RampArt Newsletter for 11th of December 2007

@@@@@@ RampArt Newsletter for 11th of December 2007 @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Owwww…its Christmas….time to get festive…only 14 days til Xmas!….if it means anything to you….I had Brussell Sprouts today….(lots of vitamins, cut up and fried with garlic and curry spices….) Ok here we go with this weeks Newsletter….

>>>>>>>>>>The RampArt Free School<<<<<<<<<

Is going from strength to strength with lots of positive responses. We have a list of skills that people have contributed to and would like to share. We are starting in Jan 2008, every other Sunday from 3pm. If you have any skill you want to share (or learn), contact us and we’ll be more than happy to include you in the Free School 2008 program!!
contact: spadella[at ]no-log.org

Everyone is a specialist of something, and can share it with everyone else. Theoretical (science, politics, languages…) or practical (electricity, building, sports…) knowledge are welcome. Even if you are not an expert the free school is place for shared learning as well as teaching.

We will be putting the skills up on the website soon, so please check and tick the skills you would like to learn…so we have an idea of how to organise ourselves.

@@@@@@@@@@ Not Another No Borders / Rampart Party. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

@@@@@@@@@@@ New Year’s Eve Party….@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Let us be the first to invite you to our New Year’s Eve Party! Its gonna be great and chilled out, with great music and nice people. We hope to have some unusual drinks like last time and food and just like last time its gonna be the best party in East London….and not posh at all…..(who started that posh rumour?). We will have more details in later newsletters….

>>>>>>>>>>>Regular Events<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


>>>>>>>>>>>Thursday Film Night<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>13th December 2007<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

@@@@@ Bicyclogy Film Night @@@@@@@@@

8:00 pm – 12:00pm

Come on down to see some great bike films and some discussion.

“The Humble Magnificent”: ‘the bike is a humble yet magnificent form of transport, and it symbolises a way of life that can be both fulfilling and sustainable.’

“The Winking Circle”: ‘The Winkers, a group of Uxbridge teens whose self-described mission is the “The Eccentrification of the World”. They
seek refuge from the bland consumerist homogeneity of suburbia through towering art bikes, home-made videos, public art projects, wacky stunts, and unbridled artistic self-expression’

Award winning films from the NUFF Global International Film Competition: ‘The Fridge’, ‘The Last Boy Riding’ and ‘No Progress’ Plus all kinds of other bike films, and a chance to chat about setting up a radical bike group and workshop space in London.





>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Alternative Homeopathic Drop-In. Reclaim Your Health <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Fridays 2PM – 6PM<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

If you ever wanted to go to a homeopathy, but were too scared/poor/nervous, then come to this one!! Maddie is a qualified homeopath and will give you help if you are ill or not. First time consultations can take up to 45-60 minutes, so if there are a few of you…it might be a while, so email first and come early!!! Or you could just risk it and come along. It really works, and Maddie is GREAT!

An Alternative Homeopathic Clinic focussed on empowering & enabling you to health. One-to-one consultations on a monthly basis. Remedies, Essences, Herbs & advice to take during the month.

How Much? £0. It’s an exchange or barter clinic. Bring whatever you
want. Eg. Skipped food, poetry, art, socks, a good book or an IOU!
reclaim[at ]homeopathy4health.co.uk

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Seated Acupressure Massage<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.Saturday 1st December 2007 12.30-3.30pm<<<<<<<<<<<

The RampArt are really elated to have a new therapy offered here…along with Hatha Yoga, Homeopathy, we can now offer all tired and combat-fatigued activists loving and to the point seated acupressure massage. Each session lasts approximately 20 minutes and is done whilst seated and fully clothed. If you would like to be massaged, please email Anne with a time slot that suits you. Sessions start at 12.30pm. Don’t be late for that massage date!

The sequence works to improve the flow of energy throughout the body and acts additionally on the muscular, nervous and circulatory systems. Over sixty acupressure points are included as well as specific trigger points. It is a revitalizing tonifying treatment and it promotes a sense of well being, in simple terms: it feels great!

Email Anne on cornudafr[at ]yahoo.fr

>>>>>>> Beginners Hatha Yoga with Jupiter in the Yellow Room<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>Saturday’s at 4pm – 5.30pm<<<<<<

Rampart brings you Hatha Yoga!! Bring loose clothing and a flexible mind and body. Shape up for the forthcoming winter months. Jupiter will enlighten your saggy spirits.

Hatha yoga is a balanced system of asanas/postures, conscious breathing and relaxation. The benefits from practice include increased flexibility, strength, energy flow, balance of the hormonal system and the mind. It is especially
beneficial during periods of stress and anxiety because of its re-energising and calming effects. The class is for beginners but is also suitable for more advanced practitioners as the intensity of practice is dependent on the
individual. Jupiter qualified as a yoga teacher from the Ananda Seva yoga programme in Finland. Ananda Seva takes its form of Hatha yoga from Shrii Shrii Ananda Murti, a spiritual leader and a renowned socio-economic theorist.

The Rampart Alternative Health Collective is getting bigger and stronger, if you would like to be part of this group and help expand the wonders of our own health advice and giving us back the control over our own bodies…please contact : smell.the.media [at]gmail.com


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