13th May ‘a little piece of liberty’ newsletter

> Summary
Diners Club / Activist Networking Social - this Weds 14th, 7pm
Intersquat London pre-meeting - this Thursday 15th, 8pm
Radical Theory Group - Friday 30th 6pm
Dissident Island - this Friday 16th, 9pm
Anarcho-Feminists meeting Sunday 18th
Five Ring Circus Weds 21st
City of Sun Art Exibition, 23rd - 25th
Opposing planning permission for Rampart St
Early notice of ramPARTY, 6th June
Wed 14th, 7pm, Bowl Court Liberty Zone

We've been threatening for ages to put on a radical assembly, an
opportunity to for activists in London and beyond to speak about
campaigns they are involved
in and learn about other projects taking place.

Well it's already happening and you are hereby invited to the 2nd
Interactive Diners Club!

This is a social and networking event for activists that takes the
form of a go-round where everybody present gets to introduce
themselves and the campaigns or projects they are involved in.
Everyone then tucks into food and everyone gets to chat, plot and

The idea is to inspire and re-energise each other, form new links,
strengthen old alliances, share skills and resources, raise awareness
and get people involved. Those who experienced the original pre CJA
Interactive Diners Club in the early nineties, the RTS meetings or the
late 90's London Underground meetings etc. will know what kind of
thing to expect.

It takes place on WED 14TH MAY, 7pm at the new squatted social centre
in Shoreditch. The address is 6 Bowl Court, off Plough Yard which is
next to the Drunken Monkey at the junction of Great Eastern Street and
Shoreditch High Street. Nearest tubes are Old Street and Liverpool

Please bring (vegan) food to share along with leaflets, flyers,
posters etc for upcoming events.

It is hoped that these assemblies will happen every month at different
autonomous spaces around London. Please network this widely to make it
> Anti-Olympics Film Screening
@Bowl Court, Norton Folgate Liberty Squat  ;-) 
Wednesday May 21, 2008 @ 8:00 pm

Film Showing "Five Ring Circus" (http://www.thefiveringcircus.com)
A film on the campaigns against the 2010 Olympics in Canada with
someone from the film for Q&A/discussion.
> Pre InterSpace meet up
Following on from the last international squat and autonomous spaces
meeting in Dijon, France last November, comes the second meeting: this
time on the outskirts of Berlin, 24th - 26th May 2008

Some of the rampART collective will be attending the. If you would
like to contribute something but cannot go, we are having a
pre-meeting to discuss this at 6 Bowl Court, on Thursday 15th at 8pm.
> Radical Theory Reading Group
Friday May 30th at Bowl Court, 6pm

The readings for the next meeting are both by RD Laing: Ch 1 of The
Divided Self ('The Existential-Phenomenological Foundations for a
Science of Persons') and Ch 1 of The Politics of Experience and the
Bird of Paradise ('Persons and Experience').

Downloads here:
Broadcasting from Bowl Court, this weeks show features an interview
with someone from Keep it in the Ground talking about actions against
a new coal mine being planned in Derby, as well as someone from the
Lakenheath Action Group talking about 'Three strikes and you're out'
which is part of a larger campaign for the withdrawal of US bombs from
Britain. We'll have an activist from the Industrial Workers of the
World (IWW) in to talk to us about getting organised at work, upcoming
events and campaigns, and the relevance of trade unions in today's
society. And, we have DJ Slippahz on the decks with some dubstep later
too....so it promises to be a wicked show.

Tune in on Friday from 9pm on www.dissidentisland.org

Or, if you miss it, you can download the show from our
site....available from Saturday.
> City of the Sun, art exhibition 23rd, 24th, 25th
@Bowl Court
With London as the theme, the works depict some of the many possible
ways to live this city from different points of view that usually are
not represented by the mainstream. "Many of us came here not long ago
from other countries. What are we looking for? What sort of dreams are
we trying to make real? Why have we left our ''cities of sun'' behind?
As foreigners we usually keep strong links with our countries of
origin. As a consequence we look at London without forgetting what is
happening simultaneously in other parts of the world and with a
special attention for what is different from what we were used to,
back home. Is the urban space meeting the needs of its inhabitants?
Our artworks are our way to deal with the many dysfunctional elements
of this city and with the extreme sense of alienation that we often
experience in the disorientating geography of London."

Friday 6pm -12 opening, drinks and djs
Sat 1pm - 12 with live music from 6pm
Sun 1pm - 12 sound performance and video
> Other News
> Early notice of ramPARTY
6th June - @ Rampart Street
ramPARTY for the 4TH anniversary of the creation of the rampART social
centre - films, cabaret, performances, poetry, bands. Possibly a
benefit to start a seed fund for new social centers or a social center
fighting fund.

(Planning meeting 2 pm Fri 16th in rampart street.)

Which reminds me. In the last newsletter we mentioned plans to compile
a book about the four years of the rampART as a way of recording our
history and experiences. If you have something you would like to
contribute; a Rampart related story to tell, photographs, old flyers,
advice, how-to-guides, etc. then email us. Photos and video would be
great as we can produce some kind of a presentation for the 4th
> Planning rampARTS demise
Developers have put in an application for change of use and
redevelopment of 15-17 Rampart Street, the warehouse that has been
home to the rampART social centre for the last four year. Objections
must be submitted by 28th May (although this deadline is unlawfully
short as the notices only went up on the 8th). Please email us if
you'd like to write an objection. More details next week on or
> Welcome to the Liberty Zone
Speaking of objectionable developments, the campaign against the
construction of 645,000 square feet of skyscraper offices, 310 flats
and a hotel behind Bowl Court has stepped up a notch with residents
declaring an ancient right to self-determination!

Maps in the City of London Guildhall Library show the neighbourhood
has the status of a distinct district with liberty and independence
from central planning law in the capital. Although this was meant to
have been rescinded, documents have been discovered that apparently
question whether the little piece of liberty might still stand.

Madness singer Suggs is to release an album called The Liberty of
Norton Folgate (http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=111508026&blogID=393664545
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXFJVsjpfg8) and we're tempted to
consider appropriating the term to name our still nameless social

see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norton_Folgate
> Phone and Net at Bowl Court
Finally, as mentioned last week, we've been working on providing phone
and internet at the new place without the need to install a fixed line
and contract. That's now done.... it's good to talk  ;-) 

The geeks among you can call 30130392@voipfone.co.uk for free via SIP
using a softphone like X-lite on your computer or a hardware IP phone.

Normal humans can simply phone 05601 034560
(calls charged at 5p/min daytime, 2p/min evening and ~1p/min weekends from BT)

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