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      Inspired by the Board of Education in Texas which has been busy re-writing school history textbooks to insert the words ‘free enterprise system’ in place of ‘capitalism’ which has become ‘a dirty word’, we’re starting a campaign to replace the word ‘government’ with ‘corrupt bunch of bastards’. Meanwhile, back at the School Book Depository… ================= […]
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  • The rampART is one of a number of autonomous spaces around London providing a non commercial venue for a wide-range of groups and activities. As with all such spaces, this is a self organised project, with a strong emphasis on consensus decision making and DIY culture.
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Update for anti G8 events


[[ G8 Filmnight at Bowl Court this Wednesday 8pm ]]

Screening of G8 shorts and the film ‘Public Blue’, about the eviction of the homeless/squatter communities in Japan. There will info about Saturday’s protest and discussion.

see http://londonfete.ucrony.net/plancroydon.html for more info on saturday,
http://indymedia.org.uk/en/2008/07/402308.html for more info about the upcoming g8 protest in Japan

— Don’t forget that Bowl Court will be running an anti-G8 info and cafe night every evening of the G8 (7th-9th July) at 7pm, screening video and audio footage and displaying reports from the G8 protests in Japan —


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