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A quiet week ahead at Bowl Court Social Centre, likely to continue for the next month until after the Climate Camp when we hope to get busy again with regular film nights, cafe and shinanigans. If you would like to propose an event or hold a meeting in the space just drop us a line (

There is talk of having some kind of week long free skool event at the beginning of September to include all sorts of discussions, workshops and skillshares. If you have any suggestions for stuff to be included, could help facilitate or would like to get involved in the organisation of this please email

=//= Events at Bowl Court and Rampart =//=


6pm @ Bowl Court
[[ Radical Theory Reading Group ]]

Download readings here
and here

== And events you might be interested in elsewhere ==


7PM @ LARC: 62 Fieldgate St, Whitechapel
[[ Indigenous repression and resistance in Australia and Aotearoa / New Zealand ]]

There will be a talk by two anarchists, one from Australia and one from Aotearoa / New Zealans (both non-indigenous), about recent assaults by the state on indigenous communities, and on indigenous and anarchist resistance to these attacks.

The talk will focus mainly on the invasion of the Northern Territory by the Australian government and the disgusting treatment of aborigines living there, and on the so-called “terrorism raids” that occured in Aotearoa / New Zealand in 2007 targetting indigenous activists and anarchists.


7pm @ Housmans Bookshop, 5 Caledonian Road
[[ Climate Camp and beyond… ]]

The Campaign against Climate Change, based upstairs from Housmans Bookshop, has been central in mobilising the population of Britain to stand up against the lack of action being taken by business and government in tackling this potentially catastrophic issue. This evening a range of supporters from the campaign will be talking about the forthcoming Climate Camp, and looking forward to the future. “We need to put climate change right at the top of the political agenda — it is by far the biggest threat to humanity. We have to turn this into the primary political campaign. That means keeping on the streets, keeping up the demonstrations and putting an enormous amount of pressure on our politicians.” George Monbiot, Honorary President

6pm @ Hackney Townhall, Mare Street
[[ Say NO to selling off our land! ]]

DEMONSTRATE at Hackney Town Hall!
6 – 7 pm Wednesday the 23rd of July 2008

Hackney Council will have their full council meeting at 7pm on the 23rd of July, we will demonstrate from six outside. From 7pm we will attend the meeting. Please come whenever you can!

Hackney Town Hall is on Mare St near Hackney Central overground station.

Hackney Council plans to raise money by selling land from the borough’s council estates: they call this Estates Plus.  Right now they have been trying to convince the residents of Frampton Park estate (just off Mare st) that the sale of five sites on the estate
will lead to improvements and help with overcrowding. This includes green space, play areas and garages used by the residents. The land will be sold to housing associations, who will build and then sell and rent the flats they build. Although there will be more low rent housing, which is much needed, it will be achieved by cramming more people into an overcrowded area.

Most of the residents don’t want the development; they don’t want to lose their green space and play grounds, when there aren’t enough places for kids to play already. One of the proposed buildings will be just yards from older peoples flats, on a piece of land kids use for football. The pensioners living in the flats would like to see a garden there, but instead they will have a multistory block towering over them.

Meanwhile across Hackney the council has sold off land that was and could be good alternative places for this social housing to be built. On Dalston Lane for instance, a row of Georgian houses with shop fronts were sold five years ago by the council to an off shore developer. They are protected and so could not be developed unless they were damaged and derelict. Since then the houses have been damaged by a series of fires, and some have been demolished. Those houses could be muti bedroom accommodation for Hackney’s overcrowded tenants and homeless families. Instead Hackney will let those buildings rot till they are developed into luxury flats, while off the main streets the council estates are over developed. This is making low income people bear the brunt of the housing crisis, and taking facilities away from those who need it most.

We need your support on 23/07/08! Residents of other estates be aware that Hackney plans to use Estates Plus across the borough – help to stop the scheme on Frampton Park before it gets to your estate.

6.45pm @ Bolivar Hall, 54 Grafton Way
[[ “Salvador Allende” screening ]]

The Chilean Ex Political Prisoners Group (UK) invites you to a homage to Salvador Allende on the centenary of his birth
Sponsored by the embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Wednesday/ Miercoles 23 July/Julio 6.45pm

* You are invited to the screening of “Salvador Allende” by Patricio Guzman

* There will be an opportunity to talk after the film over Salvador Allende’s legacy and its relevance today in Latin America

Come to share a glass of Chilean wine and Empanadas!

Please note: film and discussion will be in Spanish


6:15pm @ Civic Centre, High Road, Wood Green, N22
[[ Wards Corner Planning Meeting Mass Lobby ]]

Private developers wish to demolish historic buildings at Wards Corner and evict local businesses and market. They want to build high-rise gated flats and corporate chain stores.

This application is coming before the Council planning committee on 24th July.

There has been widespread opposition across South Tottenham to this development and an alternative plan has been drawn up to restore the building and save the local businesses.

If you oppose this development, come along to let the council know your opinion.

say NO to demolition and YES to the Wards Corner Community Plan
Tel: 020 8809 9621


6pm @ The Foundry, 86 Great Eastern St.
[[ Reel News/Climate Camp at the Foundry ]]

THIS MONTH’S SCREENING: 6pm, Friday July 25th….FREE

The Foundry,
86 Great Eastern St.,

Old Street tube, exit 3

Momentum is building towards the third camp for climate action, 3rd -11th at Kingsnorth in Kent, focussing on the plans for a new coal powered station, and taking in a visit to Heathrow, site of last year’s highly successful camp, on the way.

From 6pm, activists from the CAMP FOR CLIMATE ACTION will be showing a number of films to inspire, delight and hopefully convince you to come and participate in this important growing social movement.

Then from 8pm, REEL NEWS takes over with films and discussion including:

the may 31st demonstration against airport expansion at Heathrow

the public sector pay freeze, including the magnificent strike by teachers, lecturers and civil servants in April

the inspirational fight of the social movements in India against metal mining multinationals

plus more if we’ve got time depending on how and where the discussion goes…

6pm @ NFT on the South Bank
[[ Pre- ClimateCamp Critical Mass ]]
The London Mass meets at 6.00pm on the last Friday of every month on the South Bank under Waterloo Bridge, by the National Film Theatre.


Climate Camp Caravan from Heathrow to Kingsnorth

The Climate Caravan will traverse London by foot, wheel and water looking at how capitalism and collective resistance to it since 17th century have set us on a path to the Climate Camp at Kingsnorth in 2008.

– We will hear local tales looking at the heritage of the places we visit and how they have contributed to our journey to Kingsnorth.

– We will meet people taking collective action against the root causes of climate change in their community.

– We will share our experiences of taking collective direct action with those we meet and invite them to join us at Kingsnorth.

– We will dance, sing, play and listen to the tales of the past that will shape our future.

The Climate Caravan will leave Heathrow on Sunday 27 July and travel via central London to the Climate Camp at Kingsnorth Power Station in Kent, arriving on Sunday 3rd of August. For the full list of events see Caravan Programme

Tel: 07951789187


The Camp for Climate Action presents:

+++ ‘Turning the world upside down’: The Putney Climate Debate +++

Monday 28th July 2008
Arrive 6.30pm speakers from 7pm.

St Mary’s Church, Putney, London
Putney High Street, SW15 1SN
Info and Directions:
October 1647, Putney.

The country has been devastated by civil war. The king has been imprisoned. The landowners in parliament are seeking to consolidate
their power. But the soldiers of the new Model Army are camped just 8 miles from Westminster, with the dangerous idea that ‘the poorest he that is in England hath a life to live, as the greatest he’. And they are not obeying orders to disperse.

Thus the scene is set for the Putney Debates. The soldiers gather at St Mary’s Church, Putney, to present the ‘Agreement of the People’ in St Mary’s Church – a radical document of the time demanding universal votes for men, common rights and freedom for all.

After three long weeks, the king escapes and the transformational energy of the moment is lost. It is a further 271 years before the extremist notion of one man one vote is adopted in British politics (women have to wait a further 10 years). But although the radicals of 1647 miss their moment, their dream of turning the world upside down remains an inspiration today.

July 2008, Putney.

The prospect of dangerous climate change and severe energy shortages loom large and our whole economic system seems on the verge of collapse.
Government and big business procrastinate in the wings, but the people know better.. The need for country wide debate is more urgent than ever.

The scene is set for the Putney Climate Debate. Activist from across the country will assemble in front of a public crowd and outline how they would ‘turn England upside down’ to deal with climate change. Speakers and members of the audience, will present proposals for how we can make the transition to a just and truly sustainable society.

Come and join us to listen to, contribute and debate these proposals.

Speakers include:

Andrew Simms (New Economics Foundation)
Penny Eastwood (The Camp for Climate Action) Jenny Jones (London Green Party) Leila Deen (World Development Movement) Simon Okotie (London Citizens) Andy Goldring (Permaculture Association)

Paul Chatterton, Director of the MA Programme ‘Activism and Social Change’ at Leeds University will introduce and facilitate the debate.

## 3RD – 11TH AUGUST

Camp for Climate Action @ Kingsnoth Power Station, Kent

The world is changing.

Food riots abroad, house prices and pensions collapsing at home, energy prices skyrocketing worldwide. And slap bang in the middle of all of this – climate change – which the government and the power giant E.ON propose to make worse by building the UK’s first coal-fired power station in 30 years at Kingsnorth in Kent.

Suddenly, the future we all thought we could count on seems very unlikely. Yes, the world is complex, but one thing is clear: the economy isn’t working for the benefit of most of us. Its seemingly endless growth hasn’t brought happiness. Indeed, through carbon emissions, it has brought us to the edge. We need to change course.

Do you think Brown or Cameron will put us on a radically different path? No, we don’t either. So we’re working on alternatives by working together collectively. When large numbers of determined and well-organised people get together they can turn things around, making a historic difference.

The climate camp aims to do just that. Whether it’s participating in the collective organisation of the camp, taking part in workshops (programme now available), or taking direct action to tackle dangerous developments like new coal-fired power stations; being at the camp is about people getting together to respond positively to the climate crisis.

There is only one thing that can stop Kingsnorth and override the profit motive driving it; a mass movement. We intend to start one and we want you to be part of it.


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