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Rampart & Ex-Bowl Court newsletter 10th September 2008

Thanks to everyone who came and helped make the Free School happen last week.

We have a chance for a bit of a breather this week without any events planned but there’s more on in the coming weeks. Check out the events elsewhere for things to do for now.

We hear that there are some interesting devgelopments at the Freedom bookshop ( in Whitechapel with London Coalition Against Poverty moving into the former Hacklab and the bookshop moving downstairs along with the infamous Advisory Service for Squatters (

From the LCAP website ( :
“We now have an LCAP Office (in the same building as Freedom books/ ASS) which we hoping to open by the beginning of September.

There is an office working group who are working on getting the office open and making sure it has everything it we need. If you are interested in joining this group then let us know on”

Sounds like great news and if you are interested in getting involved there contact the relevant groups.

Have a good week, seeyou next one.

— Coming up at the Rampart —


Naked Punch benefit party

TBC, details next newsletter.


‘Two or Three Things About Activism’ Film screening and discussion
The film is a feature length documentary about activism in Romania that simultaneously questions the difference between making a film about politics and making a film politically.

-~ FRIDAY 26TH SEPT – 6pm ~-

Radical Theory Reading Group

Hello and welcome to new members.
For those of you who haven’t been to the group before, the format is that we all do the reading beforehand (well, most of us do!) and then discuss it at the meeting. Readings are always either available on the www or made available as downloads. Readings are chosen on an ad hoc basis and usually are suggestions for continuing themes that emerge from each month’s discussion. Anyone can propose a reading.

This month’s meeting is on Friday, September 26th, starting at 6pm in the library at rampART. We’ll be reading Mackenzie Wark’s ‘Hacker Manifesto’ (version 4), available here (there is another site which is more printer friendly but currently seems to be inaccessible. Try a Google search but make sure you get version 4. Other versions are longer).

Look forward to seeing you all there.


Free School fundraising party

Proper party to build up the free school project. There will also be a Free School Weekender in November.

— Events elsewhere: ———

-~ WEDNESDAY 10TH SEPT – 7pm ~-

Talk with Julian Ovalle – Colombian Conscientious Objector

Colombia is a country with more than 50 years of armed conflict, especially affecting young people, who are at risk of being recruited by the state military, paramilitary groups, or the different guerrilla groups. However, many young people no longer wish to be part of the armed conflict, and want to opt out. They choose nonviolence and conscientious objection to service in any of the armed groups as their alternative – a choice that carries its own risks.

Julian Ovalle is a conscientious objector and activist with Collective Action of Conscientious Objectors in Bogota. He will talk about the political situation, the recruitment practice of the different armed actors, and the work of the movement for conscientious objection in Colombia.

Julian will be speaking in Spanish, but translation will be provided by colleagues from War Resisters’ International.

at the
Housmans Bookshop
5 Caledonian Road
King’s Cross
London N1 9DX

Free entry and

-~ WEDNESDAY 10TH SEPT – 7.30pm ~-

Movement for Justice in El Barrios (MJB) return to England on September 23rd.

There will be a meeting at the Cock Tavern, Euston, Wednesday 10th September at 7.30pm ( http://www.allinlon clubs_bars/ venue-848. php ) to establish a support group to organise actions against the property developer Dawnay Day Group, based in Victoria, who are the new landlords of the district in Harlem, NYC, targeted for gentrification/ social cleansing.

Please forward this call widely to interested parties.

-~ THURSDAY 11TH SEPT – 4pm to 7PM ~-

Demonstrate for Civil Rights

at Ministry of Justice, Victoria, SW1 (Or wherever else is deemed appropriate)

Affected by excessive restrictions on freedom to protest, organise and assemble?
Noticed the removal of habeus corpus and other hard-won fundamental rights?
Concerned about ID cards, ever-increasing police powers, punishment without trial, intrusive state surveillance and the ongoing abuse of terror powers?
Angered by the UK government’s proposals for 42 day detention, yet more secret inquest powers and the proposed national database (of all emails, phone calls and web-sites visited by everyone)?
Know anything about the human rights abuses taking place on hundreds of children, daily at the many secret detention centres set up around the UK?

ER, Extraordinary Rendition
Need I say more?

Demonstrate for Civil Rights
Thursday 11th September
4pm-7pm at the Ministry of Justice
102 Petty France
London SW1H 9AJ

Nearest Tube; St James Park

Bring blank placards, marker pens, bells, whistles and other noisy stuff. Plus friends and some nice food to share. Or alternatively, just bring yourself..

This demo is called as part of the Freedom Picnic Campaign.
For more info:

Please distribute widely, thanks.

-~ SATURDAY 13TH SEPT – 5pm ~-

Women in Black present:


The international feminist antimilitarist network Women in Black will be hosting an evening of discussion on the subject of the role of women’s activism against war. Leading the discussion will be academic and Women in Black member Cynthia Cockburn, whose latest book ‘From Where We Stand: War, Women’s Activism and Feminist Analysis’ explores in depth many of the dynamics of international feminist anti-militarist groups.

As part of the event Housmans will also be exhibiting a series of photographs taken by Cynthia, which document the many women’s anti-war actions that she has been present at over the years.

Signed copies of Cynthia’s latest book, and previous work, will also be available.


at the
Housmans Bookshop
5 Caledonian Road
King’s Cross
London N1 9DX

Free entry

-~ SATURDAY 13TH SEPT – 11am ~-

Visit London’s “Merchants of Death”

Free guided tour of central-London based international arms manufacturers and mercenary companies, organised by the Campaign Against Arms Trade (London group). Meet at the clock tower outside London Victoria Station on Saturday, 13 September at 11am, followed by pub lunch at 1pm.

-~ SATURDAY 13TH SEPT – 10am to 5pm ~-

Bristol Anarchist Bookfair

at the St Werburghs Centre, Horley Rd, Bristol BS2 9TJ

We hope that this year’s Bookfair will be the first of an annual event, as there has been a 15-year gap in Bristol! We want to attract people from across the south west and into south Wales.

An Anarchist Bookfair is a day of anarchist books, ideas, pamphlets, discussions, merchandise, networking, free info, help & solidarity, games, bike workshops, tools, history, planning, speakers, resistance, and an all day vegan cafe. All the resources you need to reclaim your future.

-~ TUESDAY 16TH SEPT – 7pm ~-

Colombia Solidarity Campaign London meeting

Report back from our Colombia delegation

The delegation attended the hearing of the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal on Indigenous Peoples in Colombia and the closing session of the series of Tribunal which have been held on the way multinationals have colluded with, or benefitted from, multinational investment in Colombia.

The delegation also visited communities in La Guajira affected by the massive Cerrejon coal mine – communities that the Campaign has been supporting over the years.

Upstairs at the Apple Tree pub, 45 Mount Pleasant, London, WC1X 0AE

-~ FRIDAY 19TH SEPT – 7PM ~-

Free Film: The Working Class Goes To Heaven
Directed by Elio Petri (1971)

Friday 19th Sept at 7pm – Film starts promptly at 7.30

The Pullens Centre
184 Crampton St
London SE17

A great, great film!! Almost too good!

“The film deals with a factory worker, Lulu (Gian Maria Volonte), who is so bitter and cynical that he identifies completely with his job. While this does nothing to endear him to his co-workers, who would like some regulations on the piece-work quotas that come down from management, nothing can stop Lulu from assuming the role of the machine and spitting bile back on his less conscientious colleagues. All of this changes when Lulu is wounded on the job and temporarily laid-off: he starts listening to the communists goading the workers outside of the factory and wondering if they don’t have a point.
As Lulu becomes a pawn, trapped in the triangle between the malevolent owners, the ineffectual union, and the self-serving radicals who would lead him to revolution, the film telescopes from the outer social mechanism to one of its cogs, and shows how the system works through the navigations of one of its most expendable members. Furthermore, it expresses, like no other film, the horrible monotony and misery of life on the assembly line, in which one is simply a machine that earns money and endures that fate no matter who pulls the strings. This is no mere “message” picture: it’s a bomb that goes off in your head.”

We will also be showing one or two short films re: industrial labour and why it’s been almost invisible in contemporary post-war culture.

-~ SUNDAY 28TH SEPT – 1PM ~-

Gentrification in Dalston and Hackney Central Walk

Jules Pipe (Mayor of Hackney) said that if you opposed developments like the Dalston Square then you were part of a ‘keep hackney crap mentality’. But Hackney isn’t crap. Not even close. It doesn’t need property speculators to ‘make it a nice place’. Don’t take our word for it – come and see for yourself.

On Sunday 28 September we will host a walking tour of Gentrification in Dalston and Hackney Central, culminating in a picnic in London Fields.

While Hackney Council celebrate the Olympics with the ‘Carnival for the Cultural Olympiad’ we will have a look at the gentrification of Hackney that the Olympics will cause. From Dalston Lane to Broadway market we will take people on a guided tour of dispossession and hear from shopkeepers, residents and the homeless who are fighting to keep their area a place they can live and work in and struggling to survive in this Olympic borough.

On Sunday the 28th of September meet at 1pm at the Dalston Peace Mural on Dalston Lane, (just after corner with Kingsland rd, near Dalston Kingsland Station)

We are looking for volunteers to help organize the event: both before and during the 28th! We need people to suggest tour stops, write pieces for the booklet that accompanies the tour, speak on the day about campaigns, developments, injustices and change, put up posters, tell your friends and help make refreshments!

If you would like to get involved, or know more please contact – or Call 07932 241737

— Ending ———


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