Unwelcome visitors – help on standby

Rampart newsletter 28th October 2008

A small number of police broke down the front door and entered the Rampart today. They searched people for drugs and photographed them as well as the barricades and the building itself. They explained their actions saying that it is because the area is a high-risk drugs area. This is unfortunately true of the street but we are concerned that this may be related to our eviction as well. They entered the Rampart without a warrant and then left after they had photographed. This was NOT an eviction attempt.

Difficult right now to say what it means in relation to an eviction, but on the side of caution, we are asking people to come to the Rampart tonight (Tues 28th) to stay over to defend the building and help with barricades for what might be an early morning eviction. We will also need people to assist outside if the time comes so send us your mobile number to be informed. There will be a hearty breakfast for the brave.

As ever your patience and understanding on this is very much appreciated.

On a positive note, we still have events lined up should we still be around and it is always good to see yourselves at them.



— Events coming up at the Rampart —


-~ FRIDAY 31ST OCT – 6pm ~-

Radical Theory Reading Group

Hello and welcome, again, to new members. Next Reading Group will be on Friday, October 31st. Given that rampART is currently under threat of eviction, venue remains uncertain but I will mail updates regularly. We’re doing lit crit (sort of) this month. We’ll be reading William Burroughs’ ‘The Cut Up Method of Brion Gysin’ (available here http://www.brainwashed.com/h3o/dreamachine/cut-up.html) and two short extracts from Cities of the Red Night available for download here http://www.box.net/shared/a77dl9y3xy. For those of you who have/want to buy the book, the chapters are ‘Politics Here is Death’ (book 1) and ‘Cities of the Red Night’ (book 2) – or all of it if you have the time and inclination. No linear narratives here so don’t worry about how the extracts fit with the ‘story’ (there isn’t one or there may be many). I’ve updated the blog http://radicaltheoryreadinggroup.blogspot.com. Please feel free to comment.

-~ SATURDAY 1ST NOV – 9pm to 2am ~-



Djs to include Slauka, Catnip, Kalina and other guests to be confirmed playing Reggae, dubstep, electro and eclectic tunes. Special live band to be confirmed, super reggae or outerspace funk-punk


9-2am £4 suggested donation

Raising funds for Habiba International Women and Youth Affairs in Kenya

A mix of great music and cosy vibes.

-~ WEDNESDAY 5TH NOV – 7pm ~-

THE ANOMALOUS WAVE: projections and debate on the Italian student protests

Tens of Italian universities under occupation, hundreds of high schools blocked, thousands of students in the streets. The school reform proposed by the minister of education Maria Stella Gelmini has ignited the biggest wave of student protest in Italy since the 70s. The reform which entails severe cuts to the Italian public education system has managed to do what no other policy of the new Berlusconi’s cabinet had managed to do: mobilising a tamed opposition and opening breaches in a public opinion which during the last two years has been effectively seduced by the artful media mogul and politician.

The event will comprise a series of videos about the protests and open debate.

More information next newsletter.

-~ WEDNESDAY 7TH NOV – 9pm ~-

Dissident Island Radio

Our next show happens on November 7th and is going to be a ‘Crime and Punishment’ special. We’ll be looking at prison, prisoners, and the way the law is structured as well as various alternatives to the status quo. More details coming soon…

You know you can’t miss it…. Friday at 9pm…. Safe

-~ FRIDAY 14TH NOV – 7pm ~-

You are invited to

Technology, Creativity and Capitalism

A short seminar and long party with Debra Shaw and Jeremy Gilbert

Marking the recent publication of
Technoculture: The Key Concepts by Debra Benita Shaw
Anticapitalism and Culture: Radical Theory and Popular Politics by Jeremy Gilbert

Friday November 14th 2008 7:00pm

RampArt social centre
15-17 Rampart Street, E1 2LA (near Whitechapel, off Commercial Road)

If RampArt has been evicted then we will relocate to London Action Resource Centre, 62 Fieldgate Street, E1 1ES

Presented by the Centre for Cultural Studies Research University of East London


The London FreeSchool is planning another event for November to include free workshops, skill-sharing and discussion on various topics.

Workshops that have already been suggested are as follows;

Class Politics and Climate Change
Clothes Making
Workshop of Nothing continued
Gender and Autonomous Spaces continued
Fanzine / DIY publishing
Urban Permaculture

If you would like to go to or help facilitate any of the above then please email us (deschooling_society@lists.riseup.net) so we have an idea of numbers.
Only the ones that people have expressed interest in will go ahead. Also, email us if you would like to organise a workshop or discussion with a brief description, how long you think you will need, if you require any special equipment/tools etc.

Keep checking the website from now onwards for more information on what is planned for the weekend and sign up to the newsletter at https://lists.riseup.net/www/info/londonfreeschool to receive updates.


— Events elsewhere: ———


-~ WEDNESDAY 29TH OCT – 7.30pm ~-

London: Price Reduction Campaign – We won’t pay for their crisis

7.30pm Wednesday 29th October
Upstairs at the Cock Tavern Pub
Corner of Chalton Street and Phoenix Road
London NW1
[the pub will be fairly busy due to football, so better get their early]

Please spread the word widely, there are some inspiring ideas being circulated and some momentum to make this happen. From the informal discussions at the @ bookfair it was hoped that this initiative grows beyond London and similar groups are formed to build towards a co-ordinated day of action in December.

The idea of Price Reduction is born out of the need to express the antagonisms which exist by an increasingly unaffordable existence and the rise in commodity prices. This is an antagonism which we face whenever we buy and consume the food, services, rents, culture, entertainment. Price Reduction is aimed at
being a social and creative action which will take many forms. A way of politically articulating a means of action, to give confidence to those who are struggling to make ends meet and a way which we start to recompose an offensive class movement against the extremities of the credit crunch.

Come to contribute, discuss and get ready to participate!

Contact email: pricereductioncampaign@riseup.net
Join the facebook group: Price Reduction Campaign – We won’t pay for their crisis (http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=59350085760)

-~ FRIDAY 31ST OCT – 6pm ~-

Halloween Critical Mass

Dress up and meet at 6.00pm on the South Bank under Waterloo Bridge, by the National Film Theatre.

-~ FRIDAY 31ST OCT – 5pm to midnight ~-

Dancing on the Grave of Capitalism!

In the Heart of the Evil Empire, slap bang in the middle of the Finance Capital District
A Stones’ Throw from Canary Wharf Tube Station (though NO stones will be thrown – only or voices, spells, music, songs, poetry and laughter)
On the pavement outside Lehman Brothers European Headquarters

Address: 25 Bank Street, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5LE


What if the rotting corpses of Reclaim the Streets, the Liverpool Dockers’ Dispute, and numerous Anti-Roads Protests arose to celebrate the Death of Capitalism with a Ghoulish, Trick or Treat, Family-Friendly, Sambasista, Mass Street Party? What if the Four Horsefolk of the Anti-Capitalist Apocalypse – Anarchist, Communist, EcoWarrior & Revolution – rode out to join in the chaotic mayhem fun?

This is a formal invitation to all you witches and wizards to be with us in full costume for a solemn mortuary ritual.
Dancing on the Grave of Capitalism!
Hallowe’en, Fri 31 Oct 08 17:00 – midnight.
Bring magic wands. Ceremony starts on first appearance of new moon.


-~ SATURDAY 1ST NOV – 2pm to 5pm ~-

Building the anti-prison movement in the UK

at London Activist Resource Centre (LARC) 62 Fieldgate St, Whitchapel, London E1 1ES

We are living in a time of global mass incarceration. Prisons are overflowing, imprisonment rates are skyrocketing and prison costs are spiraling out of control. ASBOs, increased surveillance and “anti-terrorism” laws are rolling back civil rights and fostering cultures of punishment and control. New prisons are about to be built in the UK and abroad, with private companies reaping enormous profits while poor people, migrants, people of colour, women, queer and trans folk, children, youth, and people with mental health issues and disabilities are disproportionately locked up, punished and subjected to severe violence and abuse.

Despite these trends, prisons have failed to make our communities safer.
Prisons have failed to protect our neighbourhoods from harm and have failed to meet the needs of those who experience violence and abuse. Prisons have instead fostered more violence and oppression, including racism, classism, sexism, colonialism, homophobia, transphobia and ableism. With the government and private business about to embark on an enormous prison building spree, including construction of three massive “Titan” prisons, the time to act is now.

We are calling on prisoners, ex-prisoners, family members of prisoners, feminists, anti-racist activists, queer and trans folk, people of colour, migrants, poor communities, over-policed communities, border activists, anti-violence activists, mental health advocates, disability activists, harm-reduction advocates, anti-capitalists, anti-globalization activists, labour organizers and anyone concerned about social justice issues to join in and help to shape a new struggle against prisons in the UK.

This preliminary strategy meeting aims to identify broadly shared goals, develop plans for action and begin outreach strategies that will work towards the goal of eliminating the violence, harm and injustice of prisons. We want to build a broader movement to end incarceration and detention, and create healthy
communities built on social justice.

Some possible ideas:

facilitating regional and UK-wide networking meetings – to connect folks currently working on prison issues and related struggles

organizing a Prisoners Justice Film Festival

launching a Direct Action Campaign to Stop the proposed Titan prisons

Listening to Prisoners Voices event: sharing audio recordings of prisoners on the inside talking about their experiences and their struggles

starting a Queer/Trans Prisoners Penpal Group – to connect queer/trans communities across prison walls

organizing prison-abolition workshops that link up with other related struggles, such as border/migration issues, poverty, addictions, violence, labour issues, education and environment

If you are unable to attend this meeting but are interested in getting involved, please get in touch. This is just a preliminary organizing meeting and it will be followed by other strategy meetings, events and actions
throughout the UK.

For more info, contact: building.safe.communities@gmail.com


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