rampART and Bowl Court Social Centre Newsletter 15th July 2008

So, after being all G8 last week, we’re looking to have some fun this week and maybe even learn a thing or two. Bowl Court Social Centre thus brings you the Festival of Useful Openings taking place until Thursday 17th July. Come along play some ping pong, have a bike ride or attempt to make a rocket stove, it’s your choice. And if there’s nothing on the menu you fancy why not suggest something else?

=//= Events at Bowl Court and Rampart =//=

The programme of events for the Festival of Useful Openings so far is;


This afternoon: Pool Table Making workshop
7PM: Pedal Powered Washing Machine workshop.


All Day and into the night: the perfect combination of Punk ‘n’ Ping Pong
In the afternoon: Flight of kites and other flying objects
6PM: Meet your neighbour; a radical bicycle tour of the City


All Day juggling workshop
In the afternoon: rocket stove making
8ish onwards: Freeze the City: DJ Freeze takes a stroll…

That is all that is planned as of yet, but if you have any ideas for other events, drop us a line at bowlcourt@riseup.net or just come along!



9PM @ Bowl Court / www.dissidentisland.org
see http://www.dissidentisland.org/NextShow.html for info closer to the time

== And events you might be interested in elsewhere ==


London Climate Camp Night
76 Clarence Road
Hackney, London E5 8HB
An evening about the upcoming climate camp. see our website for more details.


8:15AM @ Business Design Centre, Islington. 52 Upper St, London N1 0QH

Demo against E.ON, – Join the Greenwash Guerrillas to show that E.ON’S greenwash won’t wash! We will be cordoning off the area and warning summit delegates about the high levels of toxic greenwash leaking from the building. (We suspect its source to be E.ON Managing Director Bob Taylor, who’s got a top spot on the panel.) This should be a fun, subversive demo, with the Camp for Climate Action, Rising Tide, People
and Planet, Earth First! and WDM all helping to spread the word. Bring if you can: a white painter’s/boiler suit and any home-made greenwash detecting devices you can think up (eg. part of an old hoover, a remote control, a hair dryer painted green – get creative!) If you can’t bring these things, not to worry, extras will be on hand.

Phone: 07961 917 535
Email: info@climatecamp.org.uk
Web: www.greenwashguerrillas.org


7PM @ Housmans Bookshop, 5 Caledonian Road, King’s Cross, London, N1 9DX
The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil – Film screening and talk.

This film is a key text in the Transition Towns projects. You might expect a film about Cuba to be a homage to Fidel Castro, but this inspirational film celebrates a more anarchist, grass-roots approach to solving the growing problem of our age: producing food without oil.
Luis Santamaria of the Cuba Solidarity Campaign will be introducing the film and running a question and answer session afterwards.

Phone: 020 7837 4473
Email: nik@housmans.com
Web: www.housmans.com/events


Squeezed by Debt, Taxes and Cost of Living?

Rise Up and Resist the Giants of Global Capitalism

Join in On a Global Day of Action Against One of the Oldest’s and Largest Private Equity Firms in the World: KKR (Kohlberg, Kravis and Roberts)
Thursday, July 17th meet 1:00 PM in Trafalgar Square (near the lions)

– help deliver a giant invoice of debt to KKR executives –

You may not be interested in private equity…but private equity is very interested in you!

Did you know that in the UK?
– Over 3 million workers or 1 in 5 private sector workers now works for company that is owned by a private equity fund.

– * Five of the 10 largest private equity-owned companies in the UK effectively paid not a single penny of UK corporation tax in 2005/06. Despite combined sales of more than £12bn and operating profits of more than £400m, in total the 10 companies received a £11m corporation tax credit from the exchequer*

More and more companies around the world, including hundreds here in the UK, are being bought up and sold off by a type of firm that takes pride in their lack of transparency, ability to rack up debt, cut costs and jobs and exploit the tax system so they pay little or no tax. The volume of private equity deals has grown 600% in the last five years. In 2006, private equity firms spent US$725 billion buying out companies. Today, they can potentially mobilise more than US$2 trillion – enough to buy McDonalds 38 times over!

Private equity companies have gained massive influence, power and wealth because they’ve stayed invisible to public attention and scrutiny. It is time for that to change!

On Thursday 17 July 2008, thousands of trade unions, community organisations, environmentalists, workers and activists will be taking part in a global day of action against KKR – are actions planned in 100 cities in 25 countries. These actions will send a loud and clear message to private equity firms like KKR that we are sick and tired of a few people getting even richer and ruining our lives and the planet in the process.

In London on July 17, the Private Equity Creative Action Network (PECAN) will be bringing a creative and strong message to the executives of KKR, including the delivery a giant invoice that makes it clear that KKR has a long overdue debt to our community and world. To help make this action a success and to kick off a summer of actions against private equity, we are inviting people to participate and to get involved on the day (in particular we are looking for:

video artists, anti-capitalist cheerleaders, independent media makers, musicians, DJ’s, clowns and of course – activists).

Contact PECAN – Private Equity Creative Action Network

Email: privateequitysucks@googlemail.com

Website: www.privateequitysucks.com

Mobile: 07501768682
* according to analysis of Companies House filings by The Daily Telegraph.


12:00H from Pudding Mill Lane DLR Station
:::: the :::: I love 2.37bn :::: tour ::::

The 11 miles long blue fence and what there was, there is and there will be happening inside might have attracted most of our attention until now but many other things are still moving in the edge of this fortified space.

While gardeners, travellers, former inhabitants, future inhabitants, nearby neighbours and all sort or creative-industries-related subjects keep an eye on the development of the situation, the ‘I love 2.37bn’ tour will try to take a look at different processes around the limits of the Olympic Park, from the nostalghia of the past to the impossible futures and the probable comings.

Limited good view seats, please to confirm at ilove2.37bn@gmail.com
Strict tourist dress code. Drinks will be available but bring your own food


7 – 9PM @ Myth Bar, upstairs at The Hope & Anchor 123 Acre Lane, Brixton

Film with Q&A: A Convenient Truth
The benefits of localisation after Peak Oil Then with Q&A


7:30PM @ Pogo Cafe, 76 Clarence Road, Hackney, London E5 8HB

“Land and Freedom” The Spanish Civil War which started on 18th July 72 years ago told through the eyes of an English volunteer:


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