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      Inspired by the Board of Education in Texas which has been busy re-writing school history textbooks to insert the words ‘free enterprise system’ in place of ‘capitalism’ which has become ‘a dirty word’, we’re starting a campaign to replace the word ‘government’ with ‘corrupt bunch of bastards’. Meanwhile, back at the School Book Depository… ================= […]
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  • The rampART is one of a number of autonomous spaces around London providing a non commercial venue for a wide-range of groups and activities. As with all such spaces, this is a self organised project, with a strong emphasis on consensus decision making and DIY culture.
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Fun-da-mental rights debate on censorship part 1

[blip.tv ?posts_id=495162&dest=18833]

Fun-da-mental rights debate on censorshipThe Sun calls him the suicide bomb rapper, MPs want him arrested and his record company refuses to support his latest album. All is War (the Benefits of G-Had), is causing a storm with its direct political lyrics dealing with terrorism, war, Muslim identity and western hypocrisy. It has provoked outrage from politicians and the press, prompting Radio 1 to ban it from its playlist and the distributors to declare it too hot to handle.

Lead singer Aki Nawaz came to the rampART on Thursday 17th August to take part in a debate on the reaction to the album, Islamophobia, racisim and the health of freespeech and democracy in the UK. The debate was facilitated by Ken Fero of Injustice Films, other members of the panel were human rights lawyer Louise Christian, the singer Natacha Atlas, John Pandit of Asian Dub Foundation and Shahrar Ali of the Green

After introductions through the facilitator the members of the panel gave individual statements on what they do, why they were there and what their personal take was.


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