Rampart and Bowl Court Newsletter – 17 June 2008

Unfortunately it would appear that our days at Bowl Court are numbered after losing the court case last thursday, 12th June. The David vs Goliath case was clearly motivated by Hammersons desire to prevent the new social centre becoming a hub for the local campaigns against their proposed development for the area, the biggest development in London since Docklands in the eighties. So, this is a callout for anyone able to help out to drop us a line or pop in for a cuppa. Also, if you have any photos of the space can you please get in contact as a few people are looking to put on a photo exhibition of Bowl Court whilst the space still remains.

== So now on to the events at Bowl Court and Rampart ==


8PM – 11PM @ Bowl Court

[[Asylum Speakers Speak Out! and Film Night]]

Asylum seekers and refugees tell their experiences. This will be a community circle not a stage. Speakers needed.

Films: After Sangatte by Oscar Beard
Still Human, Still Here: A.I. film on the plight of destitute asylum seekers
Real Harm: Schnews on the No Borders protest at Harmondsworth 2007
Land of No Return by Rachel Stevenson and Harriet Grant

Some free food provided, but feel free to bring more and share!


7PM @ Bowl Court

[[Free Skool]]

This weeks meeting combines a workshop on meetings with the meeting itself. From 7 – 8:30pm methods of facilitating meetings will be discussed and then this will be put in to practice with a half hour to an hour meeting for organising the free skool itself. Ideas for workshops/discussions/skillshare welcome as always.


8PM – 2AM @ Bowl Court
A benefit gig for green scare prisoner Eric McDavid, recently sentenced to 20 years in prison for ‘conspiracy to commit arson’ on a genetics lab in the USA (more info at www.supporteric.org), and, depending on how far the proceeds go, also for the vegan prisoners

support group (www.vpsg.org). The following bands will be performing;
Hello Bastards-(www.myspace.com/hellobastardsxxx) -ve+ganarchist
hardcore punk/thrash
F.T.O.-(www.myspace.com/ftodonotplaymetal) -anarcho hardcore punk
Waste Away-(www.myspace.com/wasteawayhc) -political melodic hardcore


8PM – 2AM @ Bowl Court

A benefit night for political prisoners in Atenco with films, cabaret, bands, DJs and Mexican food.

On 3 and 4 May, 2006 more than 2,500 state and federal Mexican police arrived at the small town of San Salvador Atenco, Mexican State, to repress members of a social movement (People’s Front in Defence of Land, FPDT) protesting in support of local flower sellers who had been displaced from their traditional place of work because the government was planning to build a Wall Mart there. Another reason for this big repression was that in 2002 the people from Atenco organised in People’s Front in Defence of Land (FPDT) and resisted the forced displacement from their community to make way to a new Mexico City airport. The FPDT supports the Zapatista’s Other Campaign which seeks to connect all of the anticapitalist movements all over Mexico.

During this violent police repression which was ordered by the Mexican State governor, Enrique Pena Nieto and then Mexican Republic president, Vincente Fox;

A 14 year old boy and a student were killed
207 people (including 10 miners) were victims of cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment
145 were arbitrarily arrested
26 women suffered sexual assault
5 foreigners, in addition to the violence inflicted on them, were illegally expelled from the country

Now, 2 years later, there has been no political responsibilities admitted and no police officers brought to justice for their crimes committed. However, there are still 16 people held in prison. 3 of them in the maximum security prison of Altiplano, all accused of kidnapping and attacks on the general means of communication and sentenced to 67 years. 13 are in prison Molino de Las Flores, in Texcoco, Mexico State.

The FPDT and all their supporters demand the freedom of all political prisoners and the punishment of political and police responsibilities.
They continue their struggle against capitalism and the defence of the land.



7PM @ Bowl Court

[[An informal report and discussion on the Rog Social Centre in Ljubljana]]

Members of the Rog collective will present on the current state of affairs in an occupied factory in Ljubljana currently under threat by local government. Rog is a completely furnished, programmatically innovative and well visited concert hall, circus and gallery. The social centre holds regular meetings and weekly discussions with workers living in boarding houses, activists from the asylum seekers home, people without papers, detained in the detention centre in Postojna, the erased citizens of Slovenia and others who recognise the creative, organisational and resistance potential of Rog. The temporary users of Rog represent an inexhaustible wealth of knowledge and experience. In many ways they have become an example to other autonomous spaces of independent art and cultural, intellectual and social activities both in Slovenia and in Europe.

The Rog factory proves that it is possible to organize life and labour without concessions to privilege and profit demanded by the capitalist city management and the advancing eradication of public spaces, including institutions of art, culture, education and social activities. As an active site of occupation, Rog’s users denounce all forms of eradication of such places and stand committed to defending them.

The event follows a meeting of European Social Center’s meeting to be held at ROG, 20-21-22 June
More information at:

== And events you might be interested in elsewhere ==


6:30PM @ Crossroads Women’s Centre

“Kenia & her family”

International Video Cafe + Q&A

A candid, comic and moving film by a lesbian couple who decide to have a child, their sperm donor, and everyone’s families and friends…

Followed by
Q&A with Sara Williams (Global Women’s Strike, Barcelona)
& Strike supporter Cristina Carles.

Sara and Julia, the film’s lesbian mother, are part of a coalition of mothers and other carers who won financial support from the Spanish government for caring work within the family.
Crossroads Women’s Centre, 230ª Kentish Town Rd
London NW5 2AB
All welcome, fully wheelchair accessible

Entrance: £2 unwaged £4 waged
No one turned away for lack of funds

Contact: Wages Due Lesbians & Global Women’s Strike
Tel: (020) 7482 2496
wdl@allwomencount.net www.globalwomenstrike.net
“Kenia & her family”

The film shows the vital experience of a lesbian couple, Julia and Aida who love each other and who decide, like any other couple, to have a baby, carried by one of them. Julia and Aída decide to look for a natural father in their circle of friends and finally a gay couple agree
to be donors. In this way Julia becomes pregnant. The camera faithfully follows the course of events during four years and submerges itself in the daily life of these two women. The documentary also introduces other secondary characters: the mothers of the couple, Julia’s brother and many others who express their ideas in favour and against this experience.

“A sister Ingrid, with Downs Syndrome, goes to live with them, an event that is expressed with tenderness, as is the baby in the biological father’s arms, or the dog leaning on Julia’s tummy.” Gay Barcelona 2005

Director Llorenç Soler, Coproducción de Canal +, Área de Televisió y TV3

More information: www.areatv.es/kenia/index.htm


Open Day from 1PM

Marsh Lane Fields, Marsh Lane, off Church Rd. Leyton E15 – cycles/pedestrains via Orient Way

Manor Gardening Society allotments, evicted from the olympic site October 2007. Temporarily relocated.

Come along and visit us at Marsh Lane, enjoy Sam Clark and Reg & Hassans food and discuss the issues of the relocation and the Olympic legacy plans.

All welcome, for info www.lifeisland.org


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