Rampart Newsletter for 5th of December, and not a day sooner

Rampart Newsletter for 5th of December, and not a day sooner

Hey, hope you’re all well and dandy.

Some quick notices:

– Call for skills to share at the Rampart Free School (starting in
January 2008)

As part of our DIY culture, we want to start a regular “free school”
event at Rampart from January 2008. It will happen every other Sunday,
starting at 3pm, ending time depending on the subject.

Everyone is a specialist of something, and can share it with everyone else.
Theoretical (science, politics, languages…) or practical (electricity,
building, sports…) knowledge are welcome. Even if you are not an
expert the free school is place for shared learning as well as teaching.

If you have any skill you want to share (or learn), contact us and we’ll
be more than happy to include you in the Free School 2008 program!!
contact: spadella@no-log.org

– Fortress Rampart, not like Europe’s borders but as in the ramparts of
a castle!!

We want to build a new front door for all the battering it has taken
from the local kids and people that just don’t accept a closed door in
their lives..

So it’s gotta be strong, so strong.. all thru the night..

For this ‘Mental Metal’ door we will need : loan of an ARC welder or MIG
welder, angle iron, nice strong hinges and metal sheet to clad it with.

Hopefully we’ll also fix the fire-exit which has been broken since
somebody tried to kick it in.

As always, any help you can offer with this sort of thing would be
greatly appreciated.


..:: Thursday 6th December <<8PM>> ::..

== Rampart Free Cinema ==

Bit of a surprise to you and us, as we have just received a new DVD in post titled ‘Media Circus, Camp for Climate Action 2007’. We’ve had no chance to view it yet but seeing as it’s the national climate march on Saturday we thought we’d screen the new film. Come along to share the marvel and/or horror of this new film. There will be a bunch of climate marchers around on the night so t could be interesting anyway.

..:: Friday 7th December <<2PM-6PM>> ::..

== Alternative Homeopathic Drop-In. Reclaim Your Health ==

Ever thought of Homeopathy? Well, now is your chance to try it. Maddie
is a qualified homeopath and will give you help if you are ill or not.
First time consultations can take up to 45-60 minutes, so if there are a
few of you…it might be a while, so try to email first and come early!!!
Or you could just risk it and come along. It really works, and Maddie is

An Alternative Homeopathic Clinic focussed on empowering & enabling you
to health. One-to-one consultations on a monthly basis. Remedies,
Essences, Herbs & advice to take during the month.

How Much? £0. It’s an exchange or barter clinic. Bring whatever you
want. Eg. Skipped food, poetry, art, socks, a good book or an IOU!

..:: Saturday 8th December <<4PM-6PM>> ::..

== Beginners Hatha Yoga ==

We have Yoga every Saturday at the RampArt. Bring loose clothing and a
positive mind and get ready to feel the great benefits that Yoga can
bring you.

Hatha yoga is a balanced system of asanas/postures, conscious breathing
and relaxation. The benefits from practice include increased
flexibility, strength, energy flow, balance of the hormonal system and
the mind. It is especially beneficial during periods of stress and
anxiety because of its re-energising and calming effects. The class is
for beginners but is also suitable for more advanced practitioners as
the intensity of practice is dependent on the individual. Jupiter
qualified as a yoga teacher from the Ananda Seva yoga programme in
Finland. Ananda Seva takes its form of Hatha yoga from Shrii Shrii
Ananda Murti, a spiritual leader and a renowned socio-economic theorist.


..:: Sunday 9th December <<12PM-3PM>> ::..

== Seated Acupressure Massage ==

Would normally be on a Saturday but this week Anne has to do Sunday this week.

Alternative Health has come a long way from the rhetoric of the past and
it has all come full circle now, with many practitioners gaining
multitudes of qualifications and experienced proof that it really
works!! With this in mind…the RampArt are really elated to have a new
therapy offered here…along with Hatha Yoga, Homeopathy, we can now offer
all tired and combat-fatigued activists loving and to the point seated
acupressure massage. Each session lasts approximately 20 minutes and is
done whilst seated and fully clothed. If you would like to be massaged,
please email Anne with a time slot that suits you. Sessions start at
12pm and every 20 minutes there-after till 3pm. Don’t be late for that
massage date!

The sequence works to improve the flow of energy throughout the body and
acts additionally on the muscular, nervous and circulatory systems. Over
sixty acupressure points are included as well as specific trigger
points. It is a revitalizing tonifying treatment and it promotes a sense
of well being, in simple terms: it feels great!

Email Anne on cornudafr@yahoo.fr

Alternative Health collective forming:

If there are any other interested people who would like to offer their
skills at the Rampart, please get into contact with us. Midwives on
babies, nutritionists, or anyone else out there who would like to be
part of the Rampart Alternative Health Corner. Help tired and beat-up
activists. Come to one of our Monday meetings and you will be embraced
with open arms!!


..:: Thursday 13th December <<3PM-6PM>> ::..

== Opening time at the Rampart ==

We are trying to have a regular opening time of the building, so that
people can get to know and enjoy the place peacefully. The building will
be open every Thursday (starting from the 13th of December), from 3pm to
6pm. Come and share a tea, a coffee, use the library or internet
resources etc.

..:: Thursday 13th December <<8PM>> ::..

== Bike film night ==


Various bike films and discussion, including screenings of:

The Humble Magnificent: ‘The bike is a humble yet magnificent form of
transport, and it symbolises a way of life that can be both fulfilling
and sustainable. This film follows our 2006 Roadshow, in which we toured
England, teaching people how to fix their bikes and discussing the
things we can all do to help fix the planet’

The Winking Circle: ‘The Winkers, a group of Uxbridge teens whose
self-described mission is the “eccentrification of the world”. They seek
refuge from the bland consumerist homogeneity of suburbia through
towering art bikes, home-made videos, public art projects, wacky stunts,
and unbridled artistic self-expression’

Award winning films from the NUFF Global International Film Competition:
‘The Fridge’, ‘The last boy riding’ and ‘No progress’
Plus all kinds of other bike films, and a chance to chat about setting
up a radical bike group and workshop space in london.

..:: Wednesday 19th December <<7PM-11PM>> ::..

== WANC christmas special ==

So the next cafe is on Wednesday 19th December and is a musical
extravaganza featuring Debbie Smith and her band The Nuns and the
welcome return of the infamous Bird La Bird.

If anyone is free on the morning of Wednesday 19th December and can
gather food from the skips in Vauxhall, or any other location, please
contact us, so we can add you to the text contact list.

..:: Friday 21st December ::..

== Ladyfest benefit ==

More info coming soon!

..:: Friday 28th December <<6PM>> ::..

== Radical Theory Reading Group ==

The next meeting will be on Friday 28th December (at 6pm) and we’ll be
reading part of Michel Foucault’s The History of Sexuality: An
Introduction (Part 1, ch 1, ‘We Other Victorians’ and part 4, ch 3
‘Domain’). Download here http://www.box.net/shared/static/mayveoz4ua.pdf.

E-mail Debbie (d.shaw@uel.ac.uk) for further info and enquiries.

Other stuff:
We now have a blog! http://radicaltheoryreadinggroup.blogspot.com/

..:: Every Monday <<7PM>> ::..

== Rampart collective meetings ==

Open meetings for the organising of the Rampart and anyone interested in
getting involved. Come and bring ideas, energy, skills and proposals for


Well you know already, Global Demonstration on Climate Change this
Saturday, London demo on December 8th assembles at 12 noon, at Millbank
(Westminster tube).

But also,

..:: Monday 10th December <<1PM>> ::..

== Join the Zapatista solidarity demo at Mexican Embassy! ==

The autonomous indigenous zapatista communities in Chiapas, Mexico are
under serious threat. Several are menaced with violent eviction, either
by the Mexican Army, by paramilitaries or by organisations armed and
funded by the state.
To show solidarity with the embattled zapatistas, supporters will
demonstrate at the Mexican Embassy in London on Monday 10th December.


1pm Monday 10th December
16 St. George Street
Hanover Square

Between Regent St and New Bond St
Nearest tube Oxford Circus (Bond St also close)

Break the silence! Bring things to make a noise!
Bring placards, banners and anything you would hope to find. This is a
DIY demo!

Organised by the UK Zapatista Network ukzapatistas.wordpress.com

..:: Tuesday 11th December <<7.30PM>> ::..

== Colombia Solidarity Campaign London public meeting ==

Coca-Cola’s Corporate Crimes: The Case of Colombia

7.30pm Tuesday 11th December
at the Apple Tree pub, 45 Mount Pleasant WC1

Update on CocaCola workers’ union Sinaltrainal’s heroic struggle against
the multinatinational’s ongoing brutal and ruthless attempts to ensure
it has no presence in the plants

With 9 trade unionists already murdered at Coca Cola plants in Colombia
the latest violent attack resulted in the son of a Sinaltrainal leader
being kidnapped and tortured at the end of September then dumped with a
death threat for his father

History of Coca-Cola’s links with the paramilitary death squads and the
latest on the global campaign against Coca Cola


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