The RAMPART Newsletter – 14th November

The RAMPART Newsletter – 14th November

Hey, sorry for a late newsletter this week we have been really busy.

There is still time to write letter of objection against the planning application for the rear of Rampart Street (not the Rampart social centre itself but the row of houses next to it)

Further information at:

Rampart Feature on Indymedia:

EVENTS at the Rampart : No cinema this week, instead..

This THURSDAY 15th November____7PM

@___DIY punk distros gig

Fall of Efrafa
Leftist epic crust from Brighton

Battle of Wolf 359
Sludgy, thrashy, screamy politcal hardcore from London

End the Agony
Cathartic hardcore from Brighton

Vegan food, distros and bands.
Doors from 7pm, donations please.
All profits will go to causes.


This FRIDAY 16th November____2PM – 6PM

@___Alternative Homeopathic Drop-in

– Reclaim Your Health –

An Alternative Homeopathic Clinic focussed on empowering & enabling you to health.
One-to-one consultations on a monthly basis. Remedies, Essences, Herbs & advice to take during the month.

Every Friday: 2pm – 6pm

How Much? £0. It’s an exchange or barter clinic. Bring whatever you want. Eg. Skipped food, poetry, art, socks, a good book or an IOU!


Also on this FRIDAY 16th November____8PM

@___’Papers For All’ Fundraiser

Freedom of Movement and the Right To Stay

‘Papers for All’ came out of the need to make people aware of the struggles that immigrants are put through in the UK.

The ‘Papers for All’ coalition has been reaching out to immigrant groups in order for them to contribute towards a paper written solely by migrants. This paper is to be distributed throughout London.

This paper (titled ‘Papers for All) gives the opportunity to collect experiences of migration throughout different parts of the community. It will present a unified and cohesive network of migrant rights groups.

This is what is necessary if we are to build our movement.


There will be a fundraising party on Friday November 16th at the RAMPART SOCIAL CENTRE in Whitechapel.

Music and dance from around the world: SOFIA BUCHUCK(Peruvian Singer), DEMONS IN PARADISE (electro acoustic) RUBEN H & THE LANDING SKY (indie rock) & ABLEDEI UK (African Drumming & Dance).

£5 suggested donation


And again this FRIDAY 16th November____starting roughly 9PM

@___Dissident Island Discs

This Fridays show will feature one of our favourite actors Rob on
Dissident Island Discs. Interviews with groups from Ireland giving us the
low down on some happenings across the water. An interview with Dan Glass
from environmental group Eco-Uni. We will also have the world premiere of
the hotly anticipated “Party Tits”, an epic radio play about tits. On the
wheels of steel we’ll have Dj some-guy playin some breaks. We do of course
have a few tricks up our sleeves so tune in for thee radio event of the
fortnight! Friday 9 until whenever we finish…
do join us

Radical radio at Rampart :


This SATURDAY 17th November____5PM – 7PM

@___RampArt Users Meeting

Nobody has any idea how much longer the building in Rampart Street will remain occupied and utilized as a radical autonomous space, but as one of the few social centers in London the collective running the rampART are keen to make the most of it and would like to hear peoples views and ideas about the social center and how it is being run.

On Saturday 17th (starting at 5pm till 7pm), there will be a user consultation meeting.

Unlike the weekly collective meetings this one is not about practical matters or events booking. It will not be a decision making meeting but more of a consultation and visioning exercise, an opportunity for the collective to analyse the current and potential role of the rampART to different groups and campaigns. It will provide an opportunity for for people not familiar with the collective to gain greater understanding of the decision-making processes, practical issues and problems related to project. Additionally it will enable the various individuals and groups using the space to meet each other and discuss any issues relating to their shared use of facilities.

Hopefully the gathering would enable us to improve not only the rampART itself but also to aid communication between the different groups that use the space. We are looking for ways that groups or individuals can be more involved in the ongoing running of the space and strengthen the organising collective.

Knowing that many people dislike meetings, this one will be kept relatively short. It will run from 5pm to 7pm followed by food, drinks and quiet music to allow people to chat, network and socialize.

Please email us if you are thinking of attending and forward this invite to other people you know who use the rampART or who you think might like to get involved in some way.

Also, if you have facilitation skills or ideas about how best to structure the meeting, please let us know.


Then after that on SATURDAY 17th November____9PM – MIDNIGHT

@___’Hello Bastards’ – post social, post meeting after party.

Benefit for the Vegan Prisoners Support Group with the anarcho/political punk band ‘Hello Bastards’ playing along with a band from Sweden.


– Anchor (Sweden)

– Honour Among Thiefs

– Hello Bastards (anarcho/political punk band from London)


And the following week, next TUESDAY 20th November____7PM

@___Indymedia training

For those of you who want to get involved in indymedia but are not too sure how, or fancy knowing how indymedia works, or have gone all the way to an indymedia meeting but it all sounded like a mix of spanish and chinese to you…

The next indymedia training in London will be on Tuesday the 20th of November 07 at about 7pm in Rampart social centre, 15-17 Rampart Street, London E1 2LA.

Do come prepared with pen and paper so you can take notes.

This is a vague outline of the intended contents;

History introduction, – why indymedia was created
Delete intermediary between actors and audience
Take away commercial relationship by which news are sold and bought right to reply

Expansion – first stages
Principles of unity and membership criteria
Software, servers
Localisation – the UK site
iMC uk and decentralisation
iMC london,
Relationship between London and UK site, then global site.

– how to write a [newswire] article
– how to edit pictures (gimp)- what formats to use, etc …
– appropriate formats for audio/video
– how to publish (the technical bit)
– irc for when things go wrong
– basic internet security, strictly for the very beginners, on how to use (and why) encryption and/or secure connections

It might not happen that all these things get covered but you should get out inspired to write lots of reports , lots of features and do lots of admin to avoid the closure of the indymedia site.


And that WEDNESDAY 21st November____7PM – 11.30PM

@___Load of WANC at rampART

The Womens Anarchist Nusiance Cafe is held every penultimate wednesday of the month at the RampART creative centre and social space in Rampart St, E1 2LA ( open from: 7.00pm-11.30pm.

Free admission.

The next cafe is Wednesday 21st November ‘Goodness Gracious Ghee Cafe’. More than just Bollywood, Shilpa and vindaloo… A celebration of South Asian culture. Qweer/feminist activism, Diwali and Eid, sari wearing instruction, dance workshop, fantastic food and guest speakers.

And then some weeks away on FRIDAY 30th November____6.30PM

@___Radical Theory Reading Group

Next reading group meeting will be on Friday, November 30th at rampART Social
Centre, 15-17 Rampart Street, London, E1.

We’ll be reading selections from Emma Goldman’s writings
Suggest ‘The Tragedy of Woman’s Emancipation’ and ‘Marriage and Love’ and anything
else that you have time for.

Radical Theory Reading Group – A forum for informal discussion of radical ideas and utopian visions which might lead to strategies for social change. We read philosophers, social theorists and mad visionaries with no particular agenda other than to fire our imaginations, unleash our desires and provide a space where knowledge can be free. Some come to express themselves, others just to listen. Everyone is welcome. Readings are chosen on an ad hoc basis so everyone gets a chance to propose a topic for discussion. Just turn up and join in.


ELSEWHERE, every week until his return

@____Bring Lovinsky Home!

Vigil calling for his immediate, safe return

Friday 26 Oct 5.30-6.30pm
at Edith Cavell Statue
St Martin’s Lane, nr Trafalgar Square WC2

Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine, the internationally respected Haitian human rights activist, disappeared in Haiti on the evening of 12 August. He is a well-known and extraordinary grassroots organiser beloved by his community, and a leading advocate for the poor, including street children, teenage mothers and victims of torture.

The London Vigil is in solidarity with international actions called by Haitians who are launching the “Campaign for Mobilization and Consciousness” to keep Lovinsky’s safe return in the public eye and to prick the conscience of the abductors.

We all owe a great debt to the Haitian people. Haiti holds a special place in the hearts of many. As the first Black republic, Haiti led the way for the emancipation of those enslaved everywhere; it was a refuge for Simon Bolivar, the liberator of Latin America, and Haitian troops fought alongside him. The spirited and principled determination of Haitian people and their refusal to bend to the powerful forces which have tried to keep them down, have been and continue to be an inspiration throughout the world but especially to those of us who work to defend human rights. Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine personifies the Haitian spirit which refuses to submit despite all the odds.

Global Women’s Strike
0207 482 2496

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