Bowl Court and rampART news – 29 July 2008

So the couple of weeks ahead see a lull in activity whilst focus is on the Camp for Climate Action ( amongst other things and Bowl Court will not be running as a Social Centre. However, in the weeks following Climate Camp there will bea benefit party (16th August), the first of possibly many hunt sab Sunday Cafes(17th August), regular Thursday film nights and hopefully Spanish Lessons too…

This week saw some good news for the future of the area surrounding Bowl Court Social Centre.
Last Thursday, Hammerson plc. were refused permission from Hackney Council to demolish neighbouring bar, The Light, in order to build a hotel and retail commercial tower of 50+ floors.
The application was deferred and thus made unappealable resulting in Hammerson having no choice but to rethink their plans for the expansion of the City.

The developer lost their 600 million pounds project, in a click.


15 MIN to save Shoreditch

Before kicking off with upcoming events in London and beyond, please see below callout for help from those occupying Wembley Sports Ground. After one group was evicted a different group of people have gained access now and need support.

Wembley Sports Ground Re-Occupied – Support Needed

Save The Sports Ground. Save The Community Green Space. No To School Privatisation.

No To Education For Profit.

Several tents have already been set up as another organisation under threat, the local church group, hold a food and fun afternoon. The church group worships here on a Sunday and with four businesses will lose access to the sports hall as soon as Ark, the Academy investor, moves in.

The construction of temporary accomodation or the refurbishment of the dilapidated sports hall is expected to begin next week, possibly as early as wednesday.

The camp needs your assistance. Either to stay on site, or just to visit and give few hours of your time. All are welcome. Banners are needed to be painted and hung from fences. More people are needed on site.

Save The Wembley Park Sports Ground. Save The Local Community Green Space. Smash School Privatisation. Hands Off Our Children.

=//= Events at Bowl Court and Rampart =//=

6pm @ Bowl Court

There will be a meeting this friday at Bowl Court to start organising a week long free skool event at the beginning of September. Please come along if you would like to get involved or contact

3pm @ Bowl Court

Food Not Bombs will be having their monthly meeting from 3pm this Saturday at Bowl Court Social Centre and then cooking for people biking to the Climate Camp.

7pm – midnight @ rampART

Punk Rock Benefit gig for Albert Kennedy Trust (Housing and Support for Homeless LGBT Youth)
The Restarts (London)
The Pogo (USA)
SBWL (London)
Comply or DIe (Yorkshire)
£5 suggested donation
This is an all ages event – All are welcome

In 1989, 16 year old Albert Kennedy fell to his death from the top of a car park in Manchester whilst trying to escape a car load of queerbashers. Albert was a runaway from a children’s home in Salford and was depressed. His short tragic life had been filled with rejection and abuse from society. For some young people, they find themselves rejected by family and peers when they ‘come out’, and often social services and homeless organisations fail to meet the needs of these youth at this vulnerable time!
The Albert Kennedy Trust’s mission is: To ensure that all lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans young people are able to live in accepting, supportive and caring homes, by providing a range of services to meet the individual needs of those who would otherwise be homeless or living in a hostile environment.

== And events you might be interested in elsewhere ==

6:30pm @ LARC

After 8 months of fortnightly meetings, the members of the London Profeminist Men’s Group have decided that we would like to start a brand new gender discussion group open to people of all genders. For us, the men-only experience has been very positive, especially in terms of deconstructing our role in patriarchy as oppressors, understanding how we got to become men, mutual support and raising our consciousness. The men’s group will continue to meet, probably on the weeks in between the gender inclusive meetings, but
we felt strongly about trying to achieve similar results in a mixed environment. At this point we feel we’d like to create:

· A constructive dialogue between people of all genders which has a clearly feminist perspective.
· A group which takes the feminist principle “the personal is political” seriously and aims to create a space where we can talk openly about our own experiences of gender, of being oppressed and of perpetuating oppression, and not be afraid to be ourselves.
· An opportunity to learn from each other’s lives and to support each other’s struggles.

The possibilities for this group are pretty much endless, so why not get involved and help shape what the group will do and how it will work.

Please do get in contact if you’re interested ( and come along to our first meeting at the London Action Resource Centre (LARC, 62 Fieldgate Street, E1
1ES) on the 31st July at 6:30pm. Oh, and tell all your friends!

Publish And Be Damned Fair, London, E2

THE ASSAULT ON CULTURE: A Mute Magazine talk on privatisation and critical artistic practice

Does private-public funding and management of culture mark the death of institutional and critical autonomy? And is direct censorship an anomaly, the most visible form of a wider constriction of cultural
freedom, or the shape of cultural policy to come?

Mute has invited a range of practitioners along to discuss the perils and opportunities for critical cultural activity in neoliberalising institutions:

Leigh French, co-editor of Variant magazine and contributor Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt will discuss the recent censorship of Variant by Culture and Sport Glasgow, the new private charitable trust that runs the city’s arts and leisure. They will be joined by Richard Birkett, assistant curator of the ICA’s current Nought to Sixty programme and David Garcia, ‘tactical media’ theorist and Dean of Chelsea College of Art and Design London.

The talk will raise some of the following questions:

Does commercialisation enhance or corrode ‘critical’ culture? Why does an institutional turn to ‘openness’, collaborative and politicised art practices coincide with privatisation? And how will capitalist crisis impact on arts funding and cultural practice – a shift from radical reformism to conservative reaction or revolutionary refusal?

Where: Upstairs at Publish And Be Damned self-publishing fair
Rochelle School, Arnold Circus, London E2.

When: 3-5pm, Sunday 3 August 2008.

Contact: |


Rochelle School map:

Buses: 243, 55, 8, 388
Tube (further): Bethnal Green, Liverpool Street, Old Street
Bike Ride to the Climate Camp at Kingsnorth Kent
Meet at Waterloo Bridge at 9am for a 1 day ride to the Climate Camp.

email list:
## 3RD – 11TH AUGUST

Camp for Climate Action @ Kingsnoth Power Station, Kent

The world is changing.

Food riots abroad, house prices and pensions collapsing at home, energy prices skyrocketing worldwide. And slap bang in the middle of all of this – climate change – which the government and the power giant E.ON propose to make worse by building the UK’s first coal-fired power station in 30 years at Kingsnorth in

Suddenly, the future we all thought we could count on seems very unlikely. Yes, the world is complex, but one thing is clear: the economy isn’t working for the benefit of most of us. Its seemingly endless growth hasn’t brought happiness. Indeed, through carbon emissions, it has brought us to the edge. We need to change course.

Do you think Brown or Cameron will put us on a radically different path? No, we don’t either. So we’re working on alternatives by working together collectively. When large numbers of determined and well-organised people get together they can turn things around, making a historic difference.

The climate camp aims to do just that. Whether it’s participating in the collective organisation of the camp, taking part in workshops (programme now available), or taking direct action to tackle dangerous developments like new coal-fired power stations; being at the camp is about people getting together to respond positively to the climate crisis.

There is only one thing that can stop Kingsnorth and override the profit motive driving it; a mass movement. We intend to start one and we want you to be part of it.
Do you remember Olive Morris? A community project about the legacy of Black activism from the 1970’s

Calling all women activists

Are you passionate about Black history, women issues and a making a difference in your community?

Would you like to volunteer some of your time and join a group of women of diverse ages and experience? Together we research, document and learn about Black and women’s history, and about ourselves.

Come along to find out more!

Open day: first Wednesday of every month

Wednesday 6 August 6.30pm – 9.00pm
We meet at: Lambeth Women’s Project, 166a Stockwell Road (SW9 9TQ)

Olive Morris was a key figure in Lambeth’s local history. She worked with the Black Panther movement; set up Brixton Black Women’s Group, was a founder member of The Organisation of Women of African and Asian
Descent (OWAAD) and was central to the squatter campaigns of the 1970s.

She died tragically young in 1979 at age 27.

The aim of this weblog is to create a collective portrait of Olive Morris, bringing together the personal memories of those who knew her, and publishing online information and materials relating to her life and
work. Lambeth Council has one of its main buildings named after her and yet there is very little information about Olive Morris that is publicly available, especially on the Internet.


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