Social Centre News / The Rampart & Bowl Court newsletter – 25th June 2008

Bowl Court is still up and running and no news has been received as of yet with regards to bailiffs so come take advantage and get involved while you still can.

=//= Events at Bowl Court and Rampart =//=


8PM @ Bowl Court
[[ ‘the battle of tolmers square’ and discussion ]]

We will be screening the 30 minute documentary ‘the battle of tolmers square’ (see below for details) from 8pm onwards and then discussing how to defend spaces in light of the current situation at Bowl Court. How should the media be used within such situations and what is the best way to gain local support? If you would like to come and get involved in the space then this is the prime opportunity. We have already begun a media campaign, with the Victorian Society issuing a press release last week ( and the Hackney Gazette visiting the space for an article in this weeks paper. However, the aim of this meeting is to form a plan of action for what to do next.

“For seventeen years, Tolmers Square in north London was the focus of a conflict involving tenant’s groups, community associations, students, squatters, intellectuals, political parties at both national and local level, and property developers. The dramatic story of that conflict is told by Nick Wates, who describes how Tolmers Square became a national symbol of the fight against property speculation and the need for community involvement in planning.” (taken from


6PM @ Bowl Court
[[ radical theory reading group ]]

The reading for the next meeting is Chapter 9 ‘The Masses and the State’ from Wilhelm Reich’s The Mass Psychology of Fascism.

Download here

or as an e-book from here
_(PDF_ebook) (you will need to first download MS E-Reader if you don’t already have it as well as BitTorrent from the Pirate Bay website).


2PM – 5PM @ rampART
[[ music workshop pilot sessions ]]

This workshop is designed for guitarists in particular, but possibly other instrumentalists also, who already have some working proficiency on their instrument, be they professional, semi-professional or amateur and who feel the need to expand their knowledge of music theory and harmony. We will look at music structures with reference to jazz harmony, which can provide insight into all forms of popular music, visiting the harmonised major scale, chords, ii-iv-i’s, some jazz standards, modes and scales.
Contact: Patmo
Tel: 02077334121
mob: 07908435684

== And events you might be interested in elsewhere ==


9am – 7pm @ Methodist Central Hall, Westminster, SW1H 9NH

Peace Brigades International invites you to Giving Voice to the Earth The Environment and its Defenders under Threat: deforestation, megaprojects and human rights in Latin America, Africa and Asia

Environmental destruction and human rights abuse are inextricably linked. As we face unprecedented global challenges from climate change and loss of biodiversity, the work of environmental human rights defenders is assuming ever greater importance and urgency.

This conference, organised by Peace Brigades International UK, will explore threats to biodiversity presented by deforestation, pollution and mono-crop cultivation and the risks that environmental human rights
defenders face. We will identify the links between these threats and the violation of human rights, as well as the role played by European and other international economic interests.

Local environmental human rights defenders will present specific cases of environmental destruction and human rights violations, and their impact on indigenous groups. The cases will include:

• Palm oil and logging in Colombia
• Mining in Guatemala
• Transnational extractive industries in Papua.

Members of parliament, Academics and International NGOs working in the fields of human rights and the environment will also contribute to the debate.

Programme, further information and registration forms can be obtained by email from: coordinator(at)
or available at[tt_news]=743

Environmental Human rights conference will explore threats to biodiversity and climate change presented by deforestation, pollution and mono-crop cultivation and the risks that environmental human rights
defenders face. We will identify the links between these threats and the violation of human rights, as well as the role played by European and other international economic interests. Places are very limited so
registration is essential and will be done on a first come basis. Email:

NB Guatemalan activist Eloyda Mejia, speaking at the conference, is in Britain until 2 July. Eloyda is the legal representative of the Friends of Lake Izabal, an indigenous organisation fighting a Canadian Nickel
mining company (London-listed BHP Billiton also have shares in the mine). If you would like to meet with her at any other time, please contact Louise Winstanley of PBI on 07920 886874.


8PM @ Pullens Centre, 184 Crampton St, SE17

Free Film show: FINALLY GOT THE NEWS– Revolutionary black unions in Detroit, 1970s. Followed by discussion and chat. With speaker Brian Ashton, an ex-car industry shop steward.

FINALLY GOT THE NEWS is a ‘forceful, unique documentary that reveals the activities of the League of Revolutionary Black Workers inside and outside theauto factories of Detroit. Through interviews with the
members of the movement, footage shot in the auto plants, and footage of leafleting and picketing actions, the film documents their efforts to build an independent black labor organization that, unlike the UAW, will
respond to worker’s problems, such as the assembly line speed-up and inadequate wages faced by both black and white workers in the industry.

Beginning with a historical montage, from the early days of slavery through the subsequent growth and organization of the working class, FINALLY GOT THE NEWS focuses on the crucial role played by the black
worker in the American economy.
Also explored is the educational ‘tracking’ system for both white and black youth, the role of African American women in the labor force, and relations between white and black workers’.

“A classic! Rather than the lock-stepped, black-bereted, leather-jacketed Panther units of other films, FINALLY shows rather ordinary people becoming very angry with the system. Ideological in the best sense: it is a film about ideas [and] presents a serious strategy for mass working class action… It speaks of a specific time and specific experiences in terms that will remain relevant as long as working people are not able to control their own lives.”—Dan Georgakas, for Cineaste


7PM @ The Church House, Fletcher St (off Cable St) E1
[[ Feeding Frenzy – a Discussion on Food, Fuel and Finance ]]

Mute Magazine invites you to a discussion

If the government is to be believed, we are undergoing a streak of freakily bad luck. First the credit crunch, then astronomical fuel price hikes and now a global food crisis. Could all these by any chance be connected?

Neoliberal policy makers and money-men clearly don’t think so, since they are advocating more of the same medicine as a cure – further deregulation of food markets, more restructuring of developing countries
sweetened by aid packages, more biotech and, of course, bank bail-outs to sustain the whole debt-addicted economy. In other words, propping up a system that will continue to force famished populations to grow
export-only crops, to be fuel-intensively shipped to the developed world, to stock supermarket shelves at inflated prices for debt-encumbered consumers, while the famished producers pay through the nose for imported food at prices inflated by the flight of investment from mortgages into basic commodities. A vicious circle indeed.

But how can we best feed the world’s swelling population? Is ‘food sovereignty’ a progressive or reactionary demand? Should biotech and industrial farming methods be embraced as a way of feeding a warming
planet? Have we reached ‘Peak Food’? Are biofuels, on balance, helpful or harmful? As food riots break out in Haiti, Cameroon and Bangladesh, and fuel protests by truckers threaten Europe’s supply lines, what are
the political possibilities of this conjunction of crises?

Mute magazine will be hosting an open discussion with contributions from: Gareth Dale (author of recent critiques of ‘green capitalism’ including ‘On the Menu or At the Table: Corporations and Climate Change’), James Heartfield (author of Green Capitalism: Manufacturing Scarcity in the Age of Abundance), Helena Paul (co-director of Econexus, and long term campaigner against GM and Agrofuels), Graham Burnett (vegan-punk permaculturist and founder of )

josie AT




11AM @ Department for Transport (DfT) 76 Marsham Street, SW1P 4DR
[[ Paper Plane Flash Mob ]]

Tell Ruth Kelly to Stop Airport Expansion:

– Meet 11am, Thursday 3 July, Department for Transport (DfT), 76 Marsham
Street, SW1P 4DR (tube: St James’s Park or Westminster)
– 11.03am: Reveal your ‘Stop Airport Expansion’ t-shirt, if you have one
– 11.05am: launch your ‘Stop Airport Expansion’ paper planes at the DfT

A third runway and increased flights at Heathrow would destroy local communities, cause misery for tens of thousands of local residents, and help make devastating climate change inevitable. Yet Transport Secretary
Ruth Kelly has refused to visit local authorities or meet with local people who will be affected.

Join us on 3 July to find Ruth Kelly and tell her to Stop Airport Expansion!

We’ll be taking the message direct to her doorstep at the Department for Transport. After the mass launch at 11.05am you may also want to take paper planes to Downing Street or Parliament, or anywhere else she may be hiding’!

An A4 paper aeroplane template is available for download at

Called by the people who brought you the Terminal 5 Flash Mob …

Ruth Kelly
– e-mail: stopairportexpansion[at]
– Homepage:


Subsidiarity & The Other Campaign

There is talk in some circles of calling for an Independence mobilisation, starting on 4th July 2008 with a call for as many regular, decentralised food sharing/ independent local governance meetings as possible, political picnics converging outside eg American embassy, local town halls, ASDA, Tescos, BBC and/or other prominent, politically relevant places, basically wherever people and groups think most appropriate. Ideally throughout the country and even spreading the word overseas, inspiring others to do the same : as a means of building a decentralised coalition in context of Civil Liberties election (here in the UK, in Yorkshire) on 10th July, but also because of the urgent need for a joined up, grassroots democratic movement (hence,
Zapatista-inspired ‘Other Campaign’) in response to the US inspired neo-liberal superstate that is the EU.

We are thinking to call this, ‘subsidiarity’ which is/was an original EU principle (now forgotten) which said that any decisions that can be taken at the local level, wherever possible should be.



The London Fete against the G8

for freedom of movement, the freedom to protest and equal rights for all !

On the 5th of July 2008, people all around the world will protest against the G8 summit 2008 in Japan. The G8 is a co-ordination for the interests of Global Capitalism and the wealthy north who benefit from it.

Globalisation has created huge movements of people to the centres of capitalism. However whilst capital – money and commodities – has been granted ever-expanding freedom of movement, the movement of
workers as migrants is subject to increasingly complex and brutal systems of control.

Militarisation of the borders, raids on communities and work places, the expansion of migrant prisons and deportation centers, restrictive visa regimes and the revival of nationalist fears and hate are all being used
to segregate, divide and weaken the working class. Along with building the border regime, governments restricted the possibilities of assembly, protest and any form of dissent wherever possible.

In Britain today, the role of managing and policing this system to benefit the rich is carried out by the UK Border Agency (formerly known as BIA), an executive agency of the Home Office in the United Kingdom.

Lunar House, a massive twenty-storey office block in Croydon, South London is the headquarters of the UK Border Agency. Just over the street there is Electric House, a reporting centre, where hundreds of asylum
seekers visit everyday from miles away to fulfil their reporting obligations’. They are often arrested on the spot, there are holding facilities ( short-term prisons) where asylum seekers are being kept until they get transferred to an immigration removal centre.

London NoBorders is calling for actions against the UK Border Agency. It is time to join forces, for freedom of movement, the freedom to protest and equal rights for all !


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