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(q~oo~p) Rampart & Bowl Court Newsletter – 3rd June 2008 (q~oo~p)


Bowl Court Social Centre is facing a threat of eviction with court proceedings taking place on Wednesday 4th June from 2:30pm at Shoreditch and Clerkenwell County Court. If we lose then there is a high possibility of those nasty high court bailiffs being booked which would mean a much sooner eviction so watch this space. Please come and get involved and help us out. We will be sending a second email this week as an update on the result, but why not come along to the post-court cafe celebrations/commiserations to find out what has happened first-hand?

There is still time to ‘pop in’ an objection letter to the council about the planning application for the Rampart Social Centre.. deadline is Thursday 5th June 2008. Objection is for Application No: PA/08/00813 and No: PA/08/00814

Send those objections online through the TowerHamlets website comment function;jsessionid=F2?postcode=E1+2la

or by email to:

And it’s no surprise that this Friday is the Rampart 4th Birthday party! It would be great to see you all there so try and come if you can.

(~*~) Upcoming events (~*~)

Wednesday 4th June 6pm @ Bowl Court

Post court cafe celebrations/commiserations from 6pm onwards with feedback from the proceedings
Followed by FILM NIGHT on repossession of homes in the United States, the housing crisis and squatting.


Thursday 5th June 6.30pm @ Bowl Court

from 6:30pm onwards the free skool group will be meeting for the second time to plan and organise future skill/knowledge shares and workshops. If you have any suggestions, would like to get involved or keep updated on the goings on please email


Thursday 5th June 8pm @ Bowl Court

On 5th of June the Radical Bike Group London will do another Bike Film Night at the bowl court squat starting at 8pm, movie starting 8:30pm.

We’ll show “Even the Girls“ (, “Bike Like you mean it” ( and maybe some more + we serve tea and some cake. Feel free to bring along bikes, friends, flatmates, neighbors, cake, snacks, drinks or even movies to share as well.
After the screening we will have a bike sound system supported nightly bike ride.



Friday 6th June 7.30pm @ Rampart

rampART’s 4th birthday
Anniversary celebration spectacular

BYO electric!
Fundraising for the Social Centre seed fund

Our favourite community creative centre and social space, the rampART is – despite threats from all sides – still alive. Therefore we want it’s 4th birthday anniversary to be a gorgeous celebration spectacular on the 6th of June. doors open at 7:30pm.

We will have an open house presenting the rampART at it’s best:
– with fabulous films and footage, snippets and slideshows from 4 years rampART
– poetic social- political rants and spoken word performers
– fantastic cabaret and cabaretesque accoustic music
– jam session and live music of rampART’s most loved bands
– dressing up, face painting, arty- crafty creativities
– tea bar, vegan food and drink

Everything is by suggested donations:
All proceeds for the social centre seed fund. This is meant to spawn new social centres and help them to get started. There will be more info on the event.

Don’t miss it! It will be the last one… :’(


Friday 6th June 7.30pm @

Dissident Island broadcast
The next show, broadcasting on June 6th, is coming together nicely. We have the radical bike group coming onto the show and lined ourselves up a wicked DJ, but you’ll have to come back to check out her name, as well as what else is on the show.


Saturday 7th June 3pm @ Bowl Court

Food Not Bombs will be cooking in the newly made, and honourably named – ‘Pirate Cafe’ (, kitchen at Bowl Court and serving somewhere nearby.


Tuesday 10th June 7pm @ Bowl Court


The documentary illustrates the environmental disaster caused by illegal dumpings which have polluted what once was one of the most fertile countryside in Europe. In Campania, the region of Naples, Camorra, the local mafia has made incredible earnings disposing industrial waste around the sprawling suburbia. After fifteen years of emergency and of conflict between state and local communities on the
issue of new landfill sites and incinerators, the region is on its knees. The authors – Esmeralda Calabria, Andrea D’Ambrosio and Peppe Ruggiero – show the responsibility of local entrepeneurs and politicians in the disaster and the rebellion of the local population. The story which they narrate, while reflecting the grim situation of Campania and Italy, is also a warning about the risks faced by many other regions, in a world on the verge of environmental collapse.


Thursday 12th June 7pm @ Bowl Court

Palestinian Film Night

A benefit film night for Anna Wajda, a Polish activist, coordinator of Palestine solidarity group “Viva Palestyna” in Poland.
In October of 2007 she was arrested in West Bank by Israeli authorities. While in prison Anna asked an Israeli lawyer known for defending Palestinians and international human rights activists for assistance. The benefit would help cover the cost of the lawyer’s intervention.

Two films will be shown preceded by an introduction from Anna’s friends:

– Gaza Strip is a 2002 documentary film by James Longley which records events taking place in 2001 during the Second Intifada. The film focuses on 13-year-old Mohammed Hejazi, a second-grade dropout the filmmaker encountered at the Karni crossing in the Gaza Strip, where Palestinian children often gather to throw stones.

– Shebab Daiya is a 2003 documentary film with real footage from Palestine: house demolitions, running from Israeli tanks, random shooting, defying the curfew, and interviews with Palestinians. The film was compiled from footage shot by European activists working in Palestine August 2002 to February 2003. During this period the West Bank and Gaza Strip suffered multiple invasions and a constant state of occupation by the Israeli Army. The film was made by videographers working with International Solidarity Movement (ISM).

£3 suggested donation

(~9~) Events elsewhere (~6~)

Thursday 5th June, 4pm to 7pm @ Queen Mary University of London

* The Art of Rent / A series of open seminars *
Final seminar

Room 4.08, Francis Bancroft Building
Queen Mary University of London, Mile End
STEFANO HARNEY – Queen Mary University of London
JUDITH REVEL – Sorbonne University, Paris
ALBERTO DE NICOLA – ESC atelier occupato, Roma (
RAUL SANCHEZ – UniNomada, Madrid (
The Art of Rent is a cycle of 4 meetings that started in January at Queen Mary University of London. This series of public seminars was open to everyone: our experiment with the academic structures to build a sort of open university. Open to London, to everybody who live here or pass through this metropolis. We tried to take the word “metroversity” literally and experiment a metropolitan space inside the university’s space itself.

Working with researchers such as Vercellone, Marazzi, Martin, Lapavistas, Mezzadra, Wills, and Biao, we expanded new research tracks like: the “becoming rent of profit” and the new forms of rent within the knowledge economy; the suprime crisis and the financialisation of the everyday life; the political, temporal and spatial redefinition of the border dispositif in the era of globalisation.
With the fourth and final seminar we want to outline a political research around the new apparatuses of governance and the production and institution of the common. On the 5th of June, in an attempt to establish a European network, we will try to mix academic theory with concrete examples of new political institutions, such as Uninomada in Madrid and ESC Aterlier Occupato in Rome.

The Art of Rent series will have a follow-up in November 2008 with a two-day event on the question of metropolis and immaterial labour.
All the material, video and audio of these 4 seminars will be available on a free DVD. To receive a copy, contact:


Monday 9th June 7pm @ St.Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace


Nearest tube Liverpool Street (Central Line)
Entrance by Donation


7.30 Kim Moody (University of Hertfordshire), author of “New York from Welfare
State to Real Estate” will talk about regime change in New York City since
the 1970s, and draw on contemporary struggles in New York City against
gentrification and working class displacement.

8.00 Doreen Massey (Open University), author of “World City” will examine the
similarities and differences between London and New York and analyse the
regional, national and international consequences of London as a centre of
finance capital.

8.30 Questions, Discussion and Summing-up
Chaired by Michael Edwards (Kings Cross Railway Lands Group)

9.20 Short Break


9.30 OPEN FORUM on current glocal struggles in London
Chaired by Pauline Rowe (Defend Queens Market Campaign, Newham)

10.30 Close


(Looks like we don’t count as one of ‘London’s best-known squatted social centres’ but we’ll advertise it anyway!)

Wednesday 11th June – 7pm @ Housmans bookshop

Squatting London
Housmans bookshop, 5 Caledonian Road, King’s Cross, N1 9DX

For decades the squatting of vacant property has played an important role in the history of London; from the mass squatting by families who lost their homes in the blitz of World War Two, to the recent squatting by homeless migrant workers. But London’s squat scene has also been a hotbed of political resistance, not least in the squatted social centres that today provide one of the few spaces in our city where counter-culture flourishes untainted.

Representatives from three of London’s best-known squatted social centres, Hackney Social Centre, 56a Info-shop, and Wominspace, will be hosting an informal talk at Housmans to discuss the current state of the squat scene, to share experiences on resisting eviction, and to give advice on how to set up your own squat successfully.

(~^~) Announcement (~>~)

This is a callout to all women and trans-folk that would like to be involved in a weekend of workshops around diy-squatting. We plan to take advantage of all the usual challenges that semi-derelict buildings pose as a platform for sharing our knowledge, skills, and experience in all the tasks related to opening and maintaining a healthy and happy squat!

These are all the areas that have thought of so far, but more ideas are always welcome:
Security- doors/locks etc
Dealing w/ cops/owners- talk about experience/share tactics
Women/Trans specific squatting- open discussion
Alternative energy

All levels of experience in any of the above areas are welcome (you don’t need to have a degree in plumbing to know how to unblock a pipe and share this knowledge with others!).
And even if you have no experience in any of the practical, diy-related areas, we also hope to have a platform to share experiences, stories and advice related to all aspects of squat-living from a trans/woman’s perspective, so all experience counts.
Please get in touch if you’d like to help out at all in organising this weekend – We’ll need help finding a suitable space and preparing it for the weekend, publicising the gathering, and then running workshops on the weekend itself. We’ll also need help collecting and preparing food, and hopefully running a creche.
We hope to hold this gathering on the weekend of the 26th – 27th June.
You can e-mail us at
Please spread the word!
In spanner-brandishing solidarity

<<See you soon>>

Don’t forget the collective meets every Monday at 7pm at Bowl Court. You will find Bowl Court off Plough Yard which is next to the Drunken Monkey at the junction of Shoreditch Hight St and Great Eastern Street.


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