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16 September 2008

The Free School continues, with an upcoming fundraiser party on the 27th, and another session in November planned. Check out

We start off this weekend with parties for Naked Punch and the Behind Bars collective, Dissident Island radio show,  with a film screening by Joanne Richardson and the Radical Theory Reading Group next week.

///Friday, 19th September 7:30-1///

///Naked Punch Cabaret Launch Party for issue 11///

Naked Punch is pleased to invite you all (at short notice) to Naked Punch Launch Party for issue 11!

The event will be held this Friday, 19th September. Doors will open at 7.30 pm and we will keep going until 1ish and later.

In the best tradition of Naked Punch, we will present an eclectic programme (see below) made up of film screenings, musical performances, video art, bands and DJ’s.

Entry is suggested at £3.

15, rampart street, E1 2LA

Featured Bands:
DJ: Semionaut

Video/Cinema room…short play…

Also, the new issue is out:
Naked Punch 11 features an extensive Dossier on looking at the meaning and usefulness of art and poetry in particular. With articles by Simon Crithcley on the poetry of Fernando Pessoa and Hilary Lawson asks ‘what is the Poetic Strategy capable of delivering? Also in the issue a second part of our Dossier on Global Economic Imaginaries, featuring essays by Daniel Hjorth and Chris Steyaert and Ronen Palan. Arundhati Roy, author of God of Small Things, explains genocides – old and new. The issue features poems by Amiri Baraka and the def jam poet Suheir Hammad.

///Friday, 19th September 9-11PM///

///Dissident Island radio show///

This week’s show will feature an update on the changes to the Dutch squatting laws, and a piece on academy schools and the privatisation of education with comments from the IWW and participants from the Wembley Tent City. On Dissident Island Disks we’ll be joined by someone from HacktionLab and we’ll have a bit of dubstep to finish off the night.

Check it!

///Saturday 20th September///

///Fundraiser Party for the Behind Bars Collective///

the Behind Bars Collective presents the



.. The  MERCEDES 309D White & Black Van, which we used to organise events such Behind Bars, QueerBash, Q&A Cafe and much much more… stolen.
So before the next Behind Bars (An occasional queer squat party extravaganza taking place again next October to benefit the Anarchists Against the Wall Collective in Israel / Palestine) – we are doing a one off DJ benefit to raise money for more wheels
So Come Join the Queer Car -a-Van!
Ramparts 9pm to 2am

///Thursday, 25th September, 8pm///

///Screening:Two or Three Things about Activism by Joanne Richardson///

Two or Three Things about Activism (73 min, 2008) is a counter-documentary based on a distinction once made by Godard between making a political film (a film about a political struggle) and making film politically. Making film politically means questioning the dominant forms of producing images and sounds and one’s own complicity in this system. While 13 protagonists, from anarchist groups and environmentalists to NGOS, discuss activism in Romania and its historical context, the voiceover reflects the motivations behind the video.
Two or Three Things about Activism begins with a richness of sound and image, but becomes increasingly bare and fragmented, preventing an easy identification. The form contributes to the goal: in a Romanian context in which activism is weak and made up of isolated groups, the video hopes to become a tool for self-reflection, asking activists to see their own position from the point of view of the others. It doesn’t represent Romanian activism, but tries to intervene in it from the inside, to provoke change.

“It was the beginning or middle of 2007. We traveled across Romania, to make a film about activism. Who is this we? The obvious beginning would be to confess our ideologies. But the obvious is always too simple. You wanted to make an objective document. My motivation was more subjective. It began from a failure. A five-year failure of activism. I wanted to believe the failure was not mine, but the failure of the context.” (voiceover)

Two or Three Things about Activism is part of Commonplaces of Transition, a collaborative video project between D Media (Romania), Ak-Kraak (Germany), Interspace (Bulgaria) and K:SAK (Moldova). The project has produced 8 videos on themes including the remapping of borders, the transformation of labour and the evolution of activism. [Joanne Richardson will present other videos that are part of the project on Sept 24 at Mute.]

Joanne Richardson is living and working in Cluj (Romania) as a theorist, artist and program director of D Media (, a media art NGO. She is the editor of Subsol (, a webzine on activist art and media theory, and of two books: Anarchitexts: Voices from the Global Digital Resistance (Autonomedia, NY, 2003) and Geert Lovink: Cultura Digitala (Idea Press, Romania, 2004). She has written essays on the radical left, the Situationists, experimental film, video activism, tactical media, net culture, free software, the myth of authorship and copyleft. Her videos reflect an ongoing interest in globalization, nationalism and postcommunism, and manifest a critical perspective toward the status of documents, history and memory.

///Friday, 26th September, 6-8pm///

/// Radical Theory Reading Group///

Hello and welcome to new members.
For those of you who haven’t been to the group before, the format is that we all do the reading beforehand (well, most of us do!) and then discuss it at the meeting. Readings are always either available on the www or made available as downloads. Readings are chosen on an ad hoc basis and usually are suggestions for continuing themes that emerge from each month’s discussion. Anyone can propose a reading.

This month’s meeting is on Friday, September 26th, starting at 6pm in the library at rampART. We’ll be reading Mackenzie Wark’s ‘Hacker Manifesto’ (version 4), available here (there is another site which is more printer friendly but currently seems to be inaccessible. Try a Google search but make sure you get version 4. Other versions are longer).

Look forward to seeing you all there.

///Saturday, 27th September///

///Free School fundraiser party///

Bands, DJs and more. Stay tuned.

About the London Free School:
Modern mainstream British education is full of hierarchy, inequality and commercialism. London Free School aims to provide an alternative! The Free School stems from the idea that education should be community controlled, free and open to all. We’re planning a London Freeschool weekend with in november.

For more info check the website:

or email

Stuff elsewhere


///Wednesday, 17th September///


Urgent call to action – solidarity with Bolivia and Venezuela

The recent US-backed destabilisation attempts and coup plots in Bolivia and Venezuela require urgent action from us – we are holding a picket of the US Embassy this Wednesday, then a meeting afterwards at the NUJ headquarters in King’s Cross. Full details below. For more information on recent developments in venezuela see:
Please try and make these events if you can, action here is vitally important!

Defend the Bolivian and Venezuelan revolutions! No to coup plotting, no to US interference!

Picket of the US embassy
Wednesday, September 17 from 4 to 6 pm
24 Grosvenor Square, London, W1A 2LQ

Public meeting from 7pm
NUJ headquarters, 308 Grays Inn Road, London WC1X 8DP

Speakers: Maria Beatriz Souviron (Bolivian ambassador), Jeremy Dear (NUJ), John McDonnell (MP) and Félix Plasencia (Venezuelan embassy).

Called by the Bolivia Solidarity Campaign and Hands Off Venezuela. Supported by the Movement of Ecuadorians in the UK, Colombia Solidarity Campaign and Global Women’s Strike.

///Thursday, 18th September///

///Rising Tide : Film and Discussion night @ LARC///

LRT are having a Film and Discussion night based around the idea that capitalism is the problem, not the solution. So, get your anti-capitalist shoes on and come down to LARC on Thursday 18th September.

Ever wondered what it’s like to be part of the Social Justice Climate Change Direct Action Network that is Rising Tide?

Ever wanted to work with people who think a system based on capital and the ravages of the market is the cause of the problem, not the solution?

Just come along to the London Rising Tide New people’s film and discussion night, this Thursday 18th September at the London Action Resource Centre (LARC) at 7.30pm, and we’ll see if we agree!

It’s a short walk from Whitechapel,Aldgate and Aldgate East Tube stations, on the corner of Fieldgate Street (No.62) and Parfett Street E1 1ES.

ps : there will be cake!!!

///Friday 19th September 7pm @ Housmans///

///The Necessity of Permaculture with Graham Burnett///

“History is littered with societies that over exploited their resources, they are all now extinct. We are rapidly moving to the same situation. By designing rationally however, we can set up the systems we need for good living in such a way that they don’t destroy or pollute. Permaculture is the most coherent system yet devised.”- Steve Reed, Permaculture designer and teacher.

What is Permaculture? Why do we need Permaculture? What are Permaculture ethics and the principles of working with nature’s patterns? What are the Basics of the Permaculture design process? What are concepts such as Zones, sectors, edge, stacking and succession, and how they can work for us? How can you use Permaculture practically in your life, home, garden, land or community, whatever your situation?

Experienced permaculture practitioner, designer and teacher, Graham Burnett will be providing all the answers. His latest booklet on the subject ‘Permaculture, a Beginners Guide’ will encourage you to apply it’s ethics and principles of sustainability and working with, rather than against, nature to your land (whether it’s a window box or a 1000 hectare farm), your community and your life.

Housmans Bookshop
5 Caledonian Road
King’s Cross
London N1 9DX
Tel: 020 7837 4473

Free entry
Nearest tube: King’s Cross

///Tuesday, September 23rd 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm///

/// Social Ecology London Study Group @ LARC///

A study/action group meeting every Tuesday at 6:30pm at LARC in Whitechapel. We’re examining genuine democratic alternatives to capitalism, such as libertarian socialism, communalism, social anarchism and participatory economics. As well as wanting a more just society we feel that it is impossible to tackle ecological issues while ignoring the social context that created them.

///LCAP News and upcoming meetings///

Monthly admin meeting – Thursday 18th September, 7.30pm
Highbury Roundhouse (Highbury & Islington) We talk about how to keep LCAP ticking over – website, bulletins, money, publicity, etc.

Casework meeting – Thursday the 25th of September 7.30 pm same venue as above

Leaflet Homeless persons units !
Any spare time in the day? There are regular sessions giving out leaflets which detail peoples rights to make homeless applications, please email back if you would like come and help. Sessions last from an hour to two, and can be on Monday, Tuesday. Thursday or Friday between 9am and 4pm, as that is when the Hackney homeless office is open, although if you would rather leaflet in a different area just say. All welcome.
Email and we will make sure you are paired with someone to leaflet with.

LCAP office:
We now have an LCAP Office (in the same building as Freedom books/ASS) which we hoping to open by the beginning of October.

To make it work, we need to have people to staff the office. A good start would be to have it open for a few hours three days a week, with two LCAP members on each shift. Initially, this is likely to be to give support to people doing LCAP Direct Action Casework, take calls and to do casework allocations – the tasks of the newly-formed casework collective. Get in touch if you are interested in joining the casework collective – it doesn’t matter if you haven’t had experience of casework as you can be paired with someone more experienced. The notes from the first meeting of the casework collective are attached to this email. If you are interested in staffing the office but not in the casework collective get in touch too. If you are interested in doing a shift on a fortnightly or weekly basis of a few hours please email

///Sunday, 28th September, 1PM onward///

(From the London Coalition Against Poverty)

Jules Pipe (Mayor of Hackney) said that if you opposed developments like the Dalston Square then you were part of a ‘keep hackney crap mentality’. But Hackney isn´t crap. Not even close. It doesn´t need property speculators to `make it a nice place´. Don´t take our word for it – come and see for yourself.

On Sunday 28 September we will host a walking tour of Gentrification in Dalston and Hackney Central, culminating in a picnic in London Fields.

While Hackney Council celebrate the Olympics with the `Carnival for the Cultural Olympiad´ we will have a look at the gentrification of Hackney that the Olympics will cause. From Dalston Lane to Broadway market we will take people on a guided tour of dispossession and hear from shopkeepers, residents and the homeless who are fighting to keep their area a place they can live and work in and struggling to survive in this Olympic borough.

/On Sunday the 28th of September meet //at 1pm at the Dalston Peace Mural on Dalston Lane, (just after corner with Kingsland rd, near Dalston Kingsland Station)/

/We are looking for volunteers to help organize the event: both before and during the 28th ! We need people to suggest tour stops, write pieces for the booklet that accompanies the tour, speak on the day about campaigns, developments, injustices and change, put up posters, tell your friends and help make refreshments! /

/If you would like to get involved, or know more please contact – or call 07932 241737



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