project is an investigation of Morris’ life and legacy, and is the result of a collaboration with community activist Liz Obi, together with a group of women meeting monthly as the ROC (Remembering Olive Collective).
The TrAIN Open series is a forum for invited speakers to present exhibition, publication, and research projects in the form of lectures, discussions and screenings. Taking place at fortnightly intervals on Tuesday evenings during the academic term, the series is open to the public, as well as staff and students across the University of the Arts London. Since its inception leading practitioners have continued to contribute to the series and it has become an opportunity to establish lasting dialogue with those who share an interest in transnational art.



We are revolting! Zombie Voodoo Walk
Mardi Gras – Pancake Day
By order of The Government of the Dead
The only good government is a dead government!
Krewe needed for Zombie Shopping Spree, Oxford St
Tuesday, Feb 24, Oxford Circus (Niketown) 6 p.m.

Be the zombie you always wanted to be – zombie bankers, zombie bunnies, zombie buddhists, zombie barmaids, zombie bishops – zombies from all walks of death welcome!
Pancake race for indigenous English zombies – bring pan for tossing fried brains (Bond St tube 6:30pm)
Lurching to gallows at Tyburn (just past Primark, execution party on traffic island by Marble Arch). Public hanging at 7 p.m.


Nightcleaners Part I: A woman’s work- Film Screening and panel discussion

Date: Thursday 12 March
Time: 6.30-9.00 pm

FREE (booking essential)

Please arrive on time – latecomers will only be allowed in at suitable intervals

Venue: Area 10 Project Space, Eagle Wharf, Peckham Hill Street, London SE15 5JT

A public screening of Nightcleaners: Part 1, a rarely seen experimental film from 1972 by the Berwick Street Collective (Marc Karlin, Mary Kelly, James Scott and Humphry Trevelyan).

Nightcleaners Part 1 was a documentary made by members of the Berwick Street Collective. The films charts the campaign to unionize the women who cleaned office blocks at night and who were being victimized and underpaid. Intending at the outset to make a campaign film, the Collective was forced to turn to new forms in order to represent the forces at work between the cleaners, the Cleaner’s Action Group and the unions – and the complex nature of the campaign itself. The result was an intensely self-reflexive film, which implicated both the filmmakers and the audience in the processes of precarious, invisible labour. It is increasingly recognised as a key work of the 1970s and as an important precursor, in both subject matter and form, to current political art practice.

The screening will be followed by a panel discussion with film co-director Humphry Trevelyan, and people currently involved in researching and campaigning for better working conditions for night cleaners. This event is organised and hosted by Ana Laura Lopez de la Torre, the current holder of the Southwark Studio Residency, an award supported by ACME Studios, Southwark Council and the South London Gallery. The event is the last public event of her residency, and it has been funded by Peckham Programme for Celebrating Women 2009, with support from Lux and Area 10.

Bookings and enquiries:
Tel: 07817 654 468
Travel: Old paper mill situated to the back of Peckham Library
Buses: 12, 36, 37, 63, 78, 436, 345, 177, 312, 343 / Train: Peckham Rye Station

<*Energy Cafe Winter calendar*>

ENERGY COLLEGE – Charge your knowledge!

Four weeks of Informal workshops, demonstrations, cook ups, talks, presentations on site at Energy Cafe: The Field Station over flow car park, Gunpowder Park, Sewardstone Road, Waltham Abbey, EN9
for more details and to let us know you’re coming please call:
07791246022 /07947367463. email:
all workshops are FREE! (contributions welcome!)

Saturday  21st February
Magnificent Revolution will run a Bike Power Workshop (4hrs)
12:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Want to make your own emissions-free electricity, independent of fossil fuels and expensive solar arrays and wind turbines?
Magnificent Revolution will help you if you interested in building your own bike powered generator!
You can discover how to use your own bike as part of a small power station, capable of powering computers, stereos, TVs and other small household appliances. This method makes a great use of your bike when you’re not riding it around town. You’ll find out about basic system design, how to asses your loads, generate power, storing your electricity using batteries, converting DC to AC by inverters, controlling and monitoring your power and lot more!
No need to bring anything, apart from enthusiasm, pen and pencil! So, see you there.
Melting Pot Lunch Party – please bring something to add to the pot!
1pm onwards.
Energy Cafe




Now is a perfect time to come together to share our collective creativity, rage, and pride in our cultural identity; to come together for ourselves and look to our future with solidarity and passion. Let’s meet and empower ourselves in our common struggle!


We feel it necessary to meet at a time when those at the top are losing their grip to discuss ways we can work together to change our world from the bottom up. New spaces and opportunities are opening all around us and there is a growing potential for more widespread recognition of the need for autonomous housing action. The threat of eviction and homelessness hangs over more people every day. There are over a billion squatters in the world. Now is the time to build a stronger network of resistance.


This is a callout for all those involved in securing and maintaining squats and autonomous spaces across the UK, and beyond, to meet and discuss issues that affect us all as a community. Following on from the hugely successful national meeting in Leeds last year, and many smaller local gatherings, that have happened throughout the year, this year’s meet up will be in the Bristol area. Please bring your positive energy, enthusiasm and thoughts to share skills and engage in open dialogue.


We hope to discuss ways of strengthening our network in defence of autonomous spaces, share experiences from last year’s day of action and formulate future plans and schemes for creative chaos! The agenda will be decided between us all on Friday evening. Please arrive early if possible to help us create the space. Any comments/ suggestions/ mad ideas please contact


We are writing to show our solidarity with the Cox18 Social Centre in Milan, and to support the  permanent occupation of the space, after the 22-day eviction. We are also writing to support the demonstration which will take place on 28 February, in support of autonomous spaces.

Based on what we have seen on the news and over email lists, we understand the eviction of the Conchetta is part of a wider move to ‘clean up the city’, in preparation for Expo2015. We are experiencing a similar situation in London with the preparations for the 2012 Olympics, not to mention the ongoing gentrification we have experienced for a long time, caused by the expansion of the financial district and the greed of the real estate market. This has accelerated the eviction of social centres, the destruction of street markets, the privatisation of public housing and the surveillance and regulation of urban space.
This situation which is shared by London, Milan, as many other cities in Europe and beyond, makes the need for spaces like the Conchetta Social Centre all the more urgent, because they represent and promote a completely different set of values. We support your attempts to take back the Centre—permanently.

To contact Cox18, email: or

Vi scriviamo per esprimere la nostra solidarieta’ con il Cox18 a Milano, supportando il presidio permanente ed ogni tentativo di re-liberare il “centro”, la libreria Calusca e l’archivio Primo Moroni dopo l’espulsione del 22 Gennaio.

Supportiamo inoltre la manifestazione indetta per il prossimo 28 Febbraio a Milano, contro le logiche securitarie, per l’autogestione e gli spazi sociali.

In base a quello che abbiamo potuto capire attraverso siti di informazione alternativa e mailing list, lo sgombero della Conchetta e’ parte di una strategia piu’ ampia per “ripulire la citta'”, in vista dell’Expo2015.
Qui a Londra affrontiamo una situazione simile, con le preparazioni in vista delle Olimpiadi del 2012, per non parlare dei piani di gentrificazione che da anni colpiscono la citta’, a causa dell’espansione del distretto finanziario e dell’avidita’ del mercato immobiliare. Questo processo ha accellerato lo sgombero di centri sociali, la distruzione di mercati di strada, e la privatizzazione delle case popolari, cosi’ come il controllo e la repressione nello spazio urbano.
Questa situazione, che accomuna Londra e Milano cosi come molte altre metropoli europee rende spazi come il Centro Sociale Conchetta tanto piu’ necessari, proprio perche’ essi promuovono un’insieme di valori differenti da quelli dominanti. Per questo motivo il collettivo del Centro Sociale rampART sostiene i vostri sforzi per riprendere il centro sociale… permanentemente.
Il Collettivo del Centro Sociale rampART – Londra



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