This Weeks RampArt NEWSLETTER 27/11/07

This Weeks RampArt NEWSLETTER 27/11/07

Greetings and a warm RampArters hello to you all.  Hope you wrap up warm as you read this newsletter in your cold squat…but with internet access…of course…or maybe you pay through the nose to sit in your dump…Anyway, here is this weeks news.


Remember the RampArt meet every Monday at around 7pm for an Open meeting where you are invited to come and bring ideas, energy, skills and proposals for events to the RampArt collective.  At these meetings you are also welcome to sit and listen to hear of the organisational activities that happen as well as money issues.  You don’t have to stay through all of it though, as it can get boring, but stay if you want to!  We invite you to make RampArt the place you would like it to be.  We always need more help from intelligent souls who can make use of the space in a non profit, sharing, co-operative and nice way.  We also always need committed people to join us as collective members of the RampArt to help organise and run the space.  Come forward if you think you can do this!


@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Happening at the RampArt this Week @@@@@@@@@@@

>>>>>>>>>>>Ministry of the Housing Crisis<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>Thursday 29th November 2007   8pm<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

A Night of short film clips, feedback about various Housing Initiatives from around the world and debate.

We all know that housing in the UK is a fucking joke, especially in London, this week the London Housing Federation published Home Truths London: The Real Cost of Housing 2007-2012.  We live in a market fuelled by massive City bonuses and foreign investment which has pushed average house prices up by 161% since 1997, whereas average wages have increased by just 40% over the same period.  This disparity means that there are more than 21,000 households registered homeless in London, and that over 60,000 households live in temporary accommodation, staying in Bed and Breakfasts or short-term lodging.  The Ministry of the Housing Crisis was created in 2007 when three local groups working on housing rights occupied a building near the Paris Stock Exchange.

On Thursday 29th NOV 2007 at the Rampart Social Centre in London, we will be discussing some of the various actions and initiatives for the Right to the City around October 1st 2007 in Europe where various actors in cities around the world started a decentralized campaign for housing and land rights. Against social exclusion, homelessness and forced evictions, against the privatization of housing and public services, against the finance market driven globalization of our cities, towns and villages.  With short movie clips, pictures and words from the Parisian movement for the Right to Housing.

Please join us for a night of lively debate in which we all should have an opinion.  But it will only be lively if you turn up and speak up!

For archived info:

For other info:

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@  Regulars in the Health Corner  @@@@@@@@@@@@@

>>>>>>Alternative Homeopathic Drop-In. Reclaim Your Health<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>Fridays 2PM – 6PM<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Ever thought of Homeopathy? Well, now is your chance to try it.  Maddie is a qualified homeopath and will give you help if you are ill or not.  First time consultations can take up to 45-60 minutes, so if there are a few of you…it might be a while, so email first and come early!!! Or you could just risk it and come along.  It really works, and Maddie is GREAT!

An Alternative Homeopathic Clinic focussed on empowering & enabling you to health.  One-to-one consultations on a monthly basis. Remedies, Essences, Herbs & advice to take during the month.

How Much? £0. It’s an exchange or barter clinic. Bring whatever you want. Eg. Skipped food, poetry, art, socks, a good book or an IOU!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Seated Acupressure Massage<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.Saturday 1st December 2007 12.30-3.30pm<<<<<<<<<<<

Alternative Health has come a long way from the rhetoric of the past and it has all come full circle now, with many practitioners gaining multitudes of qualifications and experienced proof that it really works!! With this in mind…the RampArt are really elated to have a new therapy offered here…along with Hatha Yoga, Homeopathy, we can now offer all tired and combat-fatigued activists loving and to the point seated acupressure massage.  Each session lasts approximately 20 minutes and is done whilst seated and fully clothed.  If you would like to be massaged, please email Anne with a time slot that suits you.  Sessions start at 12.30pm.  Don’t be late for that massage date!

The sequence works to improve the flow of energy throughout the body and acts additionally on the muscular, nervous and circulatory systems. Over sixty acupressure points are included as well as specific trigger points. It is a revitalizing tonifying treatment and it promotes a sense of well being, in simple terms: it feels great!

Email Anne on

If there are any other interested people who would like to offer their skills at the Rampart, please get into contact with us.  Midwives on babies, nutritionists, or anyone else out there who would like to be part of the Rampart Alternative Health Corner.  Help tired and beat-up activists.  Come to one of our Monday meetings and you will be embraced with open arms!!


>>>>>>>> Beginners Hatha Yoga <<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>> Saturdays, 4pm <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

We have Yoga every Saturday at the RampArt.  Bring loose clothing and a positive mind and get ready to feel the great benefits that Yoga can bring you.

Hatha yoga is a balanced system of asanas/postures, conscious breathing and relaxation. The benefits from practice include increased flexibility, strength, energy flow, balance of the hormonal system and the mind. It is especially beneficial during periods of stress and
anxiety because of its re-energising and calming effects. The class is for beginners but is also suitable for more advanced practitioners as
the intensity of practice is dependent on the individual. Jupiter qualified as a yoga teacher from the Ananda Seva yoga programme in
Finland. Ananda Seva takes its form of Hatha yoga from Shrii Shrii Ananda Murti, a spiritual leader and a renowned socio-economic theorist.


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Radical Theory Reading Group <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Friday, November 30th 6.30pm <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

We’ll be reading selections from Emma Goldman’s writings .
Suggest ‘The Tragedy of Woman’s Emancipation’ and ‘Marriage and Love’ and anything else that you have time for.

Radical Theory Reading Group – A forum for informal discussion of radical ideas and utopian visions which might lead to strategies for
social change. We read philosophers, social theorists and mad visionaries with no particular agenda other than to fire our
imaginations, unleash our desires and provide a space where knowledge can be free. Some come to express themselves, others just to listen.  Everyone is welcome. Readings are chosen on an ad hoc basis so everyone
gets a chance to propose a topic for discussion. Just turn up and join in.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Dissident Island Disks <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Friday 30th November 2007 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

There’s a new radio crew in town, and they are here at the RampArt and they are damn good….check them out here….Listen to the latest, most happening and alternative stuff to hit the internet airwaves….

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>An ‘Occupied London’ Benefit Gig<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Sat 1st Dec 2007  from 7pm <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Get your parteeee socks on and hat and gloves and the rest….cos its gig night this Saturday and it looks like it’s gonna be an excellent night, come along and listen to some great tunes and support a great cause.

‘Occupied London’ is a new Quarterly Anarchist Journal of Theory and Action from the British Capital After the Empire.  The first issue of the journal came out in March 2007; around 800 copies were printed, most of which are now gone. You can read the journal online at

Confirmed line-ups from….

– Ras Simeon Judah (hip hop from a Rasta perspective), -The Skints (furious melodic ska-punk action), -Refuse/All (kicking punk rock back into the 21st century), -MC Chickpea (chicken-burger stylee), -Eltham John (up for it like the earl of Rochester), -Carrot Audio ( a.k.a Terra Audio), -Two Mini DJ’s (first official outing of the terrible two-some)
£5 suggested donation.  Come early, have more fun…


@@@@@@@@@@@@ Other Stuff Happening @@@@@@@@@@@@@@

>>>>>>>>>Book Launch of Jon Sack’s new comic book ‘IRAQI OIL FOR BEGINNERS'<<<<
about the past and present thefts of Iraq’s oil by Shell, BP and friends.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>FRIDAY, 30th NOVEMBER, LONDON: 7pm<<<<<<<<<<<<

Housmans Bookshop, 5 Caledonian Road, London N1 9DX (tube: King’s X). Organised by Housmans and Voices. Free drinks and snacks!.

Prior to the 2003 invasion of Iraq, ‘No War for Oil’ (and its variants) was a popular anti-war slogan.  Just as routine have been the official denials that oil played any role in the decision to invade. Indeed, Foreign Office minister Kim Howells recently denounced ‘conspiracy theorists’ who had the temerity to suggest that Britain had used its position as an occupying power to ‘skew’ Iraq’s draft oil law (see p.5) ‘to suit western oil companies.’

One of the reasons why such statements cannot be taken at face value is that we have been here before.  Indeed, as Jon Sack describes at length in his excellent new comic book history Iraqi Oil for Beginners, it was Britain’s invasion of Iraq during WWI (and the subsequent occupation) that allowed western companies to seize control of the country’s oil – control that was not fully relinquished until the early 70s. Then, as now, the British proclaimed loftier motives for their actions.  Spanning the period from Britain’s 1908 discovery of oil in Iran, right up to the current day, this is a dense but cleverly-laid-out work that manages to present a complex mass of material – material that should be part of every anti-war activists’ background knowledge – in as painless a form as possible.

An ideal Xmas present for an anti-war activist, or anyone who likes comics …

This illustrated guide supports the Hands Off Iraqi Oil Campaign. Please see:

If you don’t make it to the Book Launch, copies are also available from Izzy at or Voices at £3 per copy (or £2 per copy for orders of five or more). If from Voices: + £1 p&p. Send cheques (made payable to ‘Voices in the Wilderness’) to: Voices UK, 5 Caledonian Road, London N1 9DX. Please specify how many comics you would like.


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