It’s G8 time again

=//= Social Centre News / The Rampart & Bowl Court newsletter – 30th June 2008 =//=

Okay, so not a lot coming up this week at Bowl Court Social Centre but feel free to pop in whenever you are in the local area.

We had a great little surprise after-mass party of Ping Pong and Dubstep after the (massive) Critical Mass on Friday which was in memory of Marie Vesco. Critical Mass indymedia report at:

If you want to learn something, anything and/or everything send an email to letting us know what it is in order to arrange workshops/skillshares. Alternatively, if you would like to discuss the concept of deschooling/unschooling/free skooling then also get in touch to find out when the next meeting for the free skool itself will be.

We hope to have an info night this week about the upcoming Fete against the G8, we will let you know details of this in a short update this week.

=//= Events at Bowl Court and Rampart =//=


7PM @ Bowl Court

[[ Riseup!, indymedia and aktivix info night ]]

Most people are familiar with whether they are signed up to a dozen mailing lists provided by them (including this very newsletter!) or have their mailing account with them. However this is only one element of their work known as Riseup Networks. The other part is known as Riseup Labs and refers to their research and development of “free software that promotes security and privacy.” If you are interested in hearing further about their work then come along to Bowl Court on Tuesday to hear from a person involved in the project and ask them a question or two. Also at the space will be someone to talk about the UK’s equivolent of riseup! ( which also provides wikis and someone to introduce the new London Indymedia website which will be in action someday soon.


9PM @ & Bowl Court

[[Dissident island Radio]]

Dissident island will be airing on friday 4th july from bowl court with a piece on events, actions and issues related to the G8. Check website later for more info (


2PM – 5PM @ rampART

[[ music workshop pilot sessions ]]

This workshop is designed for guitarists in particular, but possibly other instrumentalists also, who already have some working proficiency on their instrument, be they professional, semi-professional or amateur and who feel the need to expand their knowledge of music theory and harmony. We will look at music structures with reference to jazz harmony, which can provide insight into all forms of popular music, visiting the harmonised major scale, chords, ii-iv-i’s, some jazz standards, modes and scales.
Contact: Patmo
Tel: 02077334121
mob: 07908435684


7PM @ Bowl Court

[[ G8 cafe ]]

The G8 will be meeting next week in Lake Toya, Japan for another round of bollocks. Repression of anti-G8 activists has already began with over 40 arrested in a pre-emptive sweep of broad left and anarchist groups and no doubt this will continue throughout. Bowl Court will be screening any footage we can get our hands on in the evenings that the summit is taking place. There will be vegan food provided free/by donation. This is an opportunity to find out what is happening in Japan and also to discuss ideas of actions in London.

== And events you might be interested in elsewhere ==


7PM @ LARC, LARC, 62 Fieldgate St, Whitechapel, London, E1 1ES

[[Sequani trial talk and discussion]]

If you haven’t heard of the sequani trial, you should have, and if you have, you’ll want to know more.

The accused in the biggest and scariest poitical trial in recent memory talk about their experiences and what they have learned.

A talk and discussion about the trial, where 12 peaceful protesters were arrested under the draconian SOCPA legislation for protesting outside an animal testing lab with banners. No violence, no threats, one was a lady in her 60s.

the 20 week trial was blacked out from the mainstream media and sean kirtley, who updated the website was convicted and sentenced to 4 and a half years.

Come and find out how this legislation could be used against any activist…

Vegan food provided


[[first Critical Mass in SE London]]

Friday 4th July meet 6.30pm outside Peckham Library
With sounds from the Rawkus Rickshaws soundsystem.
+ you’ll get a free ticket to a gig at Corsica Studios

for more details:


[[ Internation Day of Action against the G8 ]]

the London fete against the G8 (

On the 5th of July 2008, people all around the world will protest against the G8 summit 2008 in Japan.

Globalisation has created huge movements of people to the centres of capitalism. However whilst capital – money and commodities – has been granted ever-expanding freedom of movement, the movement of workers as migrants is subject to increasingly complex and brutal systems of control.

Militarisation of the borders, raids on communities and work places, the expansion of migrant prisons and deportation centers, restrictive visa regimes and the revival of nationalist fears and hate are all being used to segregate, divide and weaken the working class. Along with building the border regime, governments restricted the possibilities of assembly, protest and any form of dissent wherever possible.

In Britain today, the role of managing and policing this system to benefit the rich is carried out by the UK Border Agency (formerly known as BIA), an executive agency of the Home Office in the United Kingdom.

Lunar House, a massive twenty-storey office block in Croydon, South London is the headquarters of the UK Border Agency. Just over the street there is Electric House, a reporting centre, where hundreds of asylum seekers visit everyday from miles away to fulfil their reporting obligations’. They are often arrested on the spot, there are holding facilities ( short-term prisons) where asylum seekers are being kept until they get transferred to an immigration removal centre.

London NoBorders is calling for actions against the UK Border Agency.
It is time to join forces, for freedom of movement, the freedom to protest and equal rights for all !

[[Bikeride to Croydon]]

A Day Out In Croydon!

Londonfete invites for a bikeride/critical mass
to Croydon, Saturday July 5th as part of the International Day of Action
against the G8, starting on Brixton Oval SW2 1JG
(Ritzy Cinema, Brixton Reclaim the Food)

Meeting 10am, starting 10.30

After arriving in Croydon (12ish) we have refreshments and go for a little tour around Croydon centre to visit the wonderful tourist attractions of the UK Border Regime.

PS: people can either cycle back together in the afternoon (after protest ended), or if people like they can take the bike for free on the train from Croydon East (5min from protest area).

Details in the next two days …
Inform, invite your friends, fix your bike, get ready, go!


[[Feminist Activist Forum on trans and intersex issues]]

A Transgender and Intersex Learning Exchange: Feminism and Gender & Sex Diversity.

12pm – 6.30pm, Saturday 12th July, Lambeth Women’s Project, 166a Stockwell Road, London SW9 9TQ. Nearest Tube: Brixton

FAF are presenting a learning exchange on trans and intersex issues and their relationship to feminism. The relationship between feminism and transgender in particular has not been a smooth one in the history of feminist activism. This learning exchange is geared toward people who may be unsure of the importance or relevance of transgender to feminism, particularly from an intergenerational perspective.

This event has been organised by a collective of trans and non-trans feminists, and trans-people will be actively involved in the running of the day, including speaking at and facilitating sessions.

We want this to be a safe space for people from all backgrounds/feminist perspectives to come together, ask questions, exchange ideas, make mistakes, learn, create, and build alliances.


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