Entering G8 land

Whilst the G8 summit is taking place in the farest lands, over 500 miles north of Tokyo in the remote location of Lake Toya on the island of Hokkaido, Bowl Court Social Centre brings you film and info nights this week. See below for further details.

Also, this weekend will see the last national gathering for the Camp for Climate Action and therefore your last chance to get involved before it takes place. See their website for more information.

=//= Events at Bowl Court and Rampart =//=


7PM onwards @ Bowl Court

[[ NO G8! Cafe ]]

To coincide with the G8 summit in Japan we will be screening any footage we can get our hands on from activities over there. Vegan food will be available along with coffee and tea from 7pm onwards. News of the day screening starts at 8pm followed by the following;

On Tuesday 8th we will be joined by US activist Lisa Fithian who will be talking about repression and politics of Japanes border control, as well as her experience in Japan before being told to leave by July 4 after being detaned for 11 hours. Lisa has been a community and labour organiser for 33 years, and is a steering committee member of United for Peace, has worked with the Common Ground collective in post-Katrina New Orleans, and the Justice for Janitors campaign, among many other organisations and campaigns. She is a member of the RANT collective.

On Wednesday 9th, the film “What would it mean to win?” by Oliver Ressler will be shown, followed by a discussion. The film is a documentary about last year’s G8 protests in Heiligendamm. Interviews with various activists trigger a worthwhile debate concerning forms and strategies of protest, the assumed collectiveness of a “we”, and the title question: What would it mean for the “the movement” to win?

== And events you might be interested in elsewhere ==

Wembley Summer Camp Open: Squat The Land, Smash School Privatisation

Teachers, residents and campaigners in Wembley, Brent, North West London, have re-squatted the Wembley Sports Ground and are calling out for people to join them, squat the land and join the largest protest against the privatisation of the UK education system.

Wembley Tent City Occupation
for further information see http://indymedia.org.uk/en/2008/07/402476.html



Save the Spike Surplus Scheme town council meeting

Southwark Town Hall

The Spike Surplus Scheme in Peckham needs a show of solidarity this week at the upcoming Town Council meeting. A formal question has been submitted to the council. It requests an extension of the lease to allow proper time to raise funding and keep the community centre.

And, if you haven’t already, please help by signing the petition




‘How to Live Off-Grid’ with Nick Rosen

Housmans Bookshop

The word ‘off-grid’ refers to places or people without mains water, power or phone line. Off-grid locations can range from private islands to tree-houses; the people living there might be back-packers, international business travellers or hippies; they may move around in buses or yachts, houseboats or 4-wheel drives. All are outside or in between the criss-crossing lines of power, water and phone that delineate the civilised world. Some are trying to save the planet, some live that way because it is all they can afford, some just want the freedom.

Nick Rosen, author of ‘How to Live Off-Grid’, a guide to avoiding the pitfalls and finding the best solutions for going off-grid yourself, will be talking about his experiences and exploring why the law needs to be changed to allow more people to live off-grid.

Housmans Bookshop, 5 Caledonian Road, King’s Cross, London, N1 9DX
email: shop@housmans.com
website: www.housmans.com


## THURSDAY 10TH JULY, 7:30pm

Media Talk: Is This the End for FARC?

Malcolm Deas (Oxford University)
Andy Higginbottom (Colombia Solidarity Campaign)
Hernando Alvarez (Colombian journalist and BBC Latin American Service)
Alice O’Keefe (New Statesman)
Isabel Hilton (journalist)

Price: £10.00 Location: 13 Norfolk Place, London W2 1QJ

This event will be webcast live – you can view it for free via the link on our homepage – www.frontlineclub.com

Will the release of Ingrid Bettancourt – arguably the world’s most famous hostage, and FARC’s main bargaining chip – along with 14 other hostages – mean the end of FARC and the beginning of serious peace negotiations with the Colombian government?

In what is perhaps the mortal blow in a series of declining fortunes for the 44 year old insurgency movement – the release of the hostages has left the already weakened FARC with no negotiating power and has vindicated President Uribe in his hard line policy against the movement.

FARC lost its leader – Manuel Marulanda – earlier this year, as well as suffering the assassination of two senior commanders and a withdrawal of support from former proponent Hugo Chavez. Facing constant combat, the insurgency is losing members in record numbers and popular support is dissipating.

Is this now the beginning of the end for FARC? Will we see the return to the negotiating table and the commencement of mass demobilisation?



## FRIDAY 11TH JULY, 7 – 9:30pm

The International Jewish Solidarity Network (IJSN)
Invites you to its first public event

International Resistance to Zionism

In solidarity with 60-plus years of Palestinian resistance to the founding of Israel

Trinity United Reformed Church, Buck St, London NW1
(near Camden tube)wheelchair accessible, refreshments


Speakers include: Hossam El-Hamalawy, Egyptian journalist, blogger and activist; Liliane Kaczerginski, IJSN member, based in Paris; Professor Moshe Machover, co-founder of Matzpen, an anti-Zionist Israeli organisation founded in 1962 and active until the 1980s; Daniel Machover, lawyer working to indict Israeli army officers for war crimes; Sue Blackwell, Birmingham University, prominent advocate of the academic boycott against Israel; and others.

Presenters will give some of the history of the region and resistance to Zionism and share a range of initiatives against the Zionist state of Israel including the vital boycott / divestment / sanctions movement, followed by discussion.

For the past two years IJSN has been building an international network of anti-Zionist Jews to support Palestinian resistance and seed new Jewish anti-Zionist organizing. As with any other anti-imperialist struggle or struggle for social justice, working locally or even nationally is not enough. The enemy we face is international, and what we can do is limited unless we find ways to work together across boundaries and regions. We are building an international voice which challenges Zionism and its claim to speak on behalf of
Jews worldwide. As an international force, we can contribute to the movement to defeat US-backed Israeli imperialism.

For more information: www.ijsn.net 07816 251 377 uk@ijsn.net



Anarchist Summer Camp, Ireland

A weekend of – activities, workshops, campfires and walks along the seaside and hills around the small holding location. Low cost catering by Lental Disorder. Bring a tent and a sleeping bag, plates, bowls, cutlery – though the farmhouse can be used for special needs. Please enrol beforehand, and if you want to run a workshop send an email. No dogs. Email for info about maps, lifts, car sharing etc…
Address: nr Coolgreany, Co. Wexford
Email: anarchistsummercamp@yahoo.com


Squeezed by Debt, Taxes and Cost of Living?

Rise Up and Resist the Giants of Global Capitalism

Join in On a Global Day of Action Against One of the Oldest’s and Largest Private Equity Firms in the World: KKR (Kohlberg, Kravis and Roberts)

Thursday, July 17th meet 1:00 PM in Trafalgar Square (near the lions)

– help deliver a giant invoice of debt to KKR executives –

You may not be interested in private equity…but private equity is very interested in you!

Did you know that in the UK?

– Over 3 million workers or 1 in 5 private sector workers now works for a company that is owned by a private equity fund.

– * Five of the 10 largest private equity-owned companies in the UK effectively paid not a single penny of UK corporation tax in 2005/06. Despite combined sales of more than £12bn and operating profits of more than £400m, in total the 10 companies received a £11m corporation tax credit from the exchequer*

More and more companies around the world, including hundreds here in the UK, are being bought up and sold off by a type of firm that takes pride in their lack of transparency, ability to rack up debt, cut costs and jobs and exploit the tax system so they pay little or no tax. The volume of private equity deals has
grown 600% in the last five years. In 2006, private equity firms spent US$725 billion buying out companies. Today, they can potentially mobilise more than US$2 trillion – enough to buy McDonalds 38 times over!

Private equity companies have gained massive influence, power and wealth because they’ve stayed invisible to public attention and scrutiny. It is time for that to change!

On Thursday 17 July 2008, thousands of trade unions, community organisations, environmentalists, workers and activists will be taking part in a global day of action against KKR – are actions planned in 100 cities in 25 countries. These actions will send a loud and clear message to private equity firms like KKR that we are sick and tired of a few people getting even richer and ruining our lives and the planet in the process.

In London on July 17, the Private Equity Creative Action Network (PECAN) will be bringing a creative and strong message to the executives of KKR, including the delivery a giant invoice that makes it clear that KKR has a long overdue debt to our community and world. To help make this action a success and to kick off
a summer of actions against private equity, we are inviting people to participate and to get involved on the day (in particular we are looking for: video artists, anti-capitalist cheerleaders, independent media makers,
musicians, DJ’s, clowns and of course – activists).

Contact PECAN – Private Equity Creative Action Network

Email: privateequitysucks@googlemail.com
Website: www.privateequitysucks.com

Mobile: 07501768682
* according to analysis of Companies House filings by The Daily Telegraph.


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