The Way of the Squat

The Rampart as well as other London alternative spaces, hosted the second event of the London FreeSchool last weekend. The FreeSchool had a great atmosphere and was really good overall with much praise from those attending. Well done to all those involved! Growing in pace, another London FreeSchool event is eagerly anticipated. If you want to get involved to build the momentum and expand the FreeSchool further then get in contact with them through their website:

On the Rampart front we are shedding weary cobwebs for a host-till-we-drop finale (if there ever is a finale with this building!). So as well as putting on events ourselves we still very much encourage yourselves to use the space to do your meetings, events, projects, and so on… This place is still around to the surprise of some of us, and in developing a shift of attitude, in the ‘way of the squat’, we plan to use it till we loose it.

No events scheduled at the Rampart for this weekend but the following weekend (Saturday Dec 6th) sees us host regular cohorts London NoBorders for a benefit party for transnational solidarity between France and UK ( see more at )

And the day after the benefit party (Sunday Dec 7th), we are organising a Rampart/London Social centres open meeting to give a chance for people to get involved in the organising of London Social centres and to take them forward in different directions.

For ideas see:

More info on all this next week.

Crossing Channels
Benefit @ Rampart Social Centre December 2008

for details and updates see:

A NoBorders Benefit for Transnational Solidarity



52 Commercial Road (rock/experimental

# sista zoum (reggea/french hiphop )

# Danny Fontaine & The Horns of Fury ( alternative/progressive/ska )

# onlyjoe ( dub/punk )

# DJ Martin Klang ( electro, breakbeat )

# xtrats ( drum & bass )

more acts tba …


£5/£3 suggested donation at door …

Venue: Rampart Social Centre, Rampart Street, Whitechapel, E1 2LA

read more about whats happening across the Channel at

London NoBorders


Elsewhere Lair


Wednesday 26th November 4pm

WEDNESDAY 26 November 2008 at 4pm
GOLDSMITHS University of London – Warmington Tower 1210

FRIDAY 28 November 2008  at 3pm
QUEEN MARY University of London Physics 602

with:   Steffen Bohm – Paolo Do – Stephen Dunn – Matthew Fuller – Gerard Hanlon – Stefano Harney – Celia Lury – Noortje Marres – Matteo Pasquinelli – Nirmal Puwar – Gigi Roggero – Tiziana Terranova

For a number of weeks in Italy the entire education system – from universities to elementary schools, from students to researchers and from parents to teachers – has been mobilizing. Marches, occupations, demonstrations, pickets and blockages of the metropolitan flow have replaced the dreary rhythm of school timetables and university courses. The protests are directed against the new budget cuts implemented by Berlusconi’s government last summer, which seriously undermine the public nature of education and research.

The university movement – self-named the “Anomalous Wave” – acts within a specific context, such as the long crisis and decline of the Italian higher education system. However, it also critically underlines common trends in the transformations affecting the university at the European and transnational level: i.e. the Bologna process, the corporatization of education and the changes of the welfare system, the central role of knowledge in the mode of production, the rise of casualised labor, the emergence of a new type of student-worker figure.

Moreover, one of its key slogans is particularly interesting “We won’t pay for your crisis”. It indicates the critical intersection of a double global crisis: the university crisis and the financial crisis. The rise of a “debt generation” is one of the points at which this intersection is clearly observable. But the movement is also an occasion to formulate a deeper, more complex analysis of this double crisis, in order to allow a debate between different perspectives to topics such as the rise of a global university and its various forms of translation, the conflicts in the process of knowledge production, the role of networks in the education and financial markets.

We will launch the new special issue of ephemera on ” discussing the role of the modern university”
Goldsmiths university of london
edu-factory collective
school of business and management Queen Mary university of london


Wednesday 26th November 6pm

Cinema Libre present ‘Buy Nothing Day’ Part 2

at THE LIBRARY HOUSE. 52 KNATCHBULL ROAD (behind library, junction with Burton rd) CAMBERWELL SE5 9QY

Continuing where we left off, 2 films that present to us ‘the consumer’ the reality of our actions in an  unsustainable economy.

‘Manufactored Landscapes’

Manufactored Landscapes is a feature length documentary on the world and work of renowned artist Edward Burtynsky. Burtynsky makes large-scale photographs of ‘manufactured landscapes’ — quarries, recycling yards, factories, mines, dams. He photographs civilization’s materials and debris, but in a way people describe as “stunning” or “beautiful,” and so raises all kinds of questions about ethics and aesthetics without trying to easily answer them.

The film follows Burtynsky to China as he travels the country photographing the evidence and effects of that country’s massive industrial revolution. Sites such as the Three Gorges Dam, which is bigger by 50% than any other dam in the world and displaced over a million people, factory floors over a kilometre long, and the breathtaking scale of Shanghai’s urban renewal are subjects for his lens and our motion picture camera.

Shot in Super-16mm film, Manufactured Landscapes extends the narrative streams of Burtynsky’s photographs, allowing us to meditate on our profound impact on the planet and witness both the epicentres of industrial endeavour and the dumping grounds of its waste. What makes the photographs so powerful is his refusal in them to be didactic. We are all implicated here, they tell us: there are no easy answers. The film continues this approach of presenting complexity, without trying to reach simplistic judgements or reductive resolutions. In the process, it tries to shift our consciousness about the world and the way we live in it.

View trailer here

Also being Screened


Surplus: Terrorized Into Being Consumers is a 2003 Swedish documentary film on consumerism and globalization, created by director Erik Gandini and editor Johan Söderberg. It looks at the arguments for capitalism and technology, such as greater efficiency, more time and less work, and argues that these are not being fulfilled.

Cinema Libre is also recruiting people for our ‘Buy Nothing Day’ action, so those wishing to join in are advised to pop along and show your support on the night.

The Library house will open its doors at 6pm for their weekly ‘Cafe marie’ so do pop down early for some fantastic food and a chat with those involved in south londons latest autonomous social centre

venue map here –


Friday 28th November 1pm

Picket & other actions for Amey/NPL cleaners

at Amey, 5th Floor, 1 Waterhouse Square, (Leather Lane entrance) London EC1N 2ST

Appeal Dismissed! Protest outside Amey offices in central London against the negative decision on their appeal against their dismissal

1-2pm Meet 12.45pm @ Chancery Lane tube on the Central Line (Grays Inn Road exit)for protest at 1pm at Amey, 5th Floor, 1 Waterhouse Square, (Leather Lane entrance) London EC1N 2ST

Read background story:


Friday 28th November 6pm

Critical Mass London

The London Mass meets at 6.00pm on the last Friday of every month on the South Bank under Waterloo Bridge, by the National Film Theatre.

The London monthly rides started in April 1994. It isn’t just for cyclists, sometimes there are wheelchairers, skateboarders, roller bladers, roller skaters and other self-propelled people. Cycle sound systems often play music on the ride.


Climate Bike Ride.
6th December 2008. Assemble 10.30am at Lincolns Inn Fields, arriving at 12.30pm at Grosvenor Square to join the March.


Friday 28th November 9.30pm

International Solidarity Movement Benefit Gig

Benefit Gig, for International Solidarity Movement, Palestinian led resistance to Occupation Aparthied and Ethnic Cleansing.

Benefit Gig this friday at the London and Brighton squatted pub, 139 Queens Road, Peckham, SE15 2ND

Live bands, Wolf and Only Joe. DJ, xRats. Doors from 9.30, music from 10, entry £3.00


Saturday 29th November

Buy Nothing Day

Celebrated in more than 40 countries worldwide, this is an event where anyone can take part, provided they buy nothing all day. The message is simple: shop less, live more. Buy Nothing Day also exposes the ecological and ethical consequences of consumerism. The developed countries that make up only 20% of the world population are consuming over 80% of the Earth’s natural resources, causing a disproportionate level of environmental damage and unfair distribution of wealth

TopShop SwapShop – This Saturday with the Hijackers – Buy Nothing Day Action
2pm Sat 29th November – Topshop Oxford Street
Credit Crunch!

Ladies and Gentlemen we are proud to announce the restyling fashion mash-up event of the year! In the light of the current economic crisis and the outrage over the sweatshop conditions that most high street brands make their clothes in, the swapshop is your chance to re-vamp your wardrobe with a free conscience! Leaping away from the drudgery of big corporate fashion with it’s dodgy business practices and spend spend spend attitude, the Topshop swapshop takes fashion back to it’s roots.

Simply turn up at TOPSHOP on Oxford Street wearing an outfit you wish to upgrade, then on the stroke of 2, marvel as hundreds of fashion moguls offer to trade your clothes with you.

Fancy that girls jumper? Why not offer to swap your belt for it? That boy’s hat is to die for, how about a trade for your jeans? Nice skirt, fancy trading my t-shirt for it?

After a hectic re-working of your look you can then walk proudly back onto the streets of London town with a new wardrobe and not having spent a single penny.

You can buy lots of clothes but you can’t buy style.


The above event is in no way supported or condoned by TopShop. Any similarity to any brand living or dead is merely coincidental.


Saturday 29 November 4pm

Capitalist Decline, Financial Crisis & Revolutionary Prospects

A talk by Hillel Ticktin – organised by Mute

Hillel Ticktin’s reinterpretation of Marx’s ideas enabled him to foresee the disintegration of Soviet Stalinism years before it occurred. Since then he has argued that capitalism itself is in a state of inexorable decline. During the 20th century, world wars, reformism, Stalinism and recently the credit boom successfully maintained capitalism by keeping the working class passive. But does the end of the credit boom mark the end of capitalism’s survival strategies? Will the coming recession spark a new working class movement? Come and join the debate.

The Whitechapel Centre
85 Myrdle St
London, E1
Nearest tubes: Whitechapel & Aldgate East

For a variety of views on the crisis see:
and Mute Vol 2 #6 – Living in a Bubble: Credit, Debt and Crisis

More info: +44 (0)20 7377 6949


Saturday 29th November


Dissident Island presents a night of Dub, Dubstep, DnB and more

Tempa/ Wonderland/ Hotfush


Total Niceness

DJ Dirt

Dissident Island/

La Etnia
Wireless fm

plus the mighty Dissident Island Djs

£3 quid donation.
Benefit for the Anarchist Bookfair and Dissident Island Radio

10pm onwards in the London & Brighton, Asylum rd, Peckham SE15 – beside
Queen’s Road Peckham station


Further events at The Library House


Autonomous space in Camberwell/Brixton London

Address: 52 Knatchbull road (entrance on Burton rd, behind Minet library) SE5 9QY
Nearest tube: Brixton, Oval, Kennington.
Nearest train: Loughborough junction.
Nearest bus: brixton road (3/N3, 59, 133/N133, 159/N159, 415. stop: loughborough road)

Thursday 27th november 7pm
Our regular Capoeira lesson, every thursday 7pm. Come and play!

Saturday 29th november 11am
Meet at the library house at 11am to go in the streets for the buy nothing day
we’re planning on giving free vegetables in front of supermarkets, having a free shop, handing out leaflets. Probably on bikes and trailers to be mobile!

Tuesday 2nd December 9pm
Meeting of the Library House collective
Come along to get involved, propose events, be part of the project or just have a cuppa and some food  :)

Wednesday 3rd december 6pm
Cafe Marie + Movie Cinema Libre
Every wednesday from 6pm, we have our Cafe Marie with hot food and hot drinks, and a film at about 8pm!

Thursday 4th december 6-7pm
Italian lesson

Thursday 4th december 7-9pm
Our regular Capoeira lesson, every thursday 7pm. Come and play!

Friday 5th december 8pm
Queer movie night
We’ll let you know which movie asap!

Sunday 7th december 3pm
Knitting Workshop
bring your own fabric, needles, crochets, textile or whatever you’d like to work on!


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