Rampart – Not evicted

Rampart & Ex-Bowl Court newsletter 7th October 2008

Rampart lives on, no sign of eviction

Hey! It looks like we’re still here. No eviction, no nothing.

It may have been a case of a false alarm, but still it got us getting our ‘house in order’. Eviction phone tree, preparations, and fallbacks, was something we had to get going on anyway. So not to say that we know the warning to be wrong, but that the situation it has presented us with, has always been the case. Running a social centre in a squatted space has meant that our circumstances could always change with little warning.

What this all really means is that it’s back to business for the Rampart! The Rampart is as precarious as ever! We’re still accepting new event proposals as well as developing our defences and backup spaces. As it should be!

Minus the old twitter service, so we need to gather people’s numbers for an eviction alert phone list. Send us your number and we’ll message you when we need people to fill the building and scare away bailiffs..


— Coming up at the Rampart —



Occupied London benefit

Benefit for the Occupied London journal, the Occasional Anarchist Journal of Theory and Action from the Capital of Capital.
Bands and DJs,
more info next week.

-~ FRIDAY 17TH OCT – 9pm ~-

Dissident Island Radio


Dissident Island Radio focuses on environmental and social campaigns as well as issues that are relevant to anti-authoritarian people and groups. With activist news, reports about actions and happenings, recipes, plays and DJs we give you all you need to keep informed, entertained and thinking. Broadcasting from the London social centre scene on the first and third Friday of every month, and are also available for download. Check it!

-~ SATURDAY 18TH OCT – 7pm to 2am ~-

Benefit gig/party after Anarchist Bookfair

Hunt Sab benefit:

Hot Food, Bands, Dj’s, excellent lineup…5 mins from bookfair, starting at 7 till late. Line-up to be announced. Come drink talk and party!

Ramp@rt, Rampart St, off Commercial Road, short walk or number 25 Bendy bus;)

-~ FRIDAY 31ST OCT – 6pm ~-

Radical Theory Reading Group

Hello and welcome, again, to new members. Next Reading Group will be on Friday, October 31st. Given that rampART is currently under threat of eviction, venue remains uncertain but I will mail updates regularly. We’re doing lit crit (sort of) this month. We’ll be reading William Burroughs’ ‘The Cut Up Method of Brion Gysin’ (available here http://www.brainwashed.com/h3o/dreamachine/cut-up.html) and two short extracts from Cities of the Red Night available for download here http://www.box.net/shared/a77dl9y3xy. For those of you who have/want to buy the book, the chapters are ‘Politics Here is Death’ (book 1) and ‘Cities of the Red Night’ (book 2) – or all of it if you have the time and inclination. No linear narratives here so don’t worry about how the extracts fit with the ‘story’ (there isn’t one or there may be many). I’ve updated the blog http://radicaltheoryreadinggroup.blogspot.com. Please feel free to comment.


— Events elsewhere: ———


-~ WEDNESDAY 8TH OCT – 6pm ~-

Café Marie Wed 6pm. Library House (Camberwell)

Our First café a the Library House, the new autonomous space in South London (Camberwell): A free café with hot drinks, food, hopefully cakes and free vegetables to give away!

Library House
52 Knatchbull road (behind library, junction with Burton rd)


The Library House

Very near Myatts Fields and not far from Loughborough Junction station, the Library House stands right behind Minet Library (and it looks like it used to be part of the library services but left empty?).

It is run by a group of local south londoners that are currently fixing it up and already dreaming and preparing events. It aims to be an open house for the local community, and right now lots of work is going on, specially to sort out the electricity.

-~ SATURDAY 11TH OCT – 1pm ~-

Freedom not Fear

In London: Assemble 1pm at New Scotland Yard, with pots, pans and other stuff to make some noise!!


A broad movement of campaigners and organizations is calling on everybody to join action against excessive surveillance by governments and businesses. On 11 October 2008, concerned people in many countries will take to the streets, the motto being “Freedom not fear 2008”. Creative action, from protest marches to parties, will take place in many capital cities.

Call to mass action Saturday 11th October against the surveillance state in
solidarity with activists all around the world.


-~ WEDNESDAY 15TH OCT – 10am to 6pm ~-


The difference and repetition of James Brown

A Symposium
in the Centre for Cultural Studies Research
University of East London
Docklands Campus

October 15th 2008
10:00am – 1pm Room EBG.06
3pm – 6pm Room WB1.01

Dhanveer Singh Brar Goldsmiths College
Anne Danielsen author of ‘Presence and Pleasure: the Funk Grooves of James Brown and Parliament’
Jeremy Gilbert  co-author ‘Discographies: Dance Music Culture and the Politics of Sound’
Steve Goodman (Kode9) University of East London
Julian Henriques Goldsmiths College
Tim Lawrence author of ‘Loves Saves the Day: A History of American Dance Music Culture, 1970-79’
John Scannell Macquarie University
Ashwani Sharma University of East London
Simon Zagorski-Thomas London College of Music

Attendance is free of charge
To register email J.Gilbert@uel.ac.uk

-~ THURSDAY 16TH OCT – 7pm ~-

City Mine(d) MICRONOMICS and PRECARE prepatory meeting

On 16 October 2008, City Mine(d) starts preparing the next activities of MICRONOMICS and PRECARE in London. We would like to invite you to take part in the preparatory MEETING, to contribute your ideas, or to come listen to how you could get involved. We want to prepare a public event in November which will consist of the Wafflebank and contributions from initiatives from London and several other European cities. 16 October is an opportunities to propose ideas, hear ideas form others, or just find a project you want to contribute to.

MICRONOMICS explores and develops the potential of urban intitiatives which,  through the content of their work or the way in which they are organised, create new opportunities in the economy. By means of workshops and projects in public spaces these intitiatives are brought in contact with each other and the public is made aware of their existence. This allows them to strengthen each other and clarifies their position in the economy. MICRONOMICS seeks to put the potential of these creative initiatives on the public agenda. .

PRECARE supports an emerging network of urban projects in negotiations for temporary use of buildings. It exchanges, facilitates and attracts positive potential within neighbourhoods suffering from disused real estate by offering creative work-space and start up possibilities. PRECARE has been running in Brussels since 1999 and is currently in test phase in Barcelona, Milan and London.

You are invited to
on 16 October 2008
to start at 7pm
[place to be confirmed]

and the programme:
1. a short presentation of  MICRONOMICS & PRECARE
-what’s the plan
-where we are now
-help we need
2. what is the PUBLIC EVENT about
3. [what] can you  contribute?
4. MICRONOMICS???? [or other ideas to tilt over the already tanking economy]
5. network, network, network

City Mine(d)

-~ SATURDAY 18TH OCT – 10am to 7pm ~-

Anarchist Bookfair 2008

This year’s Anarchist Bookfair will be on Saturday 18th October from 10am to 7pm

We are back at Queen Mary & Westfield College again this year, which is on the Mile End Road, London, E1, close to Mile End and Stepney Green Tubes. If you are coming by public transport the following buses stop near the college on Mile End Road: 25; 205; 339.

If you are coming by tube the two nearest stations are Mile End (central line / Hammersmith & City line or District line) or Stepney Green (Hammersmith & City line or District line). From Mile End tube come out of station and turn left. Walk along Mile End Road until you get to Harford Street and entrance to venue is opposite Harford Road. From Stepney Green tube come out of station and turn left. Walk along Mile End Road and venue entrance is on your left opposite Harford Road.

-~ SUNDAY 19TH OCT – 3pm ~-

New Feminist Group For All Genders

meeting at the London Action Resource Centre (LARC, 62 Fieldgate Street, E1 1ES) on Sunday 19th October at 3pm.

The London Profeminist Men’s Group has been meeting for more than 9 months now. For us, the experience of meeting together as men has been very positive, especially in terms of deconstructing our role in patriarchy as oppressors, understanding how we became men, mutual support and raising our consciousness.

Members of the group have decided that we would like to start a brand new gender discussion group open to people of all genders. At this point we feel we’d like to create:

• A constructive dialogue about gender politics between people of all genders which has a clearly feminist perspective.
• A group which takes the feminist principle “the personal is political” seriously and aims to create a space where we can talk openly about our own experiences of gender, of perpetuating oppression and of being oppressed.
• A group in which we would support each of us both in our individual struggles with our gender conditioning and in our political activism.

The possibilities for this group are pretty much endless, so why not get involved and help shape what the group will do and how it will work.

Please do get in contact if you’re interested (newfeministgroupforallgenders@googlemail.com) and come along to our first meeting at the London Action Resource Centre (LARC, 62 Fieldgate Street, E1 1ES) on Sunday 19th October at 3pm. Oh, and tell all your friends!

The men’s group will continue to meet, probably on the weeks in between the gender inclusive meetings. The group can be contacted on londonprofeministmensgroup@gmail.com, or check out the blog, londonprofeministmensgroup.blogspot.com

-~ SATURDAY 25TH OCT – 3pm ~-

Food Not Bombs Café.

Saturday 25th of October, 3pm to 8pm, at the London Action Resource Centre (LARC, 62 Fieldgate Street, E1 1ES).

Don’t miss the Food Not Bombs cafe of Saturday the 25th of October – a vegan cafe with coffe, tea, hot chocolate, cakes… We’ll also have some film showing, and might just add some skipping info-sharing in there too !



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