New year and the relaunch of Rampart

Hello and a late welcoming into the year 2009 from everyone at Rampart


rampART 2009 and beyond…

Despite rumours to the contrary, rampART Social Centre and Creative Space is very much alive, well and ready to connect.

We’ve had our problems over the past year, not least because we’ve been preparing for an eviction that hasn’t happened. Bowl Court was amazing but, ultimately, devastating. In its short life it showed us what a social centre can potentially realise but it also took energy and resources away from rampART and left us with a building in dire need of renovation and an exhausted and dissipated collective.

So much for the past. Now for the future…

A renewed rampART collective has been fixing up the building and getting it ready to be a fully functional social centre again. The bailiffs might come tomorrow but we’ve decided to take that chance. In the spirit of the social centres movement and in keeping with all temporary autonomous spaces, we’re living as if the future has already happened. This means that we’re ready to re-open the building for events, meetings, workshops, exhibitions, crash space and anything else that establishes a base for realising a more egalitarian and socially conscious world.

rampART already hosts the London Free School and the Radical Theory Reading Group and is the base for East London Food Not Bombs. We’ve established a rota to ensure better opening times and what we need now is proposals for projects which can make full use of the facilities. We’ve got a large library/meeting room, an even larger hall with a stage and our own PA system, as well as smaller meeting rooms and a well equipped kitchen.

We meet every Monday at 7pm to plan activities and hear proposals. If you need space to realise a project or if you’re already involved in one and want to meet others with the same aims we would love to meet you. Alternatively, if you would like to help run the social centre or would just like to find out more about rampART, come and join us for a cup of tea either at the meeting or at the first of our regular cafe evenings, January 15th 2009, starting at 7pm.

rampART Social Centre and Creative Space, 15-17 Rampart Street, E1 2LA



Weekly cafe/film/info night at Rampart

Here at the Rampart we are establishing a regular cafe/film/info night on Thursdays as part of our new lease of life (not the rental kind obviously). The cafe is intended to be an evening that people can come and run in co-operation with ourselves. Different groups are invited to run the cafe to generate funds and put on films or talks of their own. Contact us to book a slot for the cafe, email

First cafe night is Thursday 15th January which we will be running as our first relaunch event, possibly with films and talks about the ongoing Greek protests, tbc next week.

-= FRIDAY 30 JAN =-

Radical Theory Reading Group

First reading group of 2009 will be Friday, January 30th in the newly repaired and somewhat warmer rampART library (, starting at 6pm.

We’ll be reading Chapter 5, ‘Ideas in Action: Rhizomatics, Radical Democracy and the Power of the Multitude’ from Jeremy Gilbert’s Anticapitalism & Culture and Chapter 6, ‘Ethics, Affinity and the Coming Communities’ from Richard Day’s Gramsci is Dead. Downloads here and here

Blog, as ever, has been updated (
Comments welcome.

-= FRIDAY 6 FEB =-

Crossing Channels 2

No Borders London party and fundraiser for transnational solidarity
more info soon.




LONDON: Protest every day from Monday 5 January to Friday 9 January outside the Israeli Embassy, 5.30-7pm,  High Street Kensington (nearest tube High Street Kensington, out of the station turn right and walk 2 minutes.

From the Palestine Solidarity Committee website

Supported by the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network,

Women in IJAN want to be in touch with Palestinian and Jewish women to organize a joint vigil and speak out against the Israeli mass murder in Gaza.  Please contact IJAN at or 020 7209 4751.

NATIONAL DEMONSTRATION central London : Saturday 10 January.

Stop the Massacre : Israel Out of Gaza

Assemble 12.30pm Speakers Corner, Hyde Park
March to Israeli Embassy, High St Kensington, London


Join a critical mass style bike ride against the invasion of Gaza: meet
at Hyde Park Corner this Friday 9th January 6pm.
Israel’s most recent offensive against Gaza continues – with over 600
Palestinians being killed since it began. Come to show your dissent on two
WHEN: 6PM Friday 9th Jan 2008
WHERE: Hyde Park Corner
BRING: Your bike and your friends.

-= MONDAY 5 – SUNDAY 11 JAN =-

Temporary school of thought

5-11th January 2009

A space where people come together to share knowledge, non-descript skills, tactical imagination, creationism, passive action. a week long event of mutual learning, leftwing bias, free lectures, inert radicalism, workshops, discussion and film screenings.

39A Clarges Mews, Mayfair

Timetable at

if you would like to get involved, host a workshop, show a film, do a talk or throw a brick, get in contact by ringing the house phone

persons_unknown [at]


THE OLYMPICS – What will be left when the Circus leaves town?

Hear speakers, watch film and debate the Olympics at an event on Thursday the 8th of January 6.30 – 8pm at Stratford Circus,

Stratford Circus, Theatre Square, Stratford (opposite Pizza Express)


What will the Olympics mean for the people of East London?

There have been a lot of promises. We’ve been told that the 2012 will create thousands of jobs, hundreds of houses and much needed investment to East London. However, some argue that the Olympics will create a handful of low paid, temporary jobs, worsen the housing crisis in the area and benefit only corporate sponsors and property developers.

The event will hear from a panel of speakers on Olympics issues such as

* Displacement of local people due to increasing housing costs or development.
* The kinds of jobs that will be created
* The impact of heightened policing on communities
* What sports facilities will be provided for local people
* What has and is happening in other Olympic Cities around the world

Speakers Include:

Cara Fisher from the Olympic Resistance Network and Vancouver Anti Poverty Committee who are opposing the 2010 Winter games held in Vancouver.

A representative from Queens Market Newham, to talk about their campaign to save the market from development.

A trade union representative from the Olympic construction site to talk about the reality of Olympic jobs (tbc)

Julian Cheyne ex resident of Clays Lane Housing Co op and member of Games Monitor.

A youth representative from Newham Sixth form college to talk about their views on the Olympics.

Speakers and Films followed by questions and debate.

Access information: The main entrance at Stratford Circus has wide automatic doors to provide easy access for wheelchairs. Lifts give access to all floors. There are wide corridors throughout the venue, to accommodate wheelchair users. Disabled toilets are provided on the ground, level 1 and in the level 2 changing rooms.

Supported by London Coalition Against Poverty / London Social Forum

Sponsored by Newham Sixth Form College


MOVIMIENTOS @ The Salmon & Compass

Thursday 8th January

50 years of Cuban Revolution special with short films, speakers and discussion + special guest DJ

Films Upstairs:
With Or Without Fidel (UK/ Cuba)
Without getting caught up in the romanticism of the Revolution, this RiceNpeas production seeks out the diverse opinions of the Cuban people featuring contributions from leading politicians, intellectuals and dissidents, who debate the future direction of the Island’s now 50 year-old Revolution

Speakers from Cuba Solidarity Campaign, and Derek Wall from the Green Party discuss the challenges facing Cuba politically and environmentally

Pa’lante (Going Forwards) (Cuba)
A film showing the current situation in Cuba, through the lives of different Cubans, in different social situations, each person reflecting and giving his point of view of Cuban politics and daily life on the island. The producer Angelo Quintero will introduce the film.

Music Downstairs:
Guest DJ exclusively from Berlin / Barcelona – Miss Blitz droppin Baile funk bombs, freaky Latin dancefloor breaks, and global beat mash ups guranteed to rip up the dancefloor

+ Resident DJs Cal Jader, Clem George, & Pablo N playing the Movimientos sound of revolutionary Salsa, Cumbia clandestina, urban Latin underground & of course an extra special Cuban selection!!

Salmon and Compass, 58 Penton Street Angel, N1
7pm – 2am / £3 / Donations before 9

-= SUNDAY 11 JAN =-

Sunday Cinema Cafe

Happening at L.A.R.C (London Action Resource Centre) 62 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel, E1 1ES. A relaxed and chilled out atmosphere to watch some rare gems of cinema!!


Come nurse that sunday hangover. Cakes and munch, plenty of tea and great feature film double bills to watch.

Hosted by The Whitechapel Anarchist Group.
For more info:

2:30 “Hitler’s Children” (1943) Dir: Edward Dmytryk
4:00 “It Happened Here” (1965) Dirs: Kevin Brownlow / Andrew Mollo

-= MONDAY 12 JAN =-

Climate Rush Hits Heathrow

Climate Rush invites you to Dinner at Domestic Departures, Terminal 1, Heathrow Airport, on Monday 12th January 2009.

In the spirit of the Suffragettes, we will arrive in Edwardian dress (under a big coat!) with hampers of food to have our picnic. It will take place on the day that the MPs return from their winter holiday.

When the string quartet plays its first note we will reveal our dress and share our food. Hundreds will join us and together we will make history. We have waited too long and been misled too many times. It is time for us to take control and to lead social change.

No Airport Expansion!
No Domestic Flights!
Trains Not Planes!



‘Britain’s dirty role in global mining’

with Roger Moody
Wednesday 14th January – 7pm

Leading mining activist, Roger Moody exposes the role played by the UK government, investors and companies, in promoting mining: one of the world’s most damaging industries. Roger will also be signing copies of his two latest books.

The global ‘credit crisis’ has provide a unique opportunity to transform one of the world’s most damaging industries – as long as we get onto the streets and into the board rooms. So says Roger Moody, a leading mining activist, investigator and author.

As a co-founder of Minewatch International and current managing editor of the Mines and Communities website, Roger has unique experience of researching the impacts of this “hidden” sector and working with affected communities around the world.

In tonight’s talk, he will emphasise specifically the roles played by the UK government, investors and companies, in promoting one of the dirtiest industries on the planet.

Roger will also sign copies of his two latest books:

Rocks & Hard Places: The Globalization of Mining (Zed Books)

‘Moody’s reputation as a fair and judicious critic makes his most recent book a must-read for anyone with a serious interest in the globalization of mining.’- Stuart Kirsch, Associate Professor of Anthropology, University of Michigan

‘Moody brings passion and objectivity to the mining debate’ – Business Standard (India)

The Risks We Run: Mining, Communities and Political Risk Insurance (International Books)

‘Comprehensive, powerfully argued, well informed and thoroughly researched, Roger Moody’s book offers the ultimate statement on the uneasy relationship between mining corporate power and local communities characterised by wealth and technology asymmetry, livelihood struggles and political instability.’ – M. A. Mohamed Salih, Professor of Politics of Development, University of Leiden


Culture (and Cultural Studies) After the Crunch: the End of Neoliberalism?

10.30am-5pm, February 4th, 2009

At Rich Mix, London.

Organised by the Pavis Centre for Cultural and Social Theory, The Open University & the Centre for Cultural Studies Research, University of East London

The crisis of financial markets and the cheap-credit economy is interpreted by many as spelling the end of the 30-year neoliberal regime which has had such profound political, social and material consequences for world culture. Are we now witnessing the opening of a new conjuncture? What might be the social and cultural consequences of emergent forms of re-regulated capitalism? Does the Democratic landslide in the U.S. Presidential election presage an upsurge of progressive political activity -from within and outside government – in the Anglo-Saxon world, as did the elections of 1932 and 1964? Or has the cultural impact of neo-liberalism changed forever the meaning of ‘progressive’ cultural and social forces?

Prof. Tony Bennett (Open University)
Prof. John Clarke (Open University)
Prof. Nick Couldry (Goldsmiths College)
Dr. Jeremy Gilbert (University of East London)
Prof. Lawrence Grossberg (University of North Carolina)
Prof. Mica Nava (University of East London)
Dr. Jason Toynbee (Open University)

Tea, Coffee and Lunch will be provided

For free registration send an email to Fernando D. Rubio:


Rich Mix, London.
35 – 47 Bethnal Green Road
E1 6LA


Tube: Liverpool Street
Buses: 388, 8

Should you have any query please contact Fernando Domínguez Rubio (


We’re looking for someone who would be happy to give regular english classes at the Library House.

52 Knatchbull road (entrance on Burton rd, behind Minet library) SE5 9QY
Nearest tube: Brixton, Oval, Kennington.
Nearest train: Loughborough junction.
Nearest bus: P5 or Brixton road (3/N3, 59, 133/N133, 159/N159, 415. stop:
loughborough road)

==Wednesday 7th jan, 6pm==
#Cafe Marie + Cinema Libre on Palestine#

As usual, there will be some hot drinks and hot food on donation.
This Week ‘Cinema Libre’ presents an evening exploring the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. We encourage all those with something to say on the issue to please come down and share your thoughts with other so we can inspire each other to do something more.

Films include

‘Occupation 101’
A thought-provoking and powerful documentary film on the current and historical root causes of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and US government involvement. ‘Occupation 101’ presents a comprehensive analysis of the facts and hidden truths surrounding the never-ending controversy and dispels many of its long-perceived myths and misconceptions.

The film also details life under Israeli military rule, the role of the United States in the conflict, and the major obstacles that stand in the way of a lasting and viable peace. Unlike any other film produced on the conflict, ‘Occupation 101’ explains the complicated reality with precision storytelling through a series of highly stylized visual edits, and gives audiences a complete context with which to better understand the Israeli-Palestinian debate.

The roots of the conflict are explained with thought-provoking commentaries from leading Middle East scholars, peace activists, journalists, religious leaders and humanitarian workers whose voices have too often been suppressed in American media outlets.

2007 International Beverly Hills Film Festival Winner of the Golden Palm Award (given to the best film in all categories). Winner of the Best Editing Award 2007 New Orleans International Human Rights Film Festival Best Documentary Special Recognition 2006 Artivist Film Festival, Hollywood, CA Winner of the Best Feature Film Award 2006 River’s Edge Film Festival, Paducah, KY Winner of the Best Feature Film Award 2006 DeadCenter Film Festival, Oklahoma City, OK Winner of the Best Documentary Award 2006 East Lansing Film Festival, East Lansing, MI Winner of the Audience Award for Best Documentary 2006 Big Muddy Film Festival, Illinois Winner of the John Michaels Memorial Award (for social justice and human rights)

Plus video reports from various Activists and journalists based in and around the Gaza area
As usual we look forward to hearing your opinions and ideas on this issue

Don’t forget the Library House’s ‘Cafe Marie’ opens its doors at 6pm so feel free to come down earlier for some fantastic home cooked cuisine courtesy of South londons latest autonimous collective.

==Thursday 8th jan, 7-9pm==

the Capoeira lessons will start again, Thursday 7-9pm. Moves and music, its all really good fun! Check out the Capoeira section on our blog:

==Friday 9th jan, 11am==
if you fancy freezing like hell, you can come give a hand gardening on friday morning…

==Friday 9th jan, 8pm==
#Queer Cinema Night#
Welcome to our first Queer Cinema Night of 09!
>From now on, the night will be a monthly night (probably first Friday of the month), but anyone interested in running it more regularly is very welcome to contact us!  :)

For this Friday the 9th, we will be showing a selection of short movies from the London Transgender FilmFestival

USA 2008. Dir: Ali Cotterill. 4min. music video
Fagette is a trans-fabulous Sunday in the park. It’s croquet gone gay, drag-tastic cheerleaders, and synchronized dance, all in an Astroturf wonderland.

AFRICA 2007. Dir : Mathilda Piehl. 30mins
In a backyard in the township of Katlehong a group of young lesbian guys let us ask questions about their lives and how they survive in a sexist, homophobic and often violent surrounding. Through adversities and hardship these young South Africans bear an immense amount of hope and courage.

USA 2005. Dir: Gina Pei Chi 3:00min
Somewhere In Between traces the formation of an Asian girl’s androgynous identity through documenting real life images with first person voice over narration. While the images are showing various public places like churches, playgrounds, washrooms, and clothing stores, the audio is revealing the girl’s experience as being gender bended and her deep concern about the social construction of binary gender roles.

USA 2007/8. Dir: Dean Hamer and Joe Wilson. 5mins
The San Francisco Trans March is both a protest against the violence and discrimination faced by the trans community and a celebration of their strength and spirit. We asked everybody at the march “How do you define your gender?” You may be surprised at the variety of answers. In memory of Gwen Araujo, Ruby Ordenana, Tony “Delicious” Green, Michelle Eddie Lee, Tyra Hunter and all those whose lives are threatened by homophobia and transphobia.

– ONE IN 2000
USA 2006. Dir: Ajae Clearway. 27min
‘One in 2000’ explores intersex lives from a variety of perspectives and diverse voices. It reaches beyond the issues of gender and medical treatment to connect with a wider audience on the topics of family, school, and relationships. This moment in time is an historical crossroads in which doctors around the world are beginning to treat intersex not as a social emergency, but as the complex condition that it is.


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