Update on rampART (1) and update on ram PART 2.

== Update on Rampart ==

Still trying to get our head round the legal process. Court been
messing us about, not sending us forms, claiming we haven’t filed
forms etc and today we learnt (by chance) that there is going to be a
hearing about the appeal on the 25th feb, 10am, although we haven’t
actually received official notification about this yet.

The hearing takes place at The Gee Street Courthouse, EC1 3PE
10am Monday 25th. Come along if you fancy, its good fun!

== Update on the new place ==

The space we opened new years eve has been served papers for an IPO
hearing on the 21st of february (this
thursday!!) It doesn’t look good, and if the IPO is granted it can be
all wrapped up in 24 hours…

This hearing takes place at The Gee Street Courthouse, EC1 3PE
at 2pm Thursday 21st. It will be over and done very quickly.

We are planning a resistance day on friday, see below.

So this is a call out to ask rampart users to come at the new place on
friday, bearing in mind that this could well be the last day of it!

The new place is just a few minutes down
Commercial Road from rampART, get in touch if you want to come along.


If you have a mobile phone and would like to stay informed about any
urgent news about the rampART and the new space eviction threat,
to the free SMS alerts service on twitter.

This will allow us to alert a large number of people very quickly should
there be an attempt to evict the social centre and hopefully enable
us to
mobilise enough people to make such attempts unsucessful.
To join, text ‘follow londonscn’ to 07624801423. You will
receive a message in return and you should reply to that text as
instructed with a name of your choosing.

Subscribing will cost you the normal fee for sending two text messages
(probably 20p in total) and there is no charge to receive the alerts.

We don’t run the service, it is provided by an american company (see
twitter.com). There are privacy implications but we don’t believe
they are significant in this particular context. If you are the paranoid
type, don’t sign up.

In the future, this service will be used to annouce events taking
place at
London Social Centres but currently it will only used for emergency
and callouts.

You can unsubscribe at any time following the instructions that are
to you when you join up.


++ TUESDAY 19TH ++

== Meeting for a Womin-Organised Space in London ==

8pm start Rampart (15/17 rampart st)

A Womin’s platform for speaking her mind…
This is a call out to as many womin as possible to meet up to
for a Womin-Organised Space in London, to be opened in time for
International Womin’s day on March 8th, and which we hope will last as
long as we can keep it up. Here we can organise from our bottoms up to
create a self-organised space, where we can share ideas, experiences,
knowledge, skills and time exploring the many common threads that run
through the lives of us womin-folk. So whether u fancy getting down n’
dirty with the pre-gathering fix it jobs, got bright ideas for
workshops, activities or events, or relish the idea of a safe and
peaceful rest space, come along to have your say!

Our next meeting is tues 19th feb, 8pm, at rampART, 15-17 rampart st.
To get in touch and find out about what we’re up to and when future
meetings will be, contact wominorganise@aktivix.org.

Ref’s to the word “womin” are transgender friendly, and include
that defines herself as a woman


== Film Screenings ==

Cinema night at rampART from 8pm as normal. Not sure which films yet
but it might be some shorts about Burma/Total followed by the new
Rambo film (IV).

++ FRIDAY 22TH ++

== Resistance day at RAMpart2 ==

2pm start , 22 Cavell Street

come and enjoy a friendly atmosphere with coffee, FIT, tea, bailiffs,
cakes, and police squads…

we’ll start the cafe at 2pm and progress into an all night party!


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