The clock is ticking and evictions of both rampART and RAMpart2 approaching

The clock is ticking and evictions of both rampART and RAMpart2 approaching

The possession order originally granted for the 3rd of Jan is now active and
the owners may now get a warrant to enforce an eviction with bailiffs. This
could be within two or three weeks although this is just a guess and we’ll know
more in a day or two.

We are very keen to hear about possible empties anywhere in london that might
be suitable for a new space. It needs to be fairly central with good public
transport, a similar size to the current buildings, have some large rooms
inside or the potential to make large rooms, outside space such as a yard or
accessible flat roof would be great and parking highly desirable as we’re going
to have to be shifting a whole bunch of stuff in by van. Email us details of
anything you think we should know about ASAP. Thanks.

Note: We have loads of stuff at rampART that we may not have time to relocate.
If you or your campaign needs any of the following, please let us know :
fridges, freezers, electric cookers, microwave, washing machine, computers,
laser printers, electric heaters, fabric, paint etc. We’ll try to save as much
as we can but that depends on how soon we can find a new building and start
moving stuff.


If you have a mobile phone and would like to stay informed about any
urgent call outs regarding eviction threats or holding down new spaces, please
subscribe to the free SMS alerts service by texting ‘follow londonscn’ to

You will receive a message in return and you should reply to that text as
instructed with a name of your choosing.

Subscribing will cost you the normal fee for sending two text messages
(probably 20pm in total) and there is no charge to receive the alerts.

You can unsubscribe at any time following the instructions that are texted
to you when you join up.



8pm *RampART Screening of Anti-War Documentary “Route Irish”
introduced by International Anti-War Resister Ciaron O’Reilly who seved 13
months in the U.S. prisons for his participation in the 1991 disarmament of a
B52 Bomber.

There will be a question, answer & discussion period with Ciaron following the
screening of this 90 minute film. The Indymedia Ireland/ Revolt Video film
documents the emergence of the Irish antiwar movement between 2002 and 2006 and
of the broad popular oppostion to the U.S. military use of Shannon Airport in
the build-up to, invasion of, and occupation of Iraq.

The documentary follows a loose network of activist groups, individuals and
politicians through the story of the rise, fracturing, sudden decline and then
disappearance of this movement. The film goes on to retrace the way their
combined efforts energies and strategies served to effecively tear away the
Republic of Ireland’s veneer of neutrality and non-alignment in the
post-September 11th. era of the “War on Terror”


> SATURDAY 1st March

Celebrating the struggle for social spaces and for freedom of movement with
another NoBorders benefit party

Refreshments, films, info stall, and – of course – music, featuring DJ Shorty,
x/rat’s & more

This is also the second national Day of Action for Freedom for Assembly
(more info )


RAMpart2 is in court after a new set of papers was served this week. The
hearing is both for an IPO and ordinary possession order and assuming they
actually bother to turn up this time we seem to have no defense beyond a few
technicalities. If they get the IPO then we’d be evicted Tuesday afternoon, 4th


Indymedia Training, 7pm

For those of you who want to get involved with Indymedia but are not too sure
how, or fancy knowing how it all works, or have gone all the way to an
indymedia meeting but it all sounded like a mix of spanish and chinese
to them… or simply want to know a bit more.

Please email so we have an idea of how many people might come
and keep you informed in case the venue changes. Also please do come prepared
with pen and paper so you can take notes of all the homework you will take with

you ;)

This is a vague outline of what’s usually talked about in these trainings:

history introduction, – why it was created
expansion – first stages
localisation – the uk site, london, relationships with the global site.

time allowing …

– how to write a [newswire] article
– how to edit pictures (gimp)- what formats to use, etc …
– appropriate formats for audio/video
– how to publish (the technical bit)
– irc for when things go wrong
– basic internet security, strictly for the very beginners, on how to use (and
why) encryption and/or secure connections
– any other thing you want to ask



In July 2008, heads of the states that monopolize two thirds of the earth’s
wealth will gather at Lake Toya in Hokkaido Japan. The so-called G8 is the
embodiment of the global governance that has consistently driven neo-liberal
reforms at the same time as spreading poverty, violence, hatred, segregation,
and environmental destruction across the globe.

This info-tour deals with the big issues in Japan and East Asia;
militarization, neoliberal reforms, free trade, society of control,
environment, minorities and linking to struggling people of the world.

The last stop of the tour is this Thursday 28th Feb, 4pm at LSE (room S421, the
St Clements Building). It’s possible that the people from the tour will be at
rampART thursday evening to give a presentation after the film screening.

This is a message to those subscribed to the rampART mailing list.
To sign-off of subscribe see
See for more info about the project and events.
15 Rampart Street, London E1 2LA (near Whitechapel, off Commercial Rd)
07050 618445

Text ‘follow londonscn’ to 07624801423 then reply with a name as instructed.


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